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newlywed0915 - August 2

heres another thing...I'm feeling flutters....????!!!which is probably gas....right? Cuz I felt definite movement with Dante at 17 weeks...and flutters around 12 weeks....


newlywed0915 - August 2

...also out of breath easily...heartburn this early...? and having a starving feeling, but when I go to eat, I can't eat a lot?! Like today I didn't eat anything all day but a gla__s of juice in the morning and some preggie pops. We were so busy rinning errands, it was 330 before we stopped to eat. I felt ravenous and ordered a 1/3 lb burger and fries from Hardees. I didnt even finish half the burger OR fries before I was full!!!! WTFrriiick?! lol...


gabby509 - August 2

Christi, don't worry, even if it is twins how freakin cool would that be?! It would be hard in the beginning obviously but as they got older it would be awesome! It's funny, but for some reason all of Fred's friends keep telling us that there's another baby hiding in there, haha. I know that there is not, but wouldn't that be crazy! Alot of your early symptoms are the same as my early symptoms were with this pregnancy. I also felt movement pretty early (like 14 -16 weeks though). Oh and about our rent, luckily Fred forgot that he had worked some overtime 2 weeks ago so his check was like 200 over what we thought it would be.... whew that was close! OK well, I am bored out of my mind today, it's raining like crazy and King is always sleepy on rainy days, so I'm just sitting around, haha. I should enjoy this time! Christi I'm gonna look you up on facebook right now. You gotta check out my belly pics, they are under my random pictures album.


fefer1 - August 3

I'd buy a room AC unit but our house is so big that it wouldn't matter much. Only one kid would get it in their room - and the rest of the house would be hot. Plus, everyone has bought them all up. People were waiting in line overnight to get some special shipment of 100 units at Home Depot! Crazy! Levi is teething big time - the drool, the runny nose and of course, CRANKINESS. ahhhh!!!! Rachel seems to be working on her top molars too. Is teething like menstruation? If you have a couple of kids, do they get in sync like women do when they live together??? :) haha just wondering cuz it's kind of a coincidence I think. Man, the tantrums have gone up about 10 notches too. He gets SO mad when he can't have what he wants or if you take something away from him. He's so big too - and when he flails in my arms it's hard to hang on! I've been really pushing it with size 4 diapers too - I should have switched a while ago but bought a million size 4's and I don't want to waste them. :) Down to the last pack and we're on to 5's. Both Levi AND Rachel need 5's. Funny that they seem to be the same size still.


fefer1 - August 3

DDT: maybe shorts and T's for the photos? Outside/summer pictures can be casual. I don't know, I have a hard time with photos and clothes myself. I just had some taken of Levi and had him in a white T and blue shorts - no shoes or socks. He was so cute. :) I never spend a lot of money on pics - I'm cheap - but I do hate the dept store ones too. Most of the time they have taken terrible pictures, don't know how to work with kids or have terrible patience. I got a package with a studio locally that only cost me $30. I only get to pick one pose - but of course, if I pay MORE I can get all sorts of stuff. haha..I'm sure we'll go for more. He was SO good too! I expected it to be hard to get pictures but he sat and posed like a pro. Christie - I'm going to be in KC sometime the week of Aug 29-Sept 7th. You're not in the city anymore are you? We're visiting the in-laws in Wichita and then heading to KC to see the Bro-Sis -in-laws new house/baby. DDT - I think you and I are the only ones on here NOT pregnant now. :) You better get busy. haha - I know you're planning on waiting a bit longer. I keep having dreams that I'm pregnant. Must be cuz of you guys! Sorry you're sick Christie - keep eating though. I SOOO don't miss being sick. Ugh - it was so so horrid. Take it easy all you preggos! Get your rest!


gabby509 - August 4

Hey girlies, quick question. King loves loves loves fruit. Like at every single meal we give him some type of fresh fruit. He especially loves fresh blueberries, cut up fresh peaches, and cut up grapes. The problem is that he will not eat canned fruit at all. He throws it right off his tray. So what should I do when winter rolls around and there is barely any fresh fruit in season? We can't even really give him bananas because he gets really constipated. I know it's a ways away, but I'd rather introduce him to something new now and get him used to it. Any suggestions? Thanks!!


DDT - August 8

Hi ladies! you enjoying the weather fefer? it's a nice break from the freakin crazy heat wave we had. Wouldn't mind seeing the sun again though... newlywed: If you suspect twins you could ask your doc to do a blood test. Your HCG levels will be just crazy if that is the case. 2 years before I got pregnant with Caden I fell pregnant with twins. I had no clue but the doc ran a pre-cautionary blood test and my HCG levels were double the norm. I went for an ultrasound at 7 wks and there were two sacs, but only one was showing viability. Still there was hope...anyways a weeks later I had a miscarriage and lost both. Twins run in my husband's mother's side of the family, so it was weird because generally it needs to come from the maternal side. I blame the pill. I was taking it at the time and it must have messed with my system and released two eggs that month. gabby: Buy in-season fruit now and freeze it in freezer bags. I have already done that with blueberries. I have 10lbs worth of blueberries bagged and frozen. Pregnancy? NO, not yet! We are planning on TTC early 2011. And we are super paranoid about having an "oopsy" that we are very strict with our condom use. No 3 will more than likely be my last baby. I want to enjoy the pregnancy as much as I can, so waiting until my two now are older is the best plan for us. Have a great weekend everyone...lots of pregnant mommies on this forum now! Congrats again to you all!


fefer1 - August 9

gabby - he'll probably grow out of it. Levi loves canned pears but I usually don't give them canned fruit. I prefer the sugar free versions. :) Freezing is a great idea. I've already done that with the blueberries as well blackberries. You know, you can always give him fruit smoothies - yogurt and frozen or canned fruit. That way he doesn't know he's eating it and it tastes yummy. Or make popsicles out of the fruit and yogurt over the winter. Levi LOVES them right now - with his teeth attemptimg to come in. :) This cooler weather sure is nice but like you said DDT, a little sunshine would be nice. I'm tired of dreary gray skies. STILL only two teeth for Levi. He seems to be teething FOREVER!!! Those top teeth have to come in soon - it looks like they are about to at any moment - there are huge mounds under his gums. He is so cranky and fussy and picky now too. the littlest thing will set him off. I tried teething tablets and after the second time he refuses to take them. He screams, flails and spits them out if I try. DDT, I heard that 1 in 4 pregnancies is twins but most of the time only one survives or the end in miscarriage. Most people don't even know there were twins. Kind of creepy. How disappointing to have had a miscarriage and lost not just one but two. :( Well, I can't wait for the rest of you to have your second kids...dawn, I know it's your 3rd, but you'll have two close together...it's so much work! Fun of course! :)


buckeye74 - August 11

hey gals. Hope everyone is well. Anyone having issues with there little one throwing food at you?Dominic was just throwing things off his high chair from time to time now he is actually throwing it at me! When I scold him he laughs- no joke. He is becoming a handful. Not sure how to handle it. He is just getting really bad all of the sudden. Hopefully it is a phase. The tantrums have gotten horrible too. Anyway, any advice would be great! Thanks!


Sprinkles - August 11

Violet doesn't throw the food at me but she was giving me trouble lately too - I will feed her maybe get a few spoons down and then she opens her mouth and lets it all fall out .. soooo frustrating .. but when she does that sometimes I just sit and look at her then she picks it up and eats it - sometimes she plays with it if she plays with it I clean her up and she is done eating - I cant force feed her .. I figure when she is hungry enough she will eat. Now a tooth just popped through so I think some of it was teething cause I made her mac and cheese she ate it all then tonight baked ziti she ate it all .. so I dont know might have been the teething. I think there are more coming too but at least one made it through for her so now she has 4 on the bottom - Hard at this age cause they dont understand too much .. like i tell her no and she laughs at me and runs away lol I stay serious but inside Im like man this kid is nuts LOL .. Usually when she does something I tell her no to a few times I just then put her in her jumperoo or pack in play then we come out and try again and we do this all day LOL .. almost like mini time outs LOL although Its me who needs the moment to clean up whatever it is she was tearing up and i was saying no about LOL .. well fefer I wouldnt be so intimidated if I could at least be a stay at home mom - but man u throw work in there and it makes life really confusing or hard maybe- I hope I find something that is part time and the hours where the kids would not miss me too much like night or something .. trouble is I have been applying my azz off and get NOTHING not even a call! Ugh ok well off to get violet to bed LOL ttyl !


HeatherIsHopeful - August 21

AHHHHH hi guys :) I was thinking about you guys today and thought I would stop in and say hi!


HeatherIsHopeful - August 21

I guess while Im here I might as well post a little update for anyone ho is interested :) Kaelyn is 25 months now and sooo cute (at least I think so lol) shes starting to run but she falls a lot hehe. she has A LOT of teeth and eats like a little machine. she knows several words and can identify body parts... like if you ask here where he nose is she'll point to her nose or your nose and giggle. the cutest thing is if you ask her what sound a puppy makes she will bark, she loves puppies. she understands a lot too, if you ask her to bring you something like her cup or ball or a diaper she'll go and get it. The new baby was born June 19th (just eight days after Kaelyns birthday and OMG that was a CRAZY birth story.. I'll have to tell you guys sometime. it was also Rays birthday so baby and daddy share a birthday lol) We named her Kira (pronounced like Keira knightly) shes 2 months old now and adorable! she looks a lot like her daddy, and Kaelyn looks just like me. having two kids under two is stressful but lots of fun too. I hope you guys are all doing well :)


HeatherIsHopeful - August 21

woah, totally meantto say Kaelyn is 15 months LOL not 25 months!


fefer1 - August 24

hey everyone - been busy - haven't been on her much. Trying to keep on my gym program so I can lose the last 10. I'm stuck just over 130 and I guess it's my exercise that has to change. :) Most of my clothes fit, but only half fit WELL. I don't want a new wardrobe -well, I DO but I'd rather not have to buy new stuff. Levi - still only 2 teeth. Amazing. I thought for sure he was getting some a few weeks ago. He runs, climbs, chases me and growls with his toy dinosaur like he's a little monster. He doesnt' really say anything we can understand but looks at us and starts acting like he's talking - moves his mouth but who knows what he's saying. He also likes to pretend he's on the phone - with anything shaped like a phone. He puts it up to his ear and babbles. haha...he likes to rock out to music too. once in a while I'll look back while I'm driving and he's shaking from side to side in his car seat to the tunes on the radio. Not much else going on - we'll be in Kansas from the 29th-7th so I won't be around much. In laws don't have internet!!!! What will I do????!! Congrats Heather - 2 under 2 is quite a challenge but it IS fun.


Sprinkles - August 24

Hiiii I am so sorry I forget to get on here half the time anymore - and lord knows I have time to lol I just forget instead I end up on ebay buying LOTS of useless stuff like jacked up plasma tv's Or raggedy ann and andy movies that my VCR eats .. just p__ses me off. I still have violet rear facing but I want to change that soon - I wonder is it easier to install the seat front facing? She walks all the time now and she is a smart one if I am holding her she will kiss me and then expect me to put her down like she is bribing me .. then she got a new tooth about a week ago and I think another is coming cause everytime a tooth is coming she gets real tired and eats less then just chews on her hand all day - she likes to pull food out of her mouth to then feed herself ...so that is messy sometimes. she doesn't say mama but she does call me - just that she seems to call me Baba NO idea why .. but I wake up her screaming that at me in the morning lol - she gives me a big fight to brush her teeth all the time she wants to chew the brush I have to say out of everything that is the most frustrating to get through. I am just about 18 weeks now still barely feel pregnant and I know this one is going to fly by cause it is already. O O O and I got violet her halloween costume she is going to be a flower - I think the costume was called tulip fairy - LOVE it . fefer .. u make so many pies I would be like 300 lbs if I could bake like that haha so I would be so proud of losing weight .. man the only time I lost weight was when I was bf'ing now of course I am gaining .. ah what can I do ..


DDT - August 24

Congrats on your new little girl Heather! Two under two is a lot of work, but worth it in the long run. I have been busy to. Family, great weather...ect. We finally got an offer on our place last Friday. The subjects get removed this Friday, and then I can breath a sigh of relief. I am so happy we finally sold, because it felt like it was never going to happen. 4 months doesn't sound like a long time but when you're selling it feels like an eternity. We should be out and in our new place by the 21st Sep. So, I will have lots of packing and organizing to do very soon. Jaxon still has 6 teeth, and no sign of any new ones breaking through. He is becoming a little solid monster. All he wants to do it eat...he weighs 25.4lbs (my skinny 2.5 year old weighs 26lbs!). He eats EVERYTHING and anything. Just today we were playing outside and he was pointing and grunting towards the blackberry bushes. He knows there is something to eat on it. We picked some and he was popping them straight into his mouth. He probaby ate about 10-12. Crazy! He got his first haircut on Sat. It needed to be done. He was getting a mini-mullet and lots of wispy strands. He looks more like a little boy now. He is going through a phase of seperation anxiety, and refuses to leave my side. He wants to be picked up constantly to. Any other babes going through the same thing? He is so active! Climbs beds, couches, runs and walks loads. He never sits down. He isn't a cuddly boy. He doesn't have the patience or attention span for it. He loves rough play. He says about 3-4 words...but lots of babbling and pointing.



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