September Mommies 2009 Over 35

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Kristin72 - October 22

JMP..your post could have been my post,but I have a 2 almost 3 year old as well. I am going through the exact same thing..and Alexa is 5 weeks today as well. Nursing is so time consuming. I find if I wear her in my carrier it helps me do a few things. I find it hard to even make dinner as my lo is crying if not being nursed. She is ok for a few minutes but then begins to wale. I just think it is so hard. It is such a happy time but a LONELY time as well. I hear you on the mil thing..I have turned my ringer off. I just call people when I get a chance. Maybe you can ask your dh to play interference with the mil..and tell her not to call everyday. That in itself is such a stress..arghh!! My mil did that with my last child but I think learned her lessson this time. She still calls every other day or so but I just don't answer the phone..and she has been ill so she has not come by as much either. Anyway, hang in there..things have and will change for ever..but just put the baby in a ba__sinet next to you and cuddle with the dh order in and do something special for one another. I should listen to my own advice. I was thinking maybe we could start a thread on the post pardum section..for sept moms..alot of us delivered within days of each other so we are all going through the same stuff. I have felt some ppd symptoms. I've had a couple of meltdowns..last week as dh is not very helpful and is not around that much. I had a 14 hour straight nursing session that practically drove me over the edge..then I look at my beautiful little girl and think wow...I am soooooo forutnate after 5 losses. Anyway...I hope to hear from you guys more with updates...we need support!!!xo


sbea - October 22

Kristen I think having a thread for ppd would be great. I have really struggled with it. So badly my doctor was very worried and called my hubby. It has been better this week as I have gotten more sleep and my dh lined up people to come to the house and visit with me and help me with dishes, laundry and other odds and ends. I even had some ladies bring a healthy lunch and eat with me. It was hard listening to the doctor ask really hard questions (Ie do I want to hurt the baby). But the answer is no...but what is concerning is that I don't care. I just put the baby down and leave her with in sight and let her fuss. However putting her on more of a scheduel has been my saving grace. This might sound terrible but I am wondering if other moms don't feel emotion towards their babies? I know I must love her (after all I feed her, change her, bath her and make sure she has her naps) but I don't "feel" love. Well Bethany is at 6lbs 14.5 ozs. SHe has past her birth weight at three weeks. Everything looks good. Besides the fact she is a lazy eater. Dh and I are leaving for vaction tomorrow...a long drive but I am excited to see so old friends and show off Bethany. It will just be a rough night tomorrow night. But I can do this...mostly because dh won't be working as well. So lots of help. Hope everyone is well!


Cdnbrd - October 24

Hi all! Glad to hear everyone's news! We are settling into a routine here, so I finally have a bit of time to myself. I am struggling a bit with ppd, my dh has his own business so he is away a lot too. Because he gets up early to go to work and get my other kids ready for school, I have been sleeping in the baby's room so he can get some rest. What helped me is that every Saturday he is on baby duty, so I have at least one good night's sleep a week. Now the baby is sleeping from 12:30 to 5:30 every night so I am getting more sleep during the rest of the week too. It has made a big difference in my mood and energy level. I couldn't bring myself to talk about it until now, but we had friends who had a baby boy on September 9th. Two weeks later he went in for surgery due to a heart defect. During the surgery they realized he was not going to make it and stopped. They let the parents spend some time with him before he pa__sed. It was the saddest thing. I feel both guilty and relieved that I have a healthy baby. When I found out I just held my little Rihanna and cried and cried. It has made me so much more tolerant when she fusses. My MIL is overseas, so no surprise visits here, although we are getting a lot of guests, as my husband is Lebanese and it is traditional for people to come visit and see the baby and bring gifts. The gifts are nice, but keeping the house in a constant state of readiness is exhausting. Thank goodness I have a cleaning lady who comes once a week, but trying to get one teenager and a pre-teen to keep the house clean the rest of the time is driving me nuts. Sbea, the emotional attachment will come. When Bethany gets a bit bigger and starts to respond to you more, it will happen on its own. It doesn't mean that you don't love her, it's totally normal to feel the way you do. The exhaustion, complete change in your lifestyle, lack of "me" time and new responsibilities can all take their toll. You're still a great Mommy, just because you let her fuss doesn't mean you're not. Give it time. Speaking of fussing, my bundle of joy is waking up! Hope to hear more news soon!


JMP - January 10

HI ladies! I know our little ones are either approaching 4 months old are already are and I just wanted to say hello and see how everyone is doing! Kevin will be 4 months old on the 17th and I can't say anything bad about this little boy! The first two months I was so overwhelmed and stressed and not prepared. AS a first time young mom I had no babies around me and I've really never been around young kids or babies but once I found out what he liked Oh my gosh he is an angel!! It is so trial and error!! He is the happiest little baby and he brings so much joy into my life I absolutely love him but I'm pretty sure I either want one kid or I may wait a long time before I have another one!! Anyone else?!?


flroses1120 - January 14

Hi JMP! How nice of you to post an update! My Sophie turned 4 months on January 5. Mostly, it has been such a dream to have her. She is a very easy, happy baby as well. The first 6-7 weeks were very trying, as we had to work VERY hard to establish b___stfeeding. I was very lucky to have a lot of support from my mom. I also worked with a lactation consultant and attended a support group, too. I had to use a nipple shield, b___stfeed, pump and give a BM supplement in a bottle for about 6 weeks. I guess between her being little and my anatomy, she had a hard time latching. Then, what seems out of the clear blue, at about 6 or 7 weeks, she just figured it out. I’m so thankful! I had to return to work on November 9th, so I’ve been pumping at work. I hope to exclusively b___stfeed until she is 6 months, and continue to b___stfeed as she starts solids until she is a year. We’ll see. Sometimes pumping at work is a pain. But seriously, b___stfeeding her in the morning and at night and over the weekend make it bearable to even leave her a go to work. My mom and dad have been able to care for her during the day, but she will start daycare on March 8. Anyway, it is just what works for me and I love it. This is my first baby and I’m 37. My hubby says one is enough…but I long to have one more. It seems crazy a little to be thinking of this “so soon” but I just can’t imagine Sophie not having a sibling. I guess that’s because I have 2 brothers. I’m “older” and don’t want Sophie to be alone in life if anything were to happen to us. With that said, oh, I can’t IMAGINE sharing the love I have for her with another baby. BUT, always in the background is the tick-tock of my “clock.” Because of my previous miscarriages, I’m afraid of what will happen to my psyche if that starts happening again. Also, I know that I can’t wait too long – given my age. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I know that it isn’t impossible to get pregnant while b___stfeeding….but as my cycle has not yet returned, the chances are pretty slim. If it were a perfect world, I would get pregnant again around the time Sophie turned 1. Good Grief, but I can ramble! Anyway, I hope to hear some updates from the other ladies as well. I updated a new picture from our Christmas photos. I hope everybody is well….


Bumblebee - January 15

Hi ladies - My lil girl is also close to 4 mo now. Yes , same here - first month was sooooo difficult. No sleep, trouble latching, nipple soreness, hungry all the time, delirium from no sleep, & never knowing if she's getting enough b___stmilk. She lost more than norm wt in 1st week & slow to regain, so all of me was only focused on her!!! :). Anyway 2nd mo was a bit better and now it's a ton better. Feeding has become so easy and a beautiful experience! She just zonks out after the feeds, and i just stare at her and hug and cuddle and feel like I cud be like that always. I'll really miss this feeling. As she's outgrowing her clothes, I'm holding on to one from each phase... & giving the rest to another baby family. It's silly but I feel like these clothes of hers will let me connect with these beautiful feelings in future. :) Oh! Why do they grow ! Hahah! Well, I'll check out the postpart and hopefully we can all cont keeping up, sharing, exploring, & learning.


JMP - April 17

HI LADIES! My little Kevin is 7 months old today, so I thought of you guys..would love to hear updates! Little Kevin is creeping and he loves to hold on to things and stand up, he is in love with his jumperoo!! We're still exclusively b___st feeding (No sign of stopping!) and we love it! No teeth yet but chomping and drooling away! What is everyone else up to?



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