Quess What It S A Real Question

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jilly01 - June 5

hey any tricks on getting her to eat veggies? we eat fruit but not veggies. she'll still eat the baby food ones, but that's the only baby food she eats.


ash2 - June 5

This works with my 4 year old....he doesnt eat any veggies, just mainly okara, corn and thats pretty much it. I will make him oatmeal in the mornings, and about spagetti once a week. I will put teh spagetti sauce in a blender and add veggies such as carrots, squasg, green beans, etc.....hit the blend b___ton for about 5 sec, and he never knows the difference : )


Rabbits07 - June 5

Have you tried mixing them?


Lchan - June 5

I have two tricks. First, I'll pretend to eat a few spoonfuls,and once my son seems interested I'll send a spoonful his way. Second trick it to hide the veggie in a bite of something he does enjoy, such as apple sauce.


sahmof3 - June 5

You can puree veggies and hide them in fruit or yogurt. I think I may have to do this for my almost 7 yo lol.


cendres - June 6

My son loves veggies so I haven't had this problem. What is it that your daughter doesn't like about it? If it is the texture, I'd say make your own puree for a bit and gradually make it with more bits. Maybe finger food could work also.. I make little cubes of cooked potato, carrot, sweet potato etc.


tryingx3 - June 6

I know it is extra fat and calories...but I have a friend whose children eat EVERYTHING with a touch of Ranch dressing. I was "weird" about my green beans as a kid and Mom would put a little French dressing on them and I would eat them.


jilly01 - June 6

good stuff...yea brooke eats k-sup with everything, but veggies! ranch dressing though, she loves to dip stuff. and as far as extra fat, she's only 17 bls at 15 months so she could use it. thanks girls


cubbie - June 6

my dd is a very fussy eater, but she will eat anything that is in a fun shape - so for veggies I cut rings and then cut out flowers and hearts with little cookie cutters, for sandwiches I cut them out with big animal cookie cutters - it works a treat!


tryingx3 - June 6

Pampered chef makes miniature cookie/beggie cutters - out of stainless steel....they come in a little tin....heart and star are the only shapes I can remember!



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