4 Year Old Doing Dangerous Tricks On Bike

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kimberly - June 1

Hello ladies! I need some advice. I have a little boy who just turned 4 on May 29th. He is wonderfully talented and very cordinated for a 4 year old but he scares me to death. He has been riding his bike without training wheels for about 8 months now. Anyway he ramps curves, stands up on the bar between the seat, pops wheelies, ect. I have just started to get use to these tricks and now he has decided he needs to be big like my 8 year old son and now he rides his big brothers 20" bike. My concern is he can't reach the petals without standing and he surely can't reach the ground. I am so afraid he will really hurt himself badly, b/c he does all these tricks he usually does on his little bike with the bigger bike. It is just obviously dangerous. How do I convince him to stay on his little bike? He is very persistant and just won't listen! I am just afraid for him, any advice? Sorry so long!


sahmof3 - June 1

Maybe make him wear knee, elbow and wrist pads and only allow him to ride in low-traffic areas, so he can be as safe as possible when he does crash... since it doesn't sound like he's going to hold back on being adventurous!!


kimberly - June 1

Yeah , he has the knee pads, but he won't wear the helmet or elbow pads much, I try to make him but for some reason he protest!


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 1

he is 4 tell him he cant ride if no helmet that is what I tell my dd who just turned 4 and my ds who is 2 is doing those same tricks on a electric 4 wheeler popin wheels and standing on seats and my dh wants to get him a gas powered one I totally feel for you but I would def. lay down ground rules and soon enough he will quit protesting because he knows he wont win. I dont know if I would force the knee and elbow pads but def. the helmet you dont want him hurting his little head


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 1

I would also tell him he has to be so tall to ride his brothers bike and put a mark on something like a door frame or wall or paper line and stick it to the wall and tell him when you are this tall you can get a bike like brother till then you have to ride your size bike


kimberly - June 2

I do agree on the helmet thing, he just takes it right back off, so I guess he will have to get off the bike too! I started chaining his brothers bike up today, so I guess that has worked, except when my oldest is ready to ride it! I am going to get him into Tee ball soon maybe that will pre-occupy him a little. The biggest challenge I have is I walk with crutches , b/c I am an amputee and it is so hard to chase him down to make him get off the bigger bike. ugh!


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 3

wow that must be really difficult for you I am soo sorry. but I still believe if he doesnt follow the rules of riding when you do catch him lol and I know with both legs its hard I cant imagine with you but I would say because you didnt follow the rules then you cant ride your bike and chain his up too sooner or later he will either give up on the bike or give upon breaking the rules good luck with that :-P



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