Did Your Toddlers Kids Ever

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sahmof3 - June 6

say something that you had no idea they even knew the word for? Leah was hanging on the side of Justin's crib while I was changing him and she acted like she was lassoeing (sp?) something and said, "I'm a cowgirl and Justin's the cow." ROFL. I don't know where she ever heard of a cowgirl!


sahmof3 - June 6

And her new favorite phrase when she is getting impatient is, "Mom, this is taking AGES." LOL... can you say DRAMA QUEEN? :-)


rl- - June 6

oh how cute but she most likely got it from tv or another kid LOL that is where most kids pick things up like that lucky for you it was something good LOL!!


ash2 - June 6

Lol, i know....aiden is starting to babble words i have no idea what he means : )


Lchan - June 6

That's too funny. When my niece was two (or thereabout) and just starting to put words together, she would say, "Mix it up" as in lets do something different. It took my sister the longest time to figure out what that meant.


iemc19 - June 6

Whilst scolding my 3 year old he very politely turned to me and told me 'you should be ashamed for shouting at me'....Certainly silenced me and put me in the naughty corner!!


olivia - June 6

Anna Mae kept running to windows saying 'Hot Doctor'. I had no idea what she meant and kept asking her to please show mommy the hot doctor. I even asked my inlaws who used to watch her if they knew anything about a hot doctor? They had no idea. Well after weeks of her talking about the hot doctor several times a day i really decided to find out what she was talking about. She would say it and run to a window so I listenened and guess what -- it was a helicopter! I still laugh thinking about it.


Hi - June 6

When my oldest was around 1 yrs old.He was going to daycare .One day after I had picked him up.We were headed home and he kept saying"ray ruh roo" over and over and he would have his arms in the air when he did it.I puzzled over this for a couple weeks.Until I saw his daycare lady saying goodbye to him one day.She raised her arms in the air and said "raise the roof" and my son chirps in "ray ruh roo".Was so funny,lol.


Brendansmom - June 6

Brendan is 18 months and we were at the Dr.'s office for his check up. The nurse came in to give him his shots and he started to say home, home, home. I didn't know he knew what home was. A few days later we were at a friend's house and we were in the yard. Brendan went inside one of the play houses and opened the window, stuck his head out and said, where are you? It's amazing how much they pick up.



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