About To Send 3 Yr Old Packing Part 2

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Janny - May 27

Ok - Part 2 - Potty training. As I said in Part 1 -we have been trying to potty train since 2 1/2. She has had constipation issues since 4 months. Up until 3 - prune juice, apple juice and oatmeal would keep her regular, not anymore. Let me backtrack - when starting potty training - we started off going ever 30 min and gave stickers. Anytime we went -she could pee and everything was fine. We were moving along - but she wouldn't go to the bathroom on her own. We left the light on, the stool and potty seat - all ready to go! Then she started going poo after dinner and then one night she went on her own. And that lasted for month when she got sick and constipated again. Now she refuses to go to the bathroom at all -and I don't know what to do? Force her or ignore it for awhile and go back to square one. She is taking miralax once a day. It seems to keep it soft - so this round of screaming and crying - I don't know if she is in pain, or holding it in and mentally thinking it's going to hurt???? I just don't know anymore. I want to give up and let her be the first kindergartener to go to school in diapers!!!!!! LOL Mind you I work full time and daycare is not helping much. If she asks to go to the bathroom - they will take her. But that's it. Almost everyone is potty-trained - even the 2 yr olds. What do I do?? Thanks!


madysenmommy - June 1

I can totally feel your pain on this one. My daughter just turned 3. We started at about 2 1/2 as well and i work full time as well. We were doing great for a while then all of the sudden she would start pacing and i knew she had to go but as soon as i would say lets go potty she would run away, cry, scream and even hit me if i picked her up. Well i would take her anyways and she would even yell at me "no mommy" while she was peeing in the potty. I think it was just because she didn't want to stop playing but i knew she had to go. This went on for about 3 weeks. Now she is finally telling me she has to go and sometimes even after she tells me she has to go she'll cry the whole way there.I just try to cheer her up and talk about something else. Make her laugh or let her take her toy with her to the potty. IMO it seems like she has been doing it and knows what she is doing. I would just take her anyways even if she is kicking and screaming. I personally believe that after a certain time of potty training, the child will not be scarred if you make them go. Then give her big prasies and give her a big smile and be happy when she does go. Maybe even let her take her toy with her to the bathroom. Hope this helps and just know that you aren't the only one dealing with the potty training battle.


Janny - June 16

Thanks madysenmommy! We have done stickers, m&m's, small toys (which I swore I wouldn't do! LOL)now I'm telling her to sit for 10 min regardless, and sometimes, take things away, no treats, no TV, etc. I know it will work out someday - but it's not soon enough!! ;o)


pikapuka2000 - June 16

I do understand where you're coming from too. My daughter is 4 now, but potty training was hard, and now we're working on accidents. We had the same issue with the crying, saying she doesn't have to go and all that. What I did was tell her to just sit on the potty and see what happens. If she doesn't think she has to go, sometimes she'll be surprised. It was cute the first time we put that into effect, she really was surprised! Big praises did help out a lot, with my daughter. So did staying mellow and indifferent during the screaming and crying, I noticed getting upset just escalated her tantrum. Taking stuff away never did much for her, but praises and big hugs and kisses did wonders. Your daughter has a unique problem, with the constipation, and it must be really difficult for her to try again, especially if you're correct in your thought that she's afraid it'll hurt. Another thing that helped me and my daughter was talking about it when it's not potty time, asking her what was wrong last time. Granted you don't really get a straight answer sometimes, but it's worth a shot. Good luck.


my girl - July 13

Do you use pull ups? I found that pull ups only confused my kids because they are pretty much like a diaper. I found that after having a couple of accidents in real underwear that my kids didn't like the feeling of being wet or messy. This helped with the potty issue quit a bit.


smithjackson - November 19




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