How To Induce Labor

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randi - December 10

did you hear about the women who drank before labor and baby came out with high alcohal level she went to jail


Jayme - December 19

I am 40 weeks pregnant and my supposed due date is dec 21. My doc said that my cervix is not open but 50% thinned out. He then went ahead and scheduled my induction for the dec 27th at 7:30 a.m. this is my first child and im only 21. i was wondering if anyone knew if i can or should eat something that early before i go in?


Jaime - January 11

The lady that went to jail her blood alcohol level was about 3 times the legal limit I'd say thats more than 1 gla__s of wine.


Joanne - January 17

Yes i have I am 40and half weeks pregnant my due date was sunday january 15 2006 and i've several gla__ses of wine in the last month of my pregnancy and no wine will not give the baby achochol syndrome


.... - January 17

I heard through the grapevine you should have a beer... someone was told by her dr. she should have a beer, by the next day, she was in labour... might work, might not...


Jacquie - January 21

Taking castor oil during pregnancy has helped some women go into labor, if they and their babies are ready, but it can also cause the baby to have a bowel movement in the womb. If the baby pa__ses meconium (a bowel movement) it can cause serious lung infections during birth.


UNBELIEVABLE!! - January 21

OMG..I am in total shock after reading what some of you women have posted here. Your baby is not ready to be born at 29 OR 35 weeks!! Are you crazy? Even if it is big, it doesn't mean it is ready for the outside. Its lungs are probably not even close to mature. Your baby will have to stay in the hospital......maybe not, but why would you ever take that chance? Why would any of you take the chance of hurting your child. Ok, so some of you know people who smoke, drink, induce early and their babies are fine.....what about the ones who aren't? How can you be willing to take that chance? I just don't understand it! If you don't have the patience now, what kind of patience will you have with your child after its born? Of course you are tired of being pregnant....we all are! I am 40 weeks and EXTREMELY tired of this but you can be sure I am not going to put myself or my child at risk for the sake of a few days or weeks. My god! Be thankful you are having your baby in a day when you get regular hospital visits and proper care, doctors whom you should be trusting when they tell you NOT to do these things. I say grow up and be a parent!! so disappointing.


risingsunset04 - April 13

It doesn't really matter how far along you are. Your baby will come out when it wants to. I'm at 34 weeks and she is already head down, dropped, lost the mucous plug, had the bloody show, and am having contractions. The only thing holding this baby in is my doctor wants to wait for the contractions to become "more regular". Also preemies run in my family. For the last 16 children born in the family, 14 of them were a month of even 2 months early and NONE of us had ANY problems whatsoever. So it doesn't matter how many weeks you are. You're baby is on their own time schedule. As for inducing, because I have all of these symptoms at such an early week, I was recommended to try a few things... castor oil: couldn't get off the toilet for almost 2 hours and it started working 20 minutes after I took it. Cramps, but no regular contractions. black cohosh capsules: nothing. Maybe I need the tincture.... evening primrose oil: cervix started dilating the next day. Went to 2 cm 2 days after that. Hmmm.... we'll see if that keeps working....


Daniella - April 17

Who the heck would "recommend" you to try these things at 34 weeks??


Milaine - January 25

you don't because that is way to early wait another 3 to 4 weeks and then try something


Milaine - January 25

Yes braxtin hix hurt and i have had those none stop for a month straight they hurt so bad for me that they go up to 102 on the scale i cry they hurt so much, i am 38 1/2 weeks pregnent with my first child and it's a boy, the last month have been really hard for me i don't know when to go to the hospital because they feel like real contractions, and i feel the babies head moving down and down and down and it hurts the other day i went to the hospital because it felt like soomething had come out and went back in i was so scare i go into the labour and delivery and they were sooo mean to me they said you come in here for attention your fine go home and i said no i'm not leaving till you can prove to me that i'm ok!! I have tried castor oil oh man all that did for me 10 hours later is waking up at 5 in the morning and p__sing out of my but the rudest thing i have ever felt but no go, i have tried s_x but nothing, i have tried going for jog's bouncing on a bouncy ball trying to break my water taking a hot bath nothing i have even tried cod liver oil nothing this baby feels like it really wants to come out but nothing is working i have been in sooo much pain someone please tell me what do i do girls my doctor has tried everything and everyone in my family has had 3 week early babies so don't worry please let me know so i'm not in pain anymore


DownbutnotOUT - January 25

Im sorry but who the heck wants to induce themselves at 34 weeks? the babies lungs might not be fully developed and yes maybe in your family they were born on there own 1-2 months early but they were probably under the survalience of the NICU team. Also you want to induce yourself so your making your body have the baby, if I was there I would slap you! I have had some tough pregnancies especially with my 1st when i always threw up my entire pregnancy and I was 10 days late. I only thought of induction when my EDD came and went I would never have thought about inducing with my other babies unless dr advised. you are not a medical professional and obviously not in your right mind at the moment and you should talk to your dr about this. maybe your having some kind of breakdown and for your mental health and the babies general health talk about early induction with him. Also I had BH since 32 weeks and was in 33 hours of hard labour with my first and with my third had BH since about 21 weeks and she tried to come at 30 weeks. I even woke up in the middle of the night when I was about 36 weeks preggers with my 3rd screaming in agony for I went from fine to feeling like I was giving birth with the hardest most painful contractions on earth, they went away in 3 hours and the dr said it was normal. i would NOT recommend inducing yourself because thats just being plain STUPID!! As I said talk to your dr and talk to him because these are some serious issues you want to do to not only yourself but your BABY. I say suck it up sunshine and stop being some d__n selfish!!!!!!!!!


risingsunset04 - January 25

Yes I am posting again. My daughter was born at 35 weeks and was 100% healthy. Everything I did to get the labor started actually helped because if the baby had been born any larger, I would have had a lot of complications and would have almsot died. So thank you to all the people who say inducing is wrong and they would slap me (YOU DON'T KNOW THE CIRCUMSTANCES!!!) I am now pregnant with my second child (a boy) and am only 32 weeks and am already starting to dilate without my helping. As I said before BABIES ARE ON THEIR OWN TIME FRAME AND WILL BE BORN WHEN THEY ARE READY. Sometimes you can't control things other times you can. Do whatever YOUR doctor tells you to do as everyone's pregnancy and body is different. What is an extra 2 days in NICU if you and the baby get to live???


Milaine - January 25

ok you girls need to stop critisizing everyone on here everyone is different and yes this was my doctor telling me to do all of those inducing tec's so if i knew you i would slap You so don't even pull that on everyone


jldaniels - January 25

Milaine, This is all I know that can help you. Nipple stimulation, walking, Evening Primrose Oil (taken orally and inserted v____ally), acupressure, s_x, orgasim, caster oil, blue cohosh herb (although I would do some research before rushing out to get this as there has been some contraversy over the safety of it), squats, and thats about it. I am now 37 weeks pregnant and have actually tried some of these and nothing has worked for me so hope you have better luck. I feel like most of these things do work but thinking about it so much puts to much strain on the body and won't allow it to work. So you have to relax. Its not easy. I can't even do it. lol


Milaine - January 25

thank you very much for those helpful tips i will try them, and good luck with you pregnancy



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