July O8 Mommies

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Mari26me - January 5

Hey Stef & Charli, I found out today we are having a baby boy!! My hubby and I are pretty excited. We have our little girl and can hardly wait for our little boy to get here. :)


Charlibabe - January 5

Mari that is so cool. I found out today I am having a girl and a boy. So boy/girl twins! I am very excited and I can't wait I am 25 weeks...so I have like 12 weeks left!


Mari26me - January 6

Charli, congrats on the boy & girl! That is awsome. Our daughter will be 22 months when our little boy is born. I am hoping they grow up to be good friends. I am almost 20 weeks, 1/2 way done!!!!


stefkay - February 19

Hey girls! I know noone has posted in ages so thought I'd drop in. I'm 22 weeks now and baby girl is moving a lot. I love it! My daughter will be 23 (almost 24 months) when she is born. Ready for spring to get here with nicer weather so we can go outside more. I'm feeling really cooped up!


Precious - February 19

i am so happy to hear from everyone and congrats stef for your pregnancy!! I want to have another one but husband does not agree Lia is the joy n fun of my life she is amazing never thought she would be the girl she is!! i wish everyone the best and keep in touch if u have facebook my name is Julia Baltodano-Amaya its good to hear from everyone n share our lives !


Charlibabe - February 19

Stef that is awesome that you are getting so far along! I am now 32 weeks with my twins. My daughter will be about 20-21 months when they get here. It will definatly be tough for a little bit once they are born. Soon they are going to make me go to Non Stress Tests twice a week and my Doctors appointment still every other week. It is getting hectic. I wish I could just rest some because with these two inside me its hard to get sleep a lot of the time. I can definatly say this pregnancy has been a lot harder. I am glad everyone seems to be doing well!! That is good news. Brooklynn is doing great! She is talking a lot and has such a cute character about her. She is my lil smarty pants haha...sometimes to smart for her own good. She has now learned how to open her sippy cup and has made life a lil bit harder lol. But everything is good for me..I am hoping to stay pregnant for at least a few more weeks. But I have a scheduled c-section for 38 weeks. So I can have them any where from almost 3-6 weeks from now really...seems SOOO crazy!!! Good Luck everyone and hope you guys are all doing well!


dreamy2433 - February 25

Hey everyone Sorry I have not been on in a while. I have been hanging out else where. It got pretty dead over here so I slowly stopped coming. I am over at chatterscene dot com if anyone wants to check it out


Precious - September 10

I miss talking to you ladies! I guess our kids have gotten all our time! i havent been able to log on. But im preggo so its funny how now i have time! haha my daughter Lia is 25mo. now and im 8weeks pregnant!


Charlibabe - September 13

CONGRATS! My twins are almost 6 mo old now and my daughter is around 26 months! CRAZY!! I hope your pregnancy goes healthy I really dont think to come on here anymore because its so dead but I am on Cafe Mom and Face Book. Its under charlibabe for CM and Charlotte Blakeslee Hall or charlibabe2088 at Yahoo


ally89 - November 10

Hi, my name is allyssa. I have a july 08 baby.. Cant believe he is two. Getting so big now. Says heaps of words. Tho im finding toilet training hard. Some days he loves it other days wont have s bar of it. Any one else had probs like this?


sobaka - May 17

Hi everyone!



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