Making The Move To Her Bed Room

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jilly01 - June 6

Ok I am posting this everywhere, LOL!!!! ok tiny back story, my dd is a co-sleeper and sleeps in her travel bed in our bed room. she is a good sleeper I wouldn't say great, but that's just her she doesn't need much sleep. But it is time for her to start sleeping in her bed. She is getting to long for the travel bed and fussin a bit at night cause I don't think she is comfortable. I know she is not just going to go right in there, it might take a few nights to get her used to it. Any tips? And I don't and will not use CIO. It didn;t work for us we tried it around 9 months cause I was told then it was time but all kinds a people ( should have trusted my mom gut ), but it wasn't time. Looking forward to your words of wisdom.....


cendres - June 6

hey I answered you on cafe mom :) I've been through this and am also against cio so please let me know how I can help! :)


MNMOM - June 6

what is cio??


cendres - June 6

cry it out


HH - June 6

Hi ladies and jilly01, my ds who's a year old now was in the same situation except he would sleep in our bed. Being so happy with him next to us, we kept leaving him in our bed until recently when we all started getting uncomfortable since he's a big baby now. And so what me and dh did was slept in ds's room with him being in his bed and us on the floor! The first night was not great but then each night was getting better and better. I think it will take you some time but as long as you are patient and consistent, your dd should get used to her bed in no time. Good luck.


jilly01 - June 6

HH thanks a bunch thats what i think we are going to have to do off and on. she's 15 months so our bed and her little bed is just getting to be to small. and i think it's time for her to go to her own room. i was thinking too if it didn't work really well going to a toddler bed too.


Lchan - June 6

Hey Jilly, My son will be 14 months next week and we are in the process of moving him from our bed to his own room right now. He is also a kid that requires very little sleep. We are taking a gradual approach but its working well for all 3 of us and I am getting the best sleep I've had in 14 months right now. Over memorial day weekend we moved my son's crib into our bedroom and it is pressed up against our bed. My son sleeps in there at night and if he wakes up I can put my arm in and comfort him. The first 2 nights were miserable. He cried and howled and begged to nurse almost every hour. By the third night he was comforted with my arm on his back. Its been just a little over a week and now he doesn't cry out at all. He is sleeping through the night for the first time. :) This weekend we are moving his crib to his room.


chickiepoo9 - June 8

with my son i put a chair beside his bed and sat with him until he fell asleep and when he woke up at night wanting to come back in bed i would bring him back and sit with him until he fell asleep the first week was hard he took a long time to get to sleep and i got none but then he fell asleep faster and faster and woke up fewer and fewer times and now he sleeps like an angel i never hear from him till morning it is alot of work but i also would not let my son CIO so this worked really well for us


Shannon - June 8

i co-slept with my daughter until she was 9 months old. and what i did at first was to lay her down in the crib and give her the bottle, making sure the room was dark and i had a fan on for white noise. when she had enough to drink she'd push it away. and i'd lean against the crib, with my head on the rail and pretend to sleep. she'd whine for a bit, if she didn't go to sleep right away, but then she'd fall asleep. when i had her going to sleep in the crib for a while i started to have her go to sleep without the bottle but still with the fan and no lights. she whined/fussed for a few mins and then go to sleep. now i just lay her down and she tosses and turns a little and falls asleep, no problem


Mimis-Mummy - June 8

Gosh I feel like a cruel mother, I regularly use CIO with Amelia and it works just fine for us, she cries, gets cross, wears herself out and then goes to sleep. It pulls on the heart-strings to listen to her cry and not go to her but I think it does work. Mimi has co-slept with me and hubby-to-be up until the last couple of weeks, she is 18 months old now, however I've found out that I'm expecting and would prefer to have my bed back now! What we have done, and this is a little extreme, however it makes sense in our case, is to swap bedrooms with Mimi, and this seems to have worked a treat, I do not know why, but it has. We moved her cot into our bedroom, then moved our bed out the next night, and after a few late night cries she's settled down wonderfully.


joeysmom - June 12

My son was also a co-sleeper until 9 months. I used CIO and it took about three night and he goes to sleep just fine by himself in his crib every night. If he wakes up in the middle of the night I always go get him but when he did use the CIO method he cried for about 10 minutes one night and about five minutes the second and about one minute the third. I don't see how that is so bad it actually helped him fall asleep on his own and crying for ten minutes doesn't seem bad to me he's probably cried for longer then that when he's been awake before. But that's how I did it with my son and it worked. Good luck!



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