2 Year Old Won T Sleep In Her Own Bed

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crrodgers - June 1

So, here is my dilema. My two yr old dd has been sleeping in my bed since the day she came home from the hospital. She had complications at birth and was in NICU, so instead of letting her sit in an incubater, I would hold her the whole time, so she got used to that. I have her and my 4 yr old dd sharing a room. I just set up her new "big girl bed" like her sisters and she will not lay in it unless I get in bed with her. It takes me about an hour and a half to get her to fall asleep with me laying next to her and It only takes a few hours before she goes back into my bed and I am just afraid that if I take her back into her room she will wake up my 4 yr old. I never had this kind of problem with my 4 yr old, she is a little angel! This one is just so stubborn and for some reason I have a harder time disciplining her than my older one. Last night when she got in my bed, she rolls around so much that she kicked my belly! Not only that, but it causes more problems with me and DH because he already feels like I don't give him enough attention and our 2 yr old sleeping inbetween us, doesn't help! What can I do???? ?


Kathryn - June 1

I'm in the same boat. I have a two year old that has been in our bed since he was born. I did get him to sleep in his crib a few months before our second son was born ( I let him scream-hardest thing I ever had to do) but, once baby brother came, he started back in our bed. I seen on supernanny that you should just keep putting them back in their bed, no matter how many times they get out. My mother also suggested making him a little bed with pillows and blankets on the floor next to our bed. I think I might try something soon because I can't take having him in the middle of me and my husband anymore. Good Luck, I hope you get a good nights rest soon.


HOPE786 - June 1

well in my opinion the best thing to do is every night give your child a warm bath.......than take her to her room put her in bed and just kindly rub her forehead till she falls asleep than walk away quitely........or another thing is put her to sleep in your own bed and once she falls asleep than take her to her own bed...it works great.....


soon2bemomof3 - June 1

well same here. only my dd will fall asleep in her "big girl bed" most of the time but then falls out and comes to me to sleep with me. I usually make her a little bed on the floor by me and that usually works. don't know what else to do as I have a 6 month old to get up with so I can't keep putting her in her bed and having her wake me up constantly when she falls out.


crrodgers - June 1

I have been letting her fall asleep elsewhere and then putting her in the bed. It works until about 1-2am. I just worry that if I put her back in her room she'll start screaming and wake up my 4 yr old. Also, I work so we all have to be up by 7am so I am exhausted and I know I should just keep consistant and keep taking her back to bed....but I am soooo tired!!!!! I wonder if I get her to sleep in her own bed within the next few months if she'll regress when her baby brother gets here in Septemebr, then I would have to start all over!


jennyr - June 1

I don't have this problem yet! I have a feeling that once I get my dd out of her crib and into a "big girl" bed she is going to do the same thing. I think if that happens I am just going to have to stay strong and put her back into her own bed and explain that that is her bed to sleep in. I had a horrible time getting her into her crib. She was 9 months when she finally started to sleep in her crip. She slept in the infant carrier for like 5 months in her crib with pillows all around it so it did not tip or moe when she moved. I guess if she trys to sleep with us I will just have to go to the old CIO method again. Hope things get better and I will read all your advice incase this happens to me! Good Luck!


chickiepoo9 - June 1

i answered this question in the second tri forum and just thought i would paste it over here incase any of you were interested in what worked with my boy. my son was also like this and i am the kind of parent that doesnt believe in cry it out methods or shutting them in there room so what i personally did was make my son go back in his bed but i put a chair beside him and would sit with him until he fell back asleep and everytime he got up i would lay him down not talk to him but stay in the room at first he would take like 1 hour to get back to sleep and he would wake up 30 min later and do it again but after a few weeks if he got up i would just have to sit with him for 5 min and he would be out the he started waking less and less and now he sleeps through the night in his big boy bed and i never hear a peep i was a process and the first few weeks i didnt have much sleep but it was worth it and he didnt feel like i was just saying ok you have slept with me for 2 years but now you cant i am locking you in your room bye! i stayed there for him until he was comfertable to do it on his own.



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