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stefkay - October 27

I have a question for you all about your lo's...did yours ever go through a "don't care for mommy" phase? Please be honest with me, it won't hurt my feelings, lol :) My dd seems to want to go to anyone but me lately. Her dad, grandma, my best friend. One example of many: my friend watched her today while I had my hair done and when I got in the car she looked at me like I was a complete stranger. When we got to my house I undid the car seat and she lunged for my friend instead of me so she carried her up to the door and when I tried to take her she layed her head on my friends shoulder and cried. Like clung to her like a wet blanket! WTF? She is doing this a lot and it kills me. I've done NOTHING to make her like this to me, I don't even discipline and I should. Sorry to whine, just wondering if anyone's been in the same boat and is this a phase or does my daughter genuinely not like me? Oh and btw, she knew it was me, not confused because of my hair, lol. She does this a lot and it's just making me sad. :( Thanks for letting me vent...


stefkay - October 27

oh, and my dd is almost 16 months old.


margie - October 30

YES! stef, my daughter toootally went through that phase. i cried about it and everything but she did get over it eventually. my theory on it is that it may have something to with that "im a toddler and want to show a little independence" type thing. Since mommmy is a__sociated with their babyhood and taking care of them completely, i have a feeling its like they are trying to be more grown up in a way (not that they even really understand what means yet) but i think its just an instinctive thing they do when transitioning from being an infant to being a toddler. it really hurt my feelings too a lot so i know what you are going through. but now she is mommys girl again and loves to hug and cuddle with me, but man it was rough during that time. i dont think the phase lasted too long so you just gotta stick it out. good luck!


Justine1 - November 2

Hi Stef. I would have thought its just a phase and I hope its one she grows out of soon. My daughter (4) really loves her Nanny, Grandad and Papa - she does ask to be with Nanny and Gradndad but thats largely as she gets very spolit by Nanny and Grandad. My son (2.5) on the other hand has always been totally in love with me and never wanted anyone else - telling me I'm his princess, telling me he loves me several times a day, wanting cuddles all the time and me to hold his hand etc and he went through a phase of being jealous of Papa and he said "My Momma mine, not yours Papa" and try and kick him out of our bed. It does get easier as they get older and can talk more and so you know what they're thinking. Maybe girls are just more independent.


stefkay - November 17

Thanks girls! Hi Margie! So good to hear from you! How is everything going? I'm not on here much anymore but think of it once in a while and log in. Thanks for the replies and you were right on. She started coming back around after a few weeks and now seems to love on me as much as her dad. I do notice when we go to grandma's or someone else new comes around for a couple of days (like a friend of mine from college who visited fora weekend) she gets a little attached to them but I think it is that they are kind of new as opposed to me whom she sees day in and day out. I understand it's always going to be like that with grandma :) I know though that if she falls and gets a ouchie she comes to me though. I'm just learning as I go through this and it's quite an adventure!


mom_of_ 2lil girls - January 9

My oldest daughter is almost 3 and we have been struggling with the terrible 2s, and there have been several times when she has acted like that. On the other hand, I have a almost 10 month old daughter who still thinks that I am the greatest thing. It's easy to pull away from my oldest and focus more on my baby, which is wrong, since after all it is only a phase.No matter what she or you thinks, there is no subst_tute for Mommy. Lately, when I have been singing to my oldest right before bed, she will turn over and hug and kiss me, and after a long day, that is exactly what I need. Don't worry it will pa__s, that is just how they are.


stefkay - January 16

Hi everyone, thanks for your posts! I just checked in here and saw this post and forgot I'd put it up even. Fortunately this phase pa__sed but she will slip back into it every once in a while. No biggie, she seems to need a break from me every once in a while then like today after her nap she came out of her room looking sad and lost and ran to me and just latched on. Her dad tried to take her and she flipped out crying and kicking him then he gave her back to me, she laid her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes. I cherish those moments :) I know it won't be too long and she won't want anything to do with EITHER of us!


Floricica - April 23

I'm not sure about that age. My son is 3 and half now and for the longest time he hates me because I have rules. Other people don't. Every time I say no to him he goes to his dad and says he doesn't like mama and he asks his dad for the same thing I said no to. I got use to it now. Also, he always loves new faces and grandma and grandpa. He cries when people leave. I think it has to do with his outgoing self. He says hello to everyone and he's always very talkative. Your child does not hate you. She sees you all the time so it's boring for her. You will get use to these things.


hmpg - July 21

It is true that some times you get hurt. But as you wait and watch, give an opportunity to understand about you. That will maintain relationships.



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