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babybradley - June 2

My daughter isnt a toddler but she is extremly sick and Iam worried!!! She started vomitting last night and this morning her temp was so high that she was acting like she was halucenating.. We got her temp down and she was fine but this temp. is not like anything Ive seen. This is her first time at being this sick. Iam extremly worried. If it was my 3yr old I wouldnt be so worried but this is her first real sickness. She on top of that is teething!!! I guess what I want to know is if there is any food that can be given that she will keep down. Ive heard of the BRAT diet and of course ginger ale but is there anything else!!! And please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.... Thanks


jennyr - June 2

Ok not to worry you or anything but really watch the temp. My 17 month old got a high fever on Memorial Day. It was 103.1 so we took her to the Er per Dr instructions. As we pulled into the parking lot she went into a Fever Seizer. I don't want to scare you but just watch it because I was terrified. She started to turn blue and all. I am just thankful that she is ok and that we were in the ER parking lot and not at home or driving there. Good luck!


babybradley - June 2

My mom told me that this afternoon. She said that if I hadnt got her temp down that she could have started seizing. Iam so scared and hate her having this fever. Iam rotating between Tylenol and Motrion every 4 hours and trying to keep her hydrated. Thank you for telling me and I will defintely be keeping and eye on her fever!!! Thanks


jennyr - June 3

I just wanted to inform you of it because I was so scary to see her like that. I did not know what was happening because she was not jerking or anything! Just limp! Also it is not just the high fever. It is how high it goes in a matter of time. Like it it is 102.3 and jumps to 103.9 that is when it can happen. Just keep giving her the Motrin and Tylonal and I am sure she will be ok!


Rabbits07 - June 3

Oh, I'm so sorry. It's awful the first really every) time they get sick, but the first is the hardest on mom I guess. How old is she? Watch for dehydration as well as seizures.


babybradley - June 3

THANKS!!! She is 9 months old. Last night was the worst. I couldnt sleep even when she was. I was so afraid for her and I couldnt seem to get her fever to stay down. I would give her medicine, it would go down for like 30 minutes and then shoot right back up!! She seems to a little better today. She is crawling around following daddy and bubba!!! BUT that fever is still there. Its not as high, THANK GOD!!! Thanks so much for the concern and help. I will keep you all posted on how she is. If she isnt better by the morning Im taking her to the Dr. Just to be on the safe side!!


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 3

my ds that jut turned 2 had a 104.3 temp last week too I took him to the ER the first day they diagonis Pneumonia they gave him a shot sent him home so I took him to a different ER the next day when it spiked again and they said that he didnt have pneumonia that is was a Viral Illiness and they said to give him tylenol /motrin in 3 hour intervals and keep hydrated but not to worry about food till he was ready to eat it so for 2 days he only drank and took his meds and then all of a sudden he was eatting and fine again. They said just keep the fever down and if you cant then take her in don't mess with a high fever and I would say if it is still requiring meds after 2 full days then take her in to your doc to be looked at. A fever is nothing to mess with , When I took him in with his fever he just layed in my arms like a newborn when I tried to carry him on my side his head fell back like a newborn and I had to support it it was very very scary. My son is very very active little boy for him to sleep for an entire day just scared the c___p out of me so that evening I took him in. I am not trying to scare you but a fever is nothing to mess with. i hope your little one is feeling better soon good luck


jennyr - June 4

OMG! It seems like all of these babies are getting Viral Infections lately. My dd just had one and I have no clue where she got it from. She does not go to daycare and she only plays with the neighbor's little boy who has not been sick. I even put a bobby in the carts at the store. It is crazy. Then the ER could not even tell me what type she had. I had to wait until I saw my Dr on Wed or last week to find out it was Roseola! This is crazy. I thought I kept her in a bubble before. Oh boy!!!!!!!!


Laceyandsamsmamma - June 4

hey babybradley how is that litte dd of yours? I was just wondering if she is feeling any better?


BriannasMummy - June 4

babybradley.. I just read this post.. and Im wondering how your baby girl is doing. Im hoping that she is feeling ten times better!! ~Kristin~


jazminesmom - June 4

about two weeks ago my 20month old daughter had a temp of 104.4 at the urgant care we went to and they said it was roseola and that the temps would be high for about 3 days then stops and then she may get a little rash. all we were told to do was ulternate meds, motrin and 4 hours later tylnol then motrin agian. and if the fever was still high with the meds or her behavor changed go to the er. she is fine it freaked me out cause even when she was teething her temp has never been that high


jennyr - June 4

jazminesmom My 17month dd had the same thing. She was teething on top it too! We took her to the ER on Memorial day because of a 103.1 fever and she had a fever seizer just as we pulled up to ER doors. The bad thing about it all was that they never diagnoised her with Roseola until we took her to the Doctors on Wed. She was in the hospital overnight for observation Monday to Tuesday so we came home on Tuesday night and Wed we took her to her normal dr who told us it was Roseola. Don't know how she got it but it was scary. I hope you dd is doing better now.


newbie - June 5

my lo (16 months) is doing the same thing, her temp isn't as high but she has had a fever and vomiting. It started sunday morning. I can't get her to eat and I'm having trouble getting her to drink. I don't know what to do either. I hope your lo gets better asap.


jazminesmom - June 6

jennyr-did you child get the little rash they said may happen? jazmine didn't but like clockwork the temps stop at the beginning of the 4th day. i bet my daughter got it at walmart cause roseola has a incabation(sp?)period up to 15 days.


jennyr - June 6

jazminesmom, she only had the fever for about two day or so. She got the fever on Saturday night and we took her to the Er on Monday and they gave her tylonal and motrin and it cam down and only returned at 99.8. On Tuesday night I noticed a little rash but not knowing that it was Roseola just thought it was a heat rash from the fever or something. Wed she had it bad and that is when the Doctor told us it was Roseola. It was completely gone by Saturday morning.


babybradley - June 7

Hey She is 9 months old and is doing much better!!! She ran a very High fever all the way until Monday night. I took her to the doctor Monday and they had me take her to the ER to get fluids, do a chest xray, and check to see if maybe she had a urinary tract infection.... She didnt.. Her fever went down. We went home and the next day this rash started on her face. I thought it was measles but I took her to the Dr yesterday and they said she had a viral infection called Reseola. It is a virus that most of all children get between 9-24months. Im just so HAPPY she is better!!! She is acting like herself!!!!!! Thanks for all the advice!!!!!



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