Reaction From Shot

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krnj - June 10

My son (15 months) had the MMR and chicken pox vaccine last Thursday. Tonight he has little bumps all over his belly & face. He's not sick and they don't seem to bother him. Is this a reaction from the shot?


chickiepoo9 - June 10

i am not sure i would prob call and ask the doc or the place where he got the shot and ask if it is normal my boy has never had a reaction before


hello - June 10

i was told a week later they can develop a rash from the chicken pox vacc, so its probably very normal though here in aus its done at 18 mths ... or at least i remember it was, (memory loss lately hah) call the dr to be on the safe side, though like i said i was told a rash or so can appear and its completely normal.


krnj - June 11

Thanks ladies, I'm going to give the doc a call today.


CyndiG - June 12

What did the ped say? When my dd had hers (8 years ago, when the vaccine just came out) they told me that 1 in approx 10,000 would get the chicken pox. Guess who did! Yep, my baby!! Maybe that's what it is??? I'm interested to hear because Carlie will be 1 in July and will be getting hers. :O}


krnj - June 13

CyndiG sorry it took me so long to answer! The dr said it was probably from the shot. The rash went away on it's own thank God! I thought it might be chicken pox too and guess what I never had them! I'm 33 weeks pregnant, that would have been lovely if I would have got them! lol Hope Carlie doesn't get a reaction!


CyndiG - June 13

Hmmm. Interesting. I'm glad it wasn't the chicken pox! I can't believe you've never had them. That WOULD NOT be fun during pregnancy! I hope Carlie doesn't get a reaction either. Morgan also had a reaction to another shot. I can't remember which one now. I'm a good mommy huh??? LOL! In my defense, it WAS a long time ago. Anyway, her leg got really red and swollen, she had to take medicine in the dr's office, they wouldn't let me leave. It was a big deal. She's just sensitive like that. Poor thing! Carlie seems to be a little bit tougher. We'll see!



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