September Mommies 2009 Over 35

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flroses1120 - September 20

JMP -- what a sweet baby boy! Just beautiful. We make gorgeous babies on this message board, if I do say so myself! Ok, now I'm off to sleep, too. XOXOXOXOX


Bumblebee - September 20

Congrats on your baby boy!! I'm probably going to need the csec .. baby still breech with head up and feet in my bladder / appendix. :) It's sched for now for Sep 28th... We'll see if she still decides to turn. Wish me luck.


sbea - September 24

I am still waiting. I have five days until due date. I am however thinking I am in early labour and we all hear how you can be in early labour for days even. I am having contractions about every 10 minutes since last night. So we will see. I am thinking about phoning my doctor as I am not sure when I should go to the hospital to get the Antibiotics going. He said whenever my water broke or when I was 4 CM dilated. How do I know when I am 4 cm dilated? Well hope all the new moms are doing well and the rest of us who are waiting...that we stay sane. Bumblebee I am praying baby turns.


sbea - September 26

Hey everyone. SO I have some news. Still no baby but yesterday I thought my water might have broke. In the morning my mucus plug let go in the shower (caught a glimpse as it went down the drain.) and then a couple hours later I needed to go to to the washroom and... splash. Well we went to the hospital and had a stress test. No contractions! I was like what? and they tested the pad I partially leaked on and it came back inconclusive on whether or not my bag broke. So the conclusion was a high leak and it sealed over either with the baby's head or the sac. Well after that contractions started last night and went to the doctor today. I am a CM dilated and he swept my membranes. That was not so comfy. Well predictions are the end of the weekend Peanut should have arrived. Contractions are still irregular but getting stronger. I will keep you posted! Good luck to everyone!


Kristin72 - September 27

Best of luck sbea!!! how is everyone doing? we named our little girl Alexa Rose. things are going well//the cluster feeding has started, but the good ews is she is only waking 1-2 times at night :)))) Update when you can!!!xoxo


sbea - September 27

Still nothing. Having contractions but nothing consistent or overly painful. It has been three days. But at least I am sleeping better than I have for a month. Hoping today but who knows. Early labour can last forever (feels like it now). Will keep you all posted. Kristen, Love the name!


sbea - September 28

Bumblebee- you should be going in to be induced today. Hope that it goes well. So baby by the end of the weekend...nope not for me. My mother in law told me to try chinese food. Well we had some last night and well i was having my fortune cookie... I started to laugh and showed DH and my mom and well here it is- "Next week at this time, something good is coming your way!" So next sunday it is. I will let everyone know. I am still having contractions, some are super painful but nothing consistent yet. Hope all you moms out there are doing well and those of us still waiting...soon.


Cdnbrd - September 30

Hi all! Baby Rihanna was born on Friday, September 18th and weighed in at just under 6 pounds. I have been so busy that I have not had a chance to write - a belated CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on the beautiful babies!! My induction was long and not much fun (started on the Wednesday night and lasted until Friday) but the delivery itself was a breeze - they checked me at 3:00 pm and told me I had only dialated to 4 centimeters after being on the pictocin drip since 7am and they would wait a couple more hours then think about a c-section. 45 minutes later, they checked and she was almost out - the nurse held her head in while the doctor got her gown on - I didn't even get to push once, she just popped out on her own! No tearing or anything, what more could I ask for?? Stayed one night in the hospital and came home on the Saturday. My mom was here helping me and just left a couple days ago. I too am combining b___stfeeding and the pump, so I understand that it's a long process but totally worth it. For those of you that are still waiting, I wish you all the best and speedy deliveries!


Kristin72 - September 30

Rihanna is gorgeous!!! Congrats Cdnbrd!! I am still trying to get my lo[s birthweight back up..and things are just so crazy with a 2 yr old and a newborn..will update when I can..again congratulations!!!


Kristin72 - October 7

How is everyone doing? Baby Alexa is 3 weeks. Time is already flying. She is still not back to her birth weight as she had a slow rise but is now gaining 20 grams a day. She is 8lbs 2 1/4 oz. She is sleeping well at night only waking for poops and one or two feeds. She tends to cluster feed in the mornings and at night around dinner time until around 9 but has longer stretches at night and in the afternoon. I feel so blessed..but am finding it hard to entertain my 2 year old who will be 3 in a couple of months. How is everyone else doing any other birth announcements?? Hope all is is the b___stfeeding going for everyone? update when you can. xo


sbea - October 8

Hey everyone... I am pleased to announce I had a GIRL! Huge surprise (though we didn't know either way) as we thought we were having a boy. Her name is Bethany Grace. She was born October 3, 2009 at 4:48 pm. She is 21.5 inches (55cm) and 6 lbs and 10 oz. Has the most beautiful red/brown hair. We had some issues after the birth as she just stopped eating but I am glad to say she is eating well now and cluster feeds in the middle of the night. My labour did not follow the normal pattern and they prolonged my labour to get my antibiotics. I started with 6 minute contractions at about Friday October 6th. After about four hours of walking around the house and sitting on an excersie ball I decided to go for a bath. 20 minutes later they were about 4 minutes apart lasting 2 minutes and I was very nauseaus so we packed up went to the hospital. Got there and I was only 2-3 cm apart. Gave me some pills to relax and sent me home. I slept a bit but not a lot. Next thing I know the contractions are still 3-4 minutes apart lasting two minutes and I started to vomit. Knowing vomiting is a sign of entering transition we went back to the hospital 2:30. I was only 3-4 cm. They game me the anti- biotics and morphine to sleep between contractions. Because of a mix up they didn't call the doctor and didn't have on record I received the first dose at 3:00 am. The morning shift only saw that I received some at 6:30 am. At 11:00 the nurse who was a__signed to me said she will get the doctor to come see me when I am done my second dose. My dh mentioned this was my third dose that they called the doctor (all the while I am still vomiting and contractions every 3-4 minutes 2 minutes long). Doctor came at 11:30 and I was 4 cm and broke my water. My active phase was very short but my transistion phase lasted longer. Very backwards. I was stuck at 9 and a bit cm for over an hour. But once I could push the pain went away. Most amazing thing ever. The nurse said she would call the doctor when she saw hair and two pushes later she was calling the doctor. Though I pushed for almost an hour I could have had her out sooner. I would sit out some contractions and et myself stretch. Kept telling myself "Burning is good" and well it paid off. No tears or st_tches. I would do it again... but not anytime soon. Hope everyone else is doing well.


JMP - October 9

sbea-congratulations!! Sounds like you had a great birth experience =) Anyway, I just wanted to ask your opinions on this...I'm three weeks post partum and last night b/f and I couldn't really help ourselves and we had s_x ( I figured it was okay since I didn't rip or have an episiotomy) and didn't use any type of birth control..I'm b___stfeeding on demand (every three hours) and was still bleeding slightly..think there is any chance I could be pregnant? I'm so paranoid and upset, what were we thinking? I would be totally devastated-I'm so not ready for another..any thoughts?


Kristin72 - October 10 careful..first of all you shouldn't have intercourse for up to 6 weeks after delivery. could very well get pregnant right away as you have no idea when you are ovulating. If you are going to continue this make sure you atleasat use a condom..and truly you are not healed yet..this could lead to infection as well. I am also 3 weeks and my dh is bugging my buns to do it too but I have told him no way. Anyway..gotta run..time to feed baby Alexa :) xo


Kristin72 - October 20

hello...tryingx3 did you have your little girl?? any other updates from sept mommies???


JMP - October 22

Hey baby Kevin is gonna be 5 weeks old on Thursday. Can't believe it! Being a first time mom is a trying experience. LOL..especially since I'm exclusively b___stfeeding. Breastfeeding is a full time job and being new parents has definitely put a strain on my relationship. Well, Maybe strain isn't the right word..We're sleep deprived lol and sleep deprivation has made us want to kill each other! For the past week or two little Kevin has been doing his stretches at night (he nurses every 3 hours) but recently after his 1am feeding he'll sleep until 6am..I'm adjusting OK I don't think I have PPD..maybe a little bit. I find myself missing my life, missing sleep, missing me time and missing the relationship Kevin and I used to have..everyone says it gets better but no one says when it gets better. Plus my MIL calls me every day (which makes me feel like she doesn't think I'm competent to be a Mother) and if I don't answer the phone she calls 3 or 4 times and usually asks to come over and now she invited herself over on Friday..ugh lol I think I just need some sleep! On the other hand, he's a beautiful baby and I love him to pieces..he's finally found his hands! LOL How is everyone else doing?


Kristin72 - October 22

JMP..your post could have been my post,but I have a 2 almost 3 year old as well. I am going through the exact same thing..and Alexa is 5 weeks today as well. Nursing is so time consuming. I find if I wear her in my carrier it helps me do a few things. I find it hard to even make dinner as my lo is crying if not being nursed. She is ok for a few minutes but then begins to wale. I just think it is so hard. It is such a happy time but a LONELY time as well. I hear you on the mil thing..I have turned my ringer off. I just call people when I get a chance. Maybe you can ask your dh to play interference with the mil..and tell her not to call everyday. That in itself is such a stress..arghh!! My mil did that with my last child but I think learned her lessson this time. She still calls every other day or so but I just don't answer the phone..and she has been ill so she has not come by as much either. Anyway, hang in there..things have and will change for ever..but just put the baby in a ba__sinet next to you and cuddle with the dh order in and do something special for one another. I should listen to my own advice. I was thinking maybe we could start a thread on the post pardum section..for sept moms..alot of us delivered within days of each other so we are all going through the same stuff. I have felt some ppd symptoms. I've had a couple of meltdowns..last week as dh is not very helpful and is not around that much. I had a 14 hour straight nursing session that practically drove me over the edge..then I look at my beautiful little girl and think wow...I am soooooo forutnate after 5 losses. Anyway...I hope to hear from you guys more with updates...we need support!!!xo



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