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fefer1 - June 23

Hey everyone - here's to the next stage!


Sprinkles - June 23

Here I am!


DDT - June 23

Oh lord, does this mean I have TWO toddlers!! God help me... Nothing new to report. Jaxon is walking around with ease now. Started babbling a lot. Said, "dog" while pointing to our dog so I guess that counts as his 2nd word. Mama was his first. I think he says Caden to but can't be 100% sure. We are having showings every evening now. I'm happy about it but really tired to. I work all day, get home and have to deal with cleaning and kids, leave, come back and then rush to get dinner and a bath in before bed time. I am getting sick to. Feeling very flu-ish. Also a little stressed because I am 15 days for AF. I have a HPT laying in the bathroom drawer. We haven't done the deed in what seems forever so if I am pregnant it's probably by miraculous conception. BUT it was the same way with Jaxon to. We both thought, "How did that happen!!" I am going to one of my good friend's wedding this weekend. Then next Wed heading off to the Island to visit the Grandma for the long weekend.


fefer1 - June 24

uh-oh DDT! Pretty soon you could have 3 toddlers!! I felt that way a while ago - that I was sickish, tired etc and I even went as far as taking a test just to be sure. Safe!!! It would have been miraculous as well since Tim was Vasectomized :) last November. It only took once with both my kids - and I was pretty amazed - so it CAN happen when you think it can't. I bet you are just stressed with all that's going on - it can do that to you for sure. Before Rachel I had missed several periods - well, they were VERY late and things just weren't normal. I could not believe I was pregnant. My doctor thought I was nuts - but we had just gotten married, the pill I had BEEN on had made me react really weird for the short few months I was on it - so all that probably messed things up. Yesterday Levi's diaper came off during his nap and lets just say there was poop smeared everywhere. I had to just drop him in the shower and hose him down - nasty! He was p__sed too - hated the poopy crib, hated the shower. I'm pretty positive he's getting some new teeth too and he is super sensitive/clingy/crabby. My two year old is up and down in her moods too - one minute she's fine, the next minute everything has gone to hell. :) She's starting to get all girly sensitive -the slightest thing will set her off. ugh!!! We're going to attempt a garage sale on Friday - that should be interesting with the kids. :)


fefer1 - June 24

GEEZ!! What next??? Now my Grandpa died -had a heart attack today. 86 years old. So sad. :(


fefer1 - June 24

aww dawn - you sound hormonal too. :) lol Something will turn up for you and that clinic - you HAVE to go to it?? What c___p. Sorry you have to go through all that. Yuck - I do NOT miss those sick days. You're bringing up bad memories! :) Glad you'll be out of it soon though, what a relief that will be!


Sprinkles - June 24

It may be in part hormones haha but a big part of it is who I am - I never been one to have alot of patience and I hate feeling jerked around and that is what those people are doing with the house situation .. I think typically I would bite my tongue a lil more but thanks to pregnancy I don't seem to be doing that too much lately haha it's like the anger gets to me plus the queasy feeling and I just let it out - I feel too gross to hold it in lol ! Now when it comes to violet (and new babies) dad I am DEFINITELY pregnancy hormonal on him i have insane mood swings one minute I talk to him the next minute I am thinking of everything about him I dislike and I feel like wringing his neck .. we aren't even together and EVERY single thing he does just eats at me LOL that is NOT normal for me .. yeah a few more weeks and hopefully it subsides .. hopefully haha


gabby509 - June 29

Hi Everyone!!! I haven't come on here in ages but I thought I'd pop in and say hi. It's just not the same on FB. We can't really talk babies and pregnancy and blah blah blah. So I hope everyone and their babes are doing well. We are doing pretty good. I just hit the 3rd tri mark on Saturday so now I'm 27 weeks and feeling ok. I feel huge and am having lots of hip and groin pain but that's pretty much it so far. Morning sickness stopped at 18 weeks so that was a relief. We are on an intense home search. We put an offer in last week adn are waiting to hear back from the bank if it was accepted (it's a short sale/foreclosure). Hopefully we'll ge that and can move within 30-60 days. If so we will be in there before the baby is born, God willing. Other than that King is doing great. He's weighing in at 24.9 lbs and is 29.5 inches tall. He's been walking since 11 months and is now into everything!! I think that's pretty much it for now. Ok well I'm gonna try to pop in here more often, I have my reasons why it's not all the time and I think most of you know why, haha. TTYL girlies! Oh and Congrats to Heather on her baby girl.


fefer1 - June 30

He's only 29.5" Gabby?? I'm amazed! Levi was 25 pounds and 31" and I thought he was short! Guess not! From the pictures King looks so big to me - it must be all the hair. haha oh wait, he has no hair now! Levi is still not walking but he's starting to forget to hold onto things when standing. Today he was climbing our plastic slide and got half way up, pushed himself to standing and let go. Standing on the slide! Of all places, silly boy! It about gave me a heart attack - all of a sudden he was upright and I was afraid he'd fall backwards. He likes to climb up the slide and then let go and slide backwards on his belly. I can't believe he can climb it! He watches his sister and has to do what she does. Now I have to totally watch him..pretty soon he'll be on the couch. He has these little kid chairs that he's discovered how to climb up on - one of them is next to the TV/Stand and he tries to climb up onto the stand. Yeah, not a good idea. He even climbs out of the tub if you let him. No talking either - just babbles and screams - he loves the high pitch screaming. ugh... He still isn't fond of the tub - he wants to stand up when he's in there or try to climb out. It takes a while to get him to sit down and STAY down. The other day I about died - he slipped while sitting and went under. That moment he was under my heart about stopped - it happens sooo fast!!! I totally see why you NEVER leave them for a second. That's all it takes. Even with my super speedy mother reflexes, it felt like he was under forever. Scary... DDT - any news?? House, baby?? I still think you're really brave for camping with your two kids. I really want to try it but...I'm not sure I want the headache. We're heading to our cabin NEXt weekend, no indoor bathroom just an outhouse, and Tim will be gone during the day jeeping while I hang out with the kids...alone. Our annual trip but I dread it with kids this age. One crawling, one running away from me. :) My grandma might pick me up and drive me to town where my OTHER grandma lives, the one who's husband just died. We might hang out with her during the day so she's not lonely and I'm not bored! You know, it's weird how easily you forget about b___stfeeding - I was just thinking how it's only been a couple of weeks but I can't remember what it's like! :)


gabby509 - June 30

Yeah Fefer, King is pretty short, haha. He is in the 40th percentile for height and I think 85th for weight. My doc said it's because me and Fred are kind of short, I'm 5 foot 1 and Fred is 5 foot 10. I just measured King here myself though and I got 30 inches, so who knows. So King is sick today. He had a low grade fever last night and then woke up at 4:30 this morning with a 101 fever. He's barely eating and super cranky. Hopefully this won't last too long and will not get to me and Fred. Oh and Fefer, King hates the bathtub. He went under for a split second about a month ago and he has never gotten over it. He stands the entire time and also tries to climb out of the tub. I have actually started just getting in the tub with him so he will calm down and I can wash him. Fred was like why is your bathing suit hanging in the bathroom like everyday, haha. It's my only solution right now, but the bigger I get the harder it gets.


fefer1 - June 30

Well I'm 5'3 and Tim is 5'10 - and his son is 6'3! YOu really never know. :) Rachel was 32" at 2 years old. Makes me laugh at how big Levi is - or maybe he's normal and she's just tiny. I hope King feels better, poor baby. I hate it when they are sick like that. So Levi got a sand box for his birthday - it's the kind that's like a table. I got it so he wouldn't be sitting in it all the time. well, he discovered how to climb into it so now him and his sister sit in it and get sand all over their clothes and in their diapers. :) ahhh....so you know how I've had a bad week with deaths, well my uncle had a ma__sive heart attack Sunday night and had surgery - I just found out last night. He's alive and well but still, what a c___p week for my families. Geesh!!! June is going out with a bang...


fefer1 - July 2

lol dawn - i love your rants. :) By the way, you SHOULD be getting child support, he DOES have an obligation to support them. I know I know, you don't want him to see them more often etc...but still.... He needs to get the car seat in correctly - geesh! Not much new here - just enjoying our heat wave yet again. It's been an awesome summer - I'm sure you'll agree DDT. We have very similar weather -we're only a couple hours apart. Levi finally decided to get into the pool yesterday - he'd lean in, stick one leg over the side, get out, do it again and get in, splash for a minute and get out and repeat the process. :) As soon as Rachel would splash him he'd freak out and get out. So he's still not said any words...am I the only one?? He kind of says dadda but I don't think he's actually saying it and knowing what it means. Is it because he's #2??? I always hear that the first kids do everything earlier because they have so much attention. I know he'll talk, he tries, he babbles all sorts of stuff. Maybe one day he'll just start speaking in full sentences. :) We have no 4th plans this year...seems like everyone is doing something but us.


Sprinkles - July 2

O heather he DOES pay support I made him start that soon as we did the paternity test lol I work this weekend I happen to be the lucky one on call .. ugh so tomorrow after work I am going to take the girls to my parents house and take them swimming if the weather cooperates then saturday we will walk down at night to see the fireworks and I might BBQ .. should be fun nothing too complicated


Sprinkles - July 2

Violet says only a couple of words - no mama though :(


buckeye74 - July 3

Hi gals! Remember me? I haven't been on here forever! I just found out I am pregnant again and due March 4th. Wondering how 2 babies under 2 year will be! I can't believe our babies are 1 already. Hope you gals are all well.


fefer1 - July 5

hey buckey74- yeah, I remember you. :) Congrats on baby#2...its a LOT of work for sure. My two kids are 21 months apart, I got pregnant with #2 when my daughter was exactly one year old. :) It's fun though, they can play together.


Sprinkles - July 5

Hey Buckeye ! I remember you too ! And I am also pregnant again due in Jan I'm a little nervous about it myself but I think everything will work out .. it kinda has to haha ..I am looking forward to finding out the gender but other then that I am in no rush to the finish line this time ;)



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