Weaning From Bf At Night

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Topaz - June 6

Dd is 16 months and I have been weaning her from bf during the day. Right now she has to bf to fall asleep at night. I don't know how I'm going to do this without her getting completely upset. I won't let her cio either. Any tips on how to make this transition easier?


CyndiG - June 6

I too nurse my dd to sleep. She's 11 months though. BUT, my older dd who will be 9 this month used her bottle to fall asleep. At 12 months when I took it, it wasn't pleasant. I subst_tuted her sippy cup. At the time I put juice in it. Now I would put water because I know better, :O}. Anyway, I also gave her one of her stuffed animals. His name is BoBo and she still sleeps with him. So that's probably what I will do for Carlie. I know it'll be a battle, but one we have to fight.... :O{ Maybe you could try subst_tution, and LOT'S of patience. Good Luck!


Lchan - June 7

I wish I had an answer for you, but I was wondering the same thing. I'm in the same situation right now.


Lalla - June 7

I am in the same situation, dd is 15 months and I would like to start weaning her as well. I am down to "only" naps, bedtime and night. She just loves the "b___b" too much - I am dreading it.... I guess we just have to bite the bullet, but I sure wish there was a magic way of doing this as painfree as possible.


eliz24 - June 7

ahhhh,I'm having this problem as well,dd is 14 months and I'm waiting for that magical day where she decides she doesn;t want the b___b anymore lol I've heard of lo's self weaning/? I wish....


babybradley - June 8

All children are so different... My daughter weaned herself to a bottle. With my son we had weaned off of daytime and he was nursing at night. The only way I did it was to just completly stop, I would put him in bed and give him a sippy cup. He was fussy for the first few nights but after about 3 days he was "hooked" to the sippy cup and still at 3 years old goes to bed with a sippy cup!!! Good luck


marie7 - June 9

When DS was 23 months he just nursed at night to fall asleep, and I was ready to stop. I had to go away for 3 days for a business trip, and when I came back jI ust told him, sorry no more milkie! And no struggles from him at all for my husband while I was gone.



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