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jencapeling - June 6

My son just turned 1. He will not hold the bottle himself, and he doesn't put any small food in his moluth. He can hold the bottle and throw it, but as soon as I try to put the nipple near his mouth, his arms go limp. I would like to hear from other mothers with the same issues.


cendres - June 7

maybe he just views feeding time as a cuddle, relaxation time. I'm sure that it isn't that he can't hold it, he just doesn't want to yet.


hello - June 7

my little one is two and is probably the only two yr old who wont hold it although she shouldn't be having one in the first place, (should be a cup for my little one ) i gave up basically cause it was war.. if u mean he wont put small bits of finger food in his mouth, do not worry as it will come in time...... my little one was a shocker, wouldnt even eat finger food till she was 18 months or so, it was amazing........just now and then put his hands on the bottle and i am sure he will hold it when he is ready


jennyr - June 7

My dd is 17 months now and at 4 or 5 months she held her own bottle but then one day she just refused to hold it. Then at about 13 months or so she held it again and I have had no problems since then. I was one of those new moms who wanted her little one to do all kinds of stuff on time or even early but I figured out that they do things at there own pace and when they are ready. Who know one day your little one will hold there bottle and eat finger foods all by themselves and you will fall off the chair in shock! They really do do things when there bodies are ready for it. Don't stress about it. He will come around. Cherish this time because once he does hold it on his own and eats on his own you will miss the times that you got to feed him. He is not yet indepent to do the bottle or food but when he is he will not want you to do it and you will be sad. Where did my little baby go! That is how I was. I still am like that. They learn each and everyday of there life and that is what makes them so great as unique person. Good luck!


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 7

I think he will do it in his own time. but if you are set on him doing it now maybe you should try setting him down and putting his bottle near him like in his lap and walking away. If he is really hungry he will pick it up but I am sure like every toddler he will try and get you to do it by crying and pitching a fit and throwing the bottle. I would gently say if you are hungry you need to do it yourself mommy isnt going to feed you anymore and eventually he will relize you arent going to do it anymore and he will pick it up himself. but I am sure part of it is a comfort thing and part of it is to see how much he can get away with . As far as the finger food I would continue to off it to him but not worry about it my ds didnt want anything to do with it till 18 months and even then he prefered the spoon now at 2 he hardly uses his hands at all he doesnt like to get his hands dirty lol


jencapeling - June 7

Thank you all so much for responding. I feel SO much better knowing that it is quite normal. he is capable of holding the bottle, and likes to, but not to feed himself. I guess I have to be patient, and not wish for him to do everything on his own. I can't believe he is a year old already.


chickiepoo9 - June 8

my some never held a bottle on his own at a year i introduced a sippy cup and gave him all his milk in that and he held it fine but i could never get him to hold that bottle see if he is interested in a sippy cup



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