Will My Baby Test Positive For Meth At Birth

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lsarn - September 19

Anonymouse, I can understand you have an addiction,but for your baby's sake-get some help. I also work at a hospital Nicu, where drug use is rampant with pregnant mothers. Spend one day in Nicu, and watch these babies withdraw-It's very sad. Your healthcare provider WILL test you for drugs,so do seek help. Their are so many programs out there for addiction. I'm not here to judge, but encourage you to do the best thing for yourself, and your unborn child. The sooner the better. Good Luck in kicking your addiction-I know it's difficult, but be strong.


GramaBluEyes - January 6

I am a Grama of a 31 yr old daughter who is pregnant for the first time and is using meth. This has got me so mad I can hardly stand it. Knowing she will lose this baby to CPS she could care less I guess. Drugs where more important to know you have a life inside you and not even care is beyond me. From what I have read on this big big problem they test the Babies stool for the use that shows up the whole nine months of abuse. The blood only shows up for the last few days. She has been so selfish I am not sure what will happen to the child hopefully it will go to a family memember I would not trust her to raise a child at the moment she has wished she could get help for her addiction, but has not personally seeked help. I am willing to take the baby or her younger sister is also. I am not sure how the state of Calif.handles it. She has really choose bad decessions in her life but think this one is the worst. God Bless you life and baby you choose the way it will turn out... get help now


imnotready - November 10

I am 33 weeks and i used meth yesterday nov. 9 2011. i feel horrible for what i may have done to my unborn baby. im so scared that my baby will be taken away.l will the doctors be able to tell that i have used meth when i have my baby?


gtfoh96 - March 13

You shouldn't judge someone or criticize them for there addiction or faults.Sounds to me like the friend you say that lost her baby is really you and you are taking your pain and anger out on her.


gtfoh96 - March 13

You shouldn't judge someone or criticize them for there addiction or faults.Sounds to me like the friend you say that lost her baby is really you and you are taking your pain and anger out on her.


Ms. Pernicious - January 21

 God doesn't make mistakes so if you can't get pregnant naturally you really have no business playing God.  In vitro  tink.  Now, on forums such as this people post questions so why would people even respond unless they know the answer.   



mirandac - February 12

We adopted a child at birth. If the hospital chooses they will do a drug screening on the infant. They do not need the mother's consent. Our daughter was postitive for several substances. Get the help you need and stop using for the sake of your child. God bless.


Anonemusme - March 7

I have never been an addict, but that doesn't make my opinion invalid.

I am foster carer to a gorgeous little boy, who isn't delayed in anyway but he is an ice baby and I firsthand see the effects on him. He come to me at 7 months, and part of the placement requires fortnightly access with his nan, so I deal with her.

his nan had him for the withdrawal process which she describes as brutal. All he did was cry, he didn't like being held and it was awful. Even, at 7 months he wouldn't settle for me, it took hours of rocking and calming him. 

Immediately, I noticed he randomly shock for no reason, he was very active for a baby, he didn't like to sleep and he had a very bad temper. He was just 7 months old but he would get frustrated, clench his fist and squeal. 

Now, he is over 1 year old, he hit his mile stones on schedule and I think he is very clever and advance in some things but behavioural wise, something is just not right. He is very aggressive when no one is ever aggressive to him or around him, he bites, hits, pulls hair, and is just cruel, he is very very active, absolutely fearless with climbing and throwing himself around, he head butts people and objects until he cries, tantrums are very frequent and escalating with age: he throws his things, lashes out hurting anyone near him, throws himself now with no regard of hurting himself, squeals and yells, he has very bad temper... 

He is just one, and showing signs of behavioural conditions. He didn't come from a home of abuse or anything like that. He was removed solely because of his parents addiction and he has been a safe, stable, routined and consistent home for more than 8 months, yet these behaviours still exist.

There is not a lot of research on ice and it's impacts on infants and toddlers beyond the basic physical affects but all involved in this little boy's case, believe his behaviours are the result of his mother's ice use in pregnancy. He also has bad eczema, frequent chest infections and a heart murmur but again the research isn't there to tie this ice usage in pregnancy. 

We will never know how much this little boy's life has been affected by his mother's disregard for her unborn baby and ice addiction, but from those who live and see it, we know it is definitely not harmless...

I don't care how hard you claim ice is to give up, taking drugs whilst you are pregnant is one of the worst things a mother can do... A baby has no choice or control over what happens but that will live with your choices forever. You will never know the full extent of your drug habit on your child and you should live with that 


mommybot - May 27

It is hard but not impossible to quit i dont understand you moms on here terrified to lose your baby? what were you thinking at the time a day or a week ago you chose to take that hit or do that line? you all need to grow up because the cold hard truth is you just didnt care enough about your unborn child to put it down and walk away


mommybot - May 27

I used meth everyday, I was dating guy who made it so I had a never ending supply I was addicted to the point I got sick with out it and when I took that pregnancy test and the little + sign came up I never had to think twice again about it I quit at that min cold turkey There is no excuse and unlike everyone else I understand first hand the strength that a meth addiction can carry but the strength of the love i instantly had for my unborn child was way more powerful you woman are in your late pregnancy 3rd trimesters you have heard heart beats, seen ultra sounds, felt there little feet kick inside your womb and you were still able to ingest that poison knowing that it would go straight to your fetus meth has horrible components it is gas and acids and lithium and you knowingly fed it to you baby because you wanted it more then you cared about your child NO addict needs drugs thats b.s coming from one it is aps bs You wanted it so you did it and that is not a sickness it is selfishness childishness and sickening as for your drug test fetuses hold drugs in there system longer then we do also they can test the cord if they have reason to believe it is withdrawling and the cord holds any drug used in the pregnancy. on top of that alot of doctors are testing now with out the mothers knowledge and you wont know untill cps shows up your hospital room instead of being worried what will happen to you you should b worried about the effects it has had on your child and if your baby will even be okay. Addict to addict it is not that hard that is worth what you have put that baby through and i hope that all this does hurt your feelings and opens your eyes to reality and the reality is your child should ALSWAYS come first no matter how badley you want that high and if you cant put it first now then you should consider adoption and give it a chance


October1996 - April 2

I was 4 months sober but relapsed last night, I am due June 5th how long til meth is out of My baby's system???


Lgar01 - April 2

Hi i was jus wondering?  Am due in june2017 ive used meth rarely trough my pregnancy may b 2 times a month?  N sometimes wouldn't use for 2 months straight!  I am 7 months pregnant now,  would my newborn have a chance to come out positive if drug tested?  



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