Worried About Heated Table During Massage

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drgb1967 - June 10

Hello, I had a prenatal massage last week (week 33) and the table was heated. It did't seem like a big deal at first, but by the time I got up, my abdomen felt like it was buring since I had been lying on my side. I am so upset and terrified that I may have done some permanant brain damage to my baby. My doc says there's nothing I can do now. I read a lot about what can happen with hyperthermia in the first trimester, but not in the third trimester. I am so scared. Does anyone know? Thanks.


lily10 - June 10

Did your doctor seem concerned when he/she told you there was nothing that can be done now?? Why would the table be heated for a prenatal ma__sage? Did the ma__sage therapist specialize in prenatal ma__sage, and if so I would contact her and voice your concerns. Sorry you're so scared and I hope everything turns out alright.


wailing - June 10

Your Dr. seems non-chalant about the incident...I would def call the Ma__sage therapist and ask her about the heated table. Is she certified? And is it normal for the tables to be heated? At 33wks babies are fairly well developed so I doubt that any great amt of damage was done...but call the therapist anyway, or ask another prenatal Dr. and get a 2nd opinion since ur Dr. isn't very informative.


jessicaspatherapist - June 10

hi there, i'm a ma__sage therapist and i do pregnancy ma__sage. the heated table will not hurt you, however you're not suppose to heat the tables with pregnancy ma__sage even though some women like it and ask for it. even when i get my prenatal ma__sages i ask them NOT to heat the table at all because i'm already so hot to begin with. i wouldn't call the therapist. my advice is if you go back to her ask her not to heat the table or just don't go back to her.


jessicaspatherapist - June 10

let me clarify here.....getting too hot is the problem you will just be uncomfortable, but the tables do not get you as hot as you would be if you immersed yourself in heat, like in a steam room or sauna, or even with a hot stone ma__sage. the heated table is just like taking a hot shower or using a heating pad. you're only on each side for about 25 minutes, its NOT enough time to do ANY damage to the baby. i have taught reproductive ma__sage at an acupuncture college so i know this for a fact. i want to reiterate, please don't call the therapist unless you are friends with her. of course, that's just my opinion...lol....hope you at least got to relax and enjoy your ma__sage.


SaraH - June 10

It should be just fine. The heated table should not have been enough to cause any problems to the baby. Also, getting to hot is more of a problem in early pregnancy not as much later on (although you still shouldn't go sit in a hot tub for hr's). The table would not have been enough to cause any problems. So don't worry about it you're baby will be just fine.


drgb1967 - June 10

Thank you all so much for your responses. I plan on letting the spa know that it isn't advisable to heat tables for prenatal ma__sage. I have had prior pregnancy losses so I tend to get very stressed and think obsessively about everything and worry that I have harmed my baby somehow. I appreciate all your collective wisdom and insights. I plan on talking to my doctor again just to make sure there's nothing else we need to check. I get embara__sed always asking a lot of questions, but that's why they are there!


DeeD - June 11

I have a jacuzzi in my master bedroom and I enjoy it hot, hot, hot all during my pregnancy. I just don't stay in for long. When I start to sweat....bath time is up. If you were not sweating...your body did not get to a point it needed to sool itself. You are fine. I would not think twice about it! Relax!


Ras529 - November 9

I had a prenatal massage last week & the table was heated. I also felt the burning on my belly so when I rolled over, I tucked the pillow under my side to keep the heat from being directly on my belly. Now I'm so worried about the heat the baby endured during the massage. Do you have an update on your little one? Did he/she show any signs of that heat affecting him/her negatively? I'll be sure to ask my massage therapist to turn the heat off from now on!



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