Any Positive Feedback On Mirena IUD

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venus_in_scorpio - January 29

Hey ladies. I havent been on the PI forum in a very long time - still see a few familiar names though. Iwas just wondering if anyone's had the Mirena and doesnt have a horror story... I have had it in about a week and the only annoyance im encountering so far is bloating and spotting... but other than that it hasnt made me crazy like the pill always did.... any feedback? thanks!


erinunbe - January 29

Hi Venus... I have had my IUD since 10/06 and I love it. I spot for about 7 days a month and thats it..its really not that bad. Some people don't bleed at all...but I wasn't that lucky! I have also heard horror stories so I am interested in seeing other feedback! Good Luck!


eclipse - January 30

Venus! How have you been? I swear, we are connected....haha I am getting ready to go talk to my doctor about the Mirena myself. I'm glad you asked this because i'm very interested in finding out more about this and even though I've been on the pill for 14 years (with a break for my son of course) now with baby brain, I can't remember to take it and it is not helping my periods anyway so I need another option. Good to know that it is working for you and erinumbe though....anyone else?


momtbc - February 18

I can't wait to hear what others say. I have four children and don't necessarily want to have any more. My ob suggested Mirena, but I am a little nervous. I don't like birth control side effects, so anyone with feedback would be great!


Fatima - February 19

I have had the mirena since august of 2006 and it is great! The first 6 months, I was always spotting, on and off, then just 8 days a month, and about 6 months ago, I stopped altogether, No period, no spotting. At first I thought i was pregnant, but tests show negative. So everything is good.


maren - February 19

I got my mirena august of 06 and i love it!! i dont have a period but i spot for about 3 days i need a panty liner if anything for those days. i Have never had any problems with my mirena I just love it lol


mshanson - March 20

Have had the Mirena for about 2 months now. Have bled most of that, some days light, some days heavier. No cramps. No real side effects other than I notice my feet swell a bit sometimes, no weight gain so far.


Maria156 - January 15

I had Mirena inserted on December 18, 2008. The insertion was horrible. I felt I was going to die, and was not prepared for the pain at all. The cramps were more than cramps. The rest of the day I felt lots of discomfort, and although I had just gotten over my period, it started all over again. The following week was better, some spotting every day, but not so bad. Last week I had my period again, it lasted 7 days. It finally went back to spotting on Monday.(today is Thursday). Today I went to the doctor since he wanted to see me a month after insertion. I told my doctor that my boyfriend complained about poking and some pain. (That was the first time we were intimate. After that he has said he feels something but it’s not so bad). I wanted to ask my doctor to cut the strings shorter and how long it would take for them to get soft enough. He said that cutting them short will make it more difficult for my boyfriend and will really "poke" him, plus at the time of removal, it would be very difficult. With my body temperature, it has already adjusted to the way it should feel, the doctor also said that the strings are doing what they are supposed to do, which is to "bend back, wrap around, etc". He also said that the spotting is due to the fact that as the IUD releases its medicine, it makes the lining of the uterus thin out, therefore it comes out in the form of spotting. He said to give it a few more months to see any changes in the spotting. So far my boyfriend and I rather have this than being on the pill, or using condoms. I had not been on the pill for over two years and my boyfriend and I could never be spontaneous, we had to make sure we had condoms and we had to “plan” things every time. Now things are very different, at least for now, we don’t worry about pregnancy, if we want to be intimate we can do it worry free! I could not be on the pill because it makes me gain weight, and condoms are very uncomfortable, so our alternative here is so much better. I also tried a couple of times to see if Mirena is still there, but can never feel the strings, so I will rely on my boyfriend to tell me everything is there. My co-worker and friend had hers inserted last week, and so far so good. I hope this helps, but for those of you who are uncertain about Mirena, my advice is give it a try, and then make decisions based on your own experiences. Not all of us will react the same, and have the same side effects, etc. If it doesn’t work out for me, I will have it removed, but for now; I am going to see how I feel in a year.


newbaby2009 - January 15

Wow this post is a year old. Im due feb 18 and saw the feb 18 2008 post and freaked out for a minute, lol.


AO - February 21

Just thought I would put in my postive experience with the Mirena IUD, and this seemed to be the most current and active forum I found.  I am 43, married, with no children (a planned decision), and physically fit and active.  After years of menstral periods with heavy cramping and days of bleeding, I did some research and with a good gynocologist decided to give the Mirena IUD a try to reduce menstral side effects.  I have had the Mirena IUD 6 months and am thrilled with it.  With the exception of the first month post insertion, I have had continually reduced cramping and bleeding, now down to minimal spotting and cramping, and no side effects such as bloating, etc.  Perhaps a reduction in cramping, bleeding and general unpleasantness by 70%, and I do not notice it is there day to day or during intercourse.  My only regret, that I didn't get the Mirena IUD sooner. 



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