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DDT - August 24

Congrats on your new little girl Heather! Two under two is a lot of work, but worth it in the long run. I have been busy to. Family, great weather...ect. We finally got an offer on our place last Friday. The subjects get removed this Friday, and then I can breath a sigh of relief. I am so happy we finally sold, because it felt like it was never going to happen. 4 months doesn't sound like a long time but when you're selling it feels like an eternity. We should be out and in our new place by the 21st Sep. So, I will have lots of packing and organizing to do very soon. Jaxon still has 6 teeth, and no sign of any new ones breaking through. He is becoming a little solid monster. All he wants to do it eat...he weighs 25.4lbs (my skinny 2.5 year old weighs 26lbs!). He eats EVERYTHING and anything. Just today we were playing outside and he was pointing and grunting towards the blackberry bushes. He knows there is something to eat on it. We picked some and he was popping them straight into his mouth. He probaby ate about 10-12. Crazy! He got his first haircut on Sat. It needed to be done. He was getting a mini-mullet and lots of wispy strands. He looks more like a little boy now. He is going through a phase of seperation anxiety, and refuses to leave my side. He wants to be picked up constantly to. Any other babes going through the same thing? He is so active! Climbs beds, couches, runs and walks loads. He never sits down. He isn't a cuddly boy. He doesn't have the patience or attention span for it. He loves rough play. He says about 3-4 words...but lots of babbling and pointing.


fefer1 - August 26

Levi has a bit of the separation anxiety too. Lately if I leave him at my sisters or anywhere - he cries when he sees me leave. Even at home with the babysitter. When I drop him off in the gym childcare he's fine - but the second I get back he runs for me and cries if I don't hold him right away. Hard to do as I try to put Rachel's shoes back on. :) blackberries - that reminds me, the other day Tim took the kids for a walk and stopped to pick some berries. The kids were in the double stroller and I guess Rachel leaned so far forward in it that it tipped -forward - into the blackberry bushes. I'm so glad I wasn't there - I would have freaked out! They had scratches all over but thank goodness nothing serious. They could have poked their eyes! Tim had to fish around in the bushes for his phone and house keys. I'm sure that was fun. Levi has a few wisps behind his ears but nothing worth cutting just yet. :) I'd like to weigh him too - he has to be at least 27 by now. He's getting so big! congrats on the house DDT! That has to be such a relief! Good luck packing with the little guys! I don't envy you there. I can barely pack for a vacation without the kids getting into everything - let alone for a move!


buckeye74 - August 28

Hey gals! Just thought i'd pop in and say hello. Everything is going well and i am officially in the second trimester now! What a relief. And i have only gained 1 lb so far. Far cry from the 10 lbs I gained 1st trimester with Dominic. Hope everyone is well! Dominic is finally walking. A bit unstable, but none-the-less walkig! yeah!


Sprinkles - August 29

Oh and buckeye - I didnt gain much weight with violet but this time around I gained like 10 lbs already .. which is really upsetting but I don't eat much so I guess it just is what it is ..hopefully I am not a big hippo by January


buckeye74 - September 6

Sprinkles- I was doing good weight wise until like a week ago. Now i am up 5 lbs and totally bummed about it. I totally bit my husband's head off today when we had a conversation about it. He said "well, what have you been eating?" he didn't mean it negatively but I tore into him. Hormones! Anyway- I don't blame you for feeling how you feel about Violet and her father. Tough situation. I would totally miss my little one if i had to spend any time away from him like that. I am sure what you are feeling is totally normal. How is your pregnancy going? Where is everyone these days? You all used to update all the time, now nobody is ever on here ) :


Sprinkles - September 8

OMFG I typed this LOOOONG a__s response and it disappeared on me and of course i cant get it back cause my pc is acting up - UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH buckeye .. i dont know if i want to type it again lol .. I will do it tomorrow .. just know i tried~ haha


DDT - September 9

Hi ladies! Dh was away for 10 days and just got back yesterday. It was hard work looking after the boys by myself. They are just getting so crazy together. Wrestling, screaming and running around. They hype each other out to the extreme. Bedtime can be quite a show sometimes. I can't wait until they have their own rooms, so that way I can control them a little better. We move out on the 21st Sep. I am busy packing and stressing. Jaxon is running and climbing like a maniac. And then my oldest imitates him. They are both into screaming. I don't know why but I hope it pa__ses. One will scream, and then the other copies...if I get one to settle down the other starts again, and then they mimic each other. *sigh* my dh is reaching his wit's end at attempting to control the screaming. It's futile so I just ignore them, but he doesn't have that kind of patience. Jaxon still loves his food and eats a lot. A lot! He doesn't look big though and it must be because of his length and energy levels that burn off a lot of calories. He is down to one bottle a day now, still wants his soother at bed/nap time, and LOVES his cuddly "Bunni Rabbit" He is in love with it and it follows his almost everywhere. Jaxon loves painting and colouring. Even though most of the time the paintbrush or crayon ends up in his mouth. Thank goodness they are non-toxic. So, I just let him explore it all within reason. He loves it though. He's into stacking toys, and toys that he can pull with a string. He loves being outside though. Is forever asking me to take him outside. He is wearing a size 6 shoe! does my baby have monster feet? what sizes are your boys wearing? He is quite long for his age so maybe that is why. My 2.5 year old wear a size 8. He is still a big Mommy fan at the moment. Just clingy. Don't worry about the weight gain buckeye! Just try to eat healthy (as hard as that can be during pregnancy!) and lots of snacks vs. big meals. With Caden I ended up gaining 30lbs total (I gained weight evenly throughout), and with Jaxon I gained about 16-18lbs total (I gained weight mostly in my 2nd tri). Every pregnancy is different. Congrats on Dominic walking! Sprinkles: I understand how you feel. And it's only natural. You are her Mommy! you are going to feel protective. I feel guitly and sad everytime I leave my kids with anyone. Okay, I best go eat something. Good night!


eastcoast - September 9

DDT, Kai's wearing size 6 shoes too (guess the boys are still roughly the same size!) Sorry I haven't been on here in forever, but I'm sooooooooo sick:(:( I didn't have any morning sickness with Kai so this is all new to me -and it sucks. Thankfully my Dr gave me a prescription for diclectin or I probably wouldn't even be able to come to work. However, last Friday I ran out and since I felt ok on saturday I thought that maybe the ms had pa__sed -nope. I took Kai to walmart on sunday and threw up everywhere -pleasant, eh?! So I got another prescription filled and I'm feeling a little bit better. Sprinkles and Buckeye, I have no idea how much weight I've gained so far, but I've been in my mat clothes for a couple of weeks now since none of my pants fit -so I'm guessing I've probablt gained a bit! Next Dr's appt. on tuesday so I'll find out then. So I finally broke and took Kai to get his first hair cut -sniff, sniff. I had to since we took him to the wildlife park on the weekend and none of his hats would stay on his head -he has so much hair that they kept popping off! I took him to a place that specilizes in kids and babes and he did great. He got to sit on a toy motorcycle and play with all the b___tons, lights, horn, while she was cutting his hair. I only got her to give him a trim so he still has all his curls:) I'll put up some pics on facebook one of these days. I'm at work now so I've gotta run, but hope everyone's doing well -hard to believe it's only about 3 1/2 mths until Christmas!!!


fefer1 - September 9

just a quick note - we just got back from Kansas - and this morning Rachel grabbed the bottle of childrens tylenol off the counter after I had just given her some and drank it. I don't remember how full it was -half, quarter, 3/4. I THOUGHT it was half full and her Doctor said he called poison control and she'd be fine - but after reading up on it I called poison control too and found that half a bottle is borderline toxic for her weight. Since I don't know how full it was, I'm headed to the ER to get her blood tested for the levels of acetaminophen to give me some peace of mind. Talk about freaking out...I saw the empty bottle and about flipped! She had crawled in bed with us so I left the open bottle on the counter while I gave her her dose - planning to go back and close it up - but got distracted - and then she got out of bed and drank it. SOOO...remember, ALWAYS close up the drugs IMMEDIATELY!!!!! You really never know what those kids can do. I'm waiting for Tim to get home so he can watch Levi while I take her...I'll keep ya posted. Sorry too Christie about my trip. Long story, but the short version, plans changed. :) In laws were tired, we got there late, I'll fill you in later.


fefer1 - September 14

good news, Rachel is ok. :) She also had her 3 yr appt and weighs 32 pounds - I stuck Levi on the scale and he's 28. The other day at the store they were sitting side by side in the shopping cart and a lady asked if they were twins. haha.. Levi FINALLY has more teeth coming through. he has 4 on top all busting through. I don't know if that's why he's sleeping so much now or what. the last few days he's taken nearly 4 hour naps in the afternoon and he goes to bed around 7:30 still.His appet_te has been pretty small too. He eats breakfast and then picks at lunch and dinner. ok, gotta run again. Kids are screaming for food. :)


dreamy2433 - September 16

Congrats! Remember me too. I am sorry I drifted off the site. I found a new home. If you all wanna check it out you can. chatterscene dot com My little bum is not saying thing yet. But he is doing everything else well. So i think he will catch on to talking soon enough. Well good luck to everyone


buckeye74 - October 7

Where is everyone???? Does anyone use this forum anymore? Miss hearing updates from you gals.


smilez - April 29

hey i was on this forum from the beginning. does anyone know what dawn, christi, and eastcoast had?



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