2YO With Irrational Fear Screaming In PAIN

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CavansDaddy - March 23

Up until last night we have had no problems with our 2 year old Son. He's healthy, happy, and we have never had any issues. Yesterday we were in the car when a caterpillar crawled on his leg while we were driving. He saw it and got very upset. I pulled over and got it off him and spent 20 minutes on the side of the highway calming him down. Afterwords he seemed ok, and he was slapping at his legs and saying "No"... but he was calm. Later on the 3 of us were outside when my wife, who was holding my Son, had a caterpillar land on her shoulder. She FREAKED OUT, which caused our Son to also freak out. We calmed him down (he was really upset at seeing his momma that upset, I do know) and kinda forgot about it for a few hours. Later on last night Cavan, my Son, was standing in the kitchen when he freaked out for no apparent reason. He cries sometimes when he doesn't get his way, so we just calmed him down and asked him what he wanted, which hes pretty good at communicating to us. He started stomping in place and screaming bloody-murder like he was in serious pain. When we picked him up he seemed to be stiffing up his legs and drawing them in. (he may be afraid of the floor?) The first thing I thought was he may have been bit either by the caterpillar or something else, but there were no signs of bites... no swelling. During these (fits) he will respond to pressure on his legs, like they hurt, but if we distract him then he's fine, even when applying moderate pressure to areas he was just sensitive to. We rushed him to the ER anyways where they checked his vitals and looked him over. He was his normal self the entire time there. No problems. Today momma was gone and me and Cavan was playing in the living room when suddenly and for no reason he looks at the floor and freaked out screaming, like in pain. It's very hard to calm him down... and when you try to stand him on the floor it starts all over. I was hoping things would be back to to normal today, but it's happening all over. We both are very concerned. The impression we get is hes really seeing "something" that's scaring him. Every time he does this he appears to see something them freaks out, but after careful inspection, there is NOTHING there... (on couch/floor/etc.) We are at a loss here.... he's perfectly fine most of the time, but suddenly he will do it again...?


Charlibabe - March 24

I have no idea. I hope you all figure it out or he gets better. All I can say is try to explain to him calmly or something like that. So sorry that is happening to y'all. Good Luck! Also maybe ask his pedi about it. They might beable to help.



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