How To Bring On Labor

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Anathi - November 14

Ashlee_Brito your advice is awsome I appreciate it . You know this decision of inducing is definately wrong hence maybe the baby may still need to develop wihin but dear God forgive us and our pregnant minds and our discomforts hell it hurts to be on the last weeks, waiting and waiting not sleeping at night thinking she/e may come today, during the day all you feel are pains like me I have a very sore leg but am hangin there ubtil 3wks so I could go on leave. The abnormality that you alone feel the big belly that you run out of clothes its not by choice but by the pain.


chloesmommy22 - November 14

i am 38 weeks and i heard that if you ride continousley up and down on an elevator that it will help induce labor. myself i would rather wait and let the baby come on its own, she might need more time to grow.


Gemini_Girl - November 15

Hi, if you have s_x to bring on labour, make sure you wash all the stuff out out afterwards lol, when I was a student nurse and on my midwifery placement, a lady was in labour when the midwife gave her an internal all this white stuff came out, it was so embarressing for the dad, me and the midwife - and maybe the mum but she probably didnt care as she was in pain and couldnt see down there - it was quite funny just thought Id share!


Skippy Mel - November 16

Ha ha ha. I had a good laugh reading through those again! Indeed, the baby will come when it’s good and ready! Both mine were overdue, and I was induced with gel in hospital. 1st pregnancy, I went in had gel on my cervix at 9am, went home.... nothing, went back in at 3pm, just mild cramping, but really still nothing. Midnight, an almighty contraction came out of nowhere, and from then on in, was all happening. Had her at 6.30am. 2nd baby.... had the gel again at 9am, and by 12 noon, I was having 5 min apart contractions, and he was born at 4.30pm. So basically, I am sure you cant really make a baby come out if he/ she isn’t ready. Word of advise, enjoy the last few days, or weeks, as when they are here, they don’t go away! We started trying for our 2nd when the 1st was 12 weeks old, so mine are only 14 months apart. Anyway, even if you did have s_x, try nipple stimulation, castor oil, jumping on a trampoline, blah blah, and your baby did come, it was probably because it was ready, and if you didn’t do it, it would have come anyway. Good luck everyone, it’s such a precious gift to be able to have children! x


alirenee86 - November 19

Walk around a mall for 6 hours. Worked for me. Got home and later than night out of nowhere went into contractions.


lizziebird - December 9

why are all you putting your children at risk, I am 36 weeks pregnant and uncomfortable as hell, but I would never try any of this c___p. It is not natural. The baby will come out when he or she is good and ready and I think it is wrong to try to force the issue. Obviously noone here read what the dr. posted. They are dr.'s for a reason, they went to school and studied all this stuff, why not just leave it to nature.


AshTilda - January 3

I am 37 weeks and really just want to hurry up the birth process. Does anyone know of any safe and easy methods to help me do so?


cutie_wutie - January 4

Are there natural ways to bring on labor? ...............................Castor oil isn't generally a good idea, so avoid it if you can. What it does is stimulate your bowels and give you really bad diarrhea this will generally stimulate contractions but there have been many cases of the baby being stressed out in this situation and release meconium (the baby's first bowel movement) into the amniotic fluid, which later, can be inhaled into the baby's lungs at birth. It can be very dangerous.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........Raspberry leaf tea tones the uterus & may help..........Maternity Acupressure is probably the best natural remedy to start labor. There are scientific papers showing how it helps the cervix to dilate, baby to descent, and stimulates contractions to start. There are several acupressure points that induce labor, on the shoulders, lower back, feet, legs and hands. There is at least one book about the maternity acupressure method for inducing labor naturally.(Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth by Lena Leino) ............................................ was advised to have s_x on top facing away. Also, sperm contains a natural chemical which helps to induce labour when everything is ready to go by means of dissolving the membrane (water sac). So, plenty of s_x, if it's comfortable to do so, face away and on top. Kneeling on all fours and gently rocking back and forth is said to open up the pelvis a little more and encourage the baby's head to engage. I would strongly advise that you confirm any ideas with your midwife though. I haven't heard of eating any specific foods, apparantly, eating spicy food just results in indegestion and heartburn, which you could really do without! Obviously walking is good to limber up ready and plenty of rest!.........................Please be careful with your efforts to induce labor. Nipple stim produces oxytocin which is the natural form of pitocin used medically to induce labor. Ideally you should be monitored to be sure you aren't stressing your baby with too much oxytocin. Just be patient. Let your baby decide when he (or she) is ready to join the world. ...............that was off the internet if its any help xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


guest5150 - January 4

Unless it is absolutly necessary to induce-maybe the health of you or your baby is at risk-- i wouldnt reccommend induceing. I'm tired of being pregnant-isnt a good excuse. yeah sure, all these remedies may be good to help you dialate faster and push harder, but it wont help you eface (thin out your cervix) properly and sometimes not at all, therefore putting your baby in distress and putting you at a higher risk for C section.


locaangel - July 2

I have heared that maternity acupressure well get u to go in to labor


rbt - August 14

Ok, I am 12 days past my duedate with my first child... I am SO uncomfortable and have tried everything from s_x to drinking raspberry leaf tea to foot ma__saging ... The only thing left is castor oil... Wondering if it would be wise of me to do or not... Please help..



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