How To Induce Labor

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Aryn - February 13

hi ladies...ok i am at my wits end here! i haven't been so sore like this with my last 2 pregnancies. my pelvic bones and pains in my front abdomen are getting worst but no sign of labor. I am really, really tired. I have had s_x, hot baths, walked, drank raspberry tea to stregthen my bones, I am not sure what else to do? does anyone have any suggestions? I feel my baby boy is ready but he needs a little push or help to get started. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated right now...please....:( I also have a doctors appt in the morning and was hoping I would be showing some kind of progress down there so she would see that i am ready!!!


ReadyandWaiting - May 28

I'm ready to try a gla__s of wine to help my body relax. (I hear you should relax, I hear you should keep active, I don't know what to actually believe anymore). I am 39-weeks, I have to have this baby by the end of May! I was given 2 due dates. May 27 (yesterday) and June 11th. There is too many family members on HIS side with birthday between June 1st & June 11th. I really want my baby to have its own Birthday and If born on one of their Bdays I'll be worried of him/her growing up like them. lol - (you know what I mean?) I just know baby is ready, but its my first and I think my body is the hold up, not my baby. I just stopped working 2-days ago so I've definitely kept active, but I'm only 50% effaced, I'm not dialated at all and baby still has to drop. I've been bouncing around on one of those exercise b___s (because I heard that helps babies head drop into the pelvis). My back is killing me, but I walked 2 miles yesterday, had s_x, I've been walking up and down steps a lot, vacc_ming, and I have been having contractions for the pa__sed week and half (well at least I think I have, this is my first pregnancy so I actually don't really know what one is supposed to feel like, I'm just a__suming). But, If the babies head hasn't dropped yet, could that mean a c-section???? Will it drop if my water breaks???? I have Dr. appt 2morrow, and I'm going to ask about being induced. I know baby is big enough, he/she barely has space to move around in there, and my mom had all 9lb plus babies. I'm afraid maybe baby is already to big and that's why not dropping into the pelvis. I have pressure but still sitting a little too high. I don't want to have a c-section. I was 130lbs before and I"m now 162 lbs. (gained 7lbs in this last month!) We're so ready!) I'm tempted to try castor oil, but sounds like it could be gross. The last thing I want is to #2 on the delivery tablem or cause baby to #2. But right now, I'm going to make a cup of raspberry tea, go take a shower, and go for another walk. When is the baby actually supposed to drop????


Tammy276 - May 28

some babies don't actually "drop or engage" until you are in labor. ASk your doctor to strip your membranes at your appointment. THey did that to me and I had my baby the next day (I was already 80% effaced and 3 cm for 4 weeks). Pretty much if that doesn't work, then its your body's way of telling you that its not ready. If it is ready, it will happen. I wouldn't try the castor oil. That can cause too much stress for the baby and can cause it to have a bowel movement in utero which can be dangerous. And I hate to be the one to tell you this, but castor oil or not, chances are you are going to have a #2 on the table when you just happens.


annette73 - December 23

I'm in my 8th month of pregnancy, and my back hurts & feet are swollen all day! I googled lots of ways to naturally induce labor and came accrossd the castor oil method. It sounded interesting so I went 2 buy a bottle. Its still sitting right here because I'm not brave enough to try that one! Next, I came accrossed lots of testimonies saying red wine worked. I was about to serve me a gla__s when I got cold feet, because what if ther is a risk?! So I went to my grandma instead who had 16 kids right in her bed in Mexico, wit the help of only one lady each time. I thought she'd give me the naturallest advice! She told me to drink tea of chamomile, or Manzanilla in Spanish, like twice a day, and to be active. And in about a week u should expect labor to occur. She seems like the expert! It worked for her 16 times! Lol... So today is my 1st day taking Chamomile tea! And I will continue to walk a mile each day. We'll see by the end of the week if it worked!


mommybabyboy21 - December 23

a dark red wine helps soften the cervex but nothing will bring on labor unless your ready except DRUGS (I mean pinch etc) But there are things you can do to help prepare your body so that when your body is ready it goes smoother. also wine relaxes you so if you drink a gla__s while in labor it could help you to relax so you dont fight the labor pains...


L1NDZ - December 25

My advice for inducing labor is walk, walk, walk and some labor intensive cleaning. On the day I went into labor I cleaned my whole house ~ washed my floors on my hands and knees and then went for a long walk! I walked an hour & 1/2 every day!! S_x may help to soften the cervix...but it will not induce poor dh.....he worked out of town so he was definately used and abused on weekends when he was home!!! LOL!! hard as it is near the end...the baby will come when it's ready... I advise against using castor oil as it will only give you NASTY cramps and loads of diarrhea!! Good Luck!!


hsalmon02 - December 13

I studied Fetal Alcohol syndrome in college recently. This is a very serious birth defect that is absolutely preventable. FAS causes varying degrees of mental retardation developmental and behavioral problems and facial deformaties. NO amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy. True the more you drink the more severe these symptoms will be but I would NEVER put my child into a situation where they could have severe problems for the rest of their life. Please dont risk it.


tooca__sandra - February 23

Historically Alcohol is used to relax and slow the progression and pain of labor. Lots of alcohol near your due date could even push back your due date. Alcohol in your baby's system will alert the hospital to call social services unless the doctor prescribed the use.


joccy329 - October 18

My mother smoked with all 3 of her kids, and not one of us has any asthma/breathing issues.


joccy329 - October 18

I have read that the only sure fire way yo induce labor is 1-3 hrs of nipple stimulation.



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