8 Weeks Pregnant With Twins 50mg Clomid Please Give Advice

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wanttohavetwins - January 13

I appoligize in advance for this being so long and really appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. I took 50 mg of clomid for 3 months and got pregnant. The first month I took 100 mg on days 3-7. That dried my cervical mucus up to much so the 2nd month I only took 50 mg. The third month I increased my water intake and also took evening primerose oil three times a day untill ovulation. I got pregnant the third month. I am not sure if it was becaues of the evening primerose oil or not but it is supposed to help with cervical mucus. The clomid was causing me to have very little cervical mucus. The clomid was unprescribed. I ordered it from mexmeds. The only reason for taking clomid was becaues I wanted twins. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound at 4 weeks 6 days becaues I was having really bad pain in my overys. The ultrasound tech did not say anything about twins at my first ultrasound. They showed me the one sac that the baby was in. I had three cyst on my overys so that is what was causing all of my pain. They schduled me to come back to look at the cyst two weeks from that ultrasound. At exactly 6 weeks 6 days I had my 2nd ultrasound and to my surprise they found two sacs!!! Both babys had a healthy heart beat of 127 and 133. They both mesured exactly 6 weeks 6 days. I have alot of concerns and I feel like the doctor or nurses are not giving me the answers that I need so if anyone can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. My biggest concern is they told me that I have a chance of vanishing twin syndrom. That is where one of the twins vanishes. They did not tell me any statistics. I have read about it online and I am getting conflicting information. I have read that it happens from 5% of the time to as high as 30% of the time. Does anyone have any experiance with this and know what my chances are of carrying both twins? I know after 12 weeks everything is alot safer. I am only 7 weeks 6days today. I have another doctors appointment tommorow. They do not want to do another ultrasound untill 12 weeks. I feel like I might loose my mind if I have to wait that long to see if both of my babys are ok. I will be extremly heartbroken and disappointed if I loose one of them. The other thing is I have been extremly dizzy. I never experianced that with my two single pregnacys and I am wondering if that is normal. The nurse that I called at the doctors office said it is normal but I dont know if I trust her opinion about that. I have been so dizzy that at times I cant get out of bed. Well I know this is long but I needed to tell someone and my husband does not want me telling anyone in the family just yet. If you are reading this and have experiance with twins please comment. Thanks


monkey8 - January 13

wanttohavetwins, i haven't had twins, but i would love to be pregnant with them. i took clomid 100 mg days 1-5 and now i am 6w3d pregnant on first round. did you have any symptoms that might indicate twins? i haven't had any morning sickness yet but have round ligament pain pretty bad as well as indigestion/heartburn. i can't wait to have u/s to see if i have been blessed with twins too!


divadivina2u - January 14

So want... When you was 4 weeks and six days they only saw 1 sac, then two week later they saw the second??? interesting. Did you have anything different than the pain in the ovaries??? have you belly grown a lot, regular or not at all?.. Want, please dont read everything you see about the twins. This vanishing thing happen, but very, very low. Dont get yourself frustrated reading everything you see, you dont need it. I will tell you though, be positive, and looking foward to week, because then, rate of not just vanishing, but miscarrying goes down almost 75%. So, concentrate in enjoying your two beanies, eat healthy and rest a lot!!!! Good luck mama!!!!


divadivina2u - January 14

opps, look foward to week 12, which is the 2nd trimester.


happidaz - January 19

wanttohavetwins, it's best not to stress over the vanishing twin syndrome. there's nothing you can do at this point. you've done your part and all you can do is wait. the doctors are supposed to tell you those things just so you can no about it. it doesn't mean that it;s going to happen or you have a high risk of it happening, so, please stop worrying. keep us posted on your progress. we love to hear those stories.


wanttohavetwins - January 25

monkey 8, Yes I had severe morning sickness and back pain as earley as week 6 through 8. I am know 10 weeks and for some strange reason I have no morning sickness at all. I hope that does not mean I have lost one. I am worryed to death about that. My morning sickness was so bad during week 8 that I could not get out of bed for 2 days. I was so dizzy.


gonnatry4#2 - January 27

i wish you all the best and stay positive. sometimes God does things for a reason hang on there and you'll see your babies soon!


fallout - January 27

The best thing I can say is DONT READ THINGS ONLINE about the risks twins carry. Just be positive. Send those babies positive vibes and just be HAPPY!


Ashley2121 - January 27

I got pregnant with twins in March 2009 after 1 round of clomid. I successfully delivered 2 baby boys in October. I know you hear this all the time and its hard to believe but DONT STRESS!!! There is nothing that can be done. My dr was very upfront with me about the stats of a vanshing twin at the beginning of my pregnancy. About 8 weeks into the pregnancy I started to spot so he had me take prostegone suppostories until I was about 12 weeks. I had absoutley no morning sickness the entire pregnancy - so dont let your lack of it make you worry that something is wrong. Enjoy your pregnancy because it wont last forever and you will miss it (as hard as that may be to believe - espicially when your 9 months pregnant with twins LOL)


fallout - January 27

I know a few of you girls can help with this! I created a survey to compile success stories with! If you would be awesome and fill it out, a LOT of us would appreciate it! Name: Age: Status: (Currently ___ weeks Pregnant with Multiples/Already Given Birth) Any fertility problems before you started trying?: How many times have you been pregnant and what were the results of those pregnancies?: Have you ever had a cesarean?: Were you on birth control within a year prior to conception?: What kind of medications did you use and what were the dosages and days taken?: Did you use OPK's, and if so, when did you get your first positive?: What days did you BD?: How many DPO did you get your first positive test?: What symptoms did you have, if any, prior to your positive test? Did you have an indicators of a multiple pregnancy before your ultrasound, such as high HCG levels?: Were multiples determined at your first ultrasound, or later?: How far along were you when multiples were determined?: If you are currently pregnant, please tell us how you're feeling: If you have already given birth, how many weeks were you when you gave birth? Did the babies have any health problems when born? Any other details you'd like to add?


fallout - February 15

How are you doing want?


eb2008 - May 28

hello can anyone please help me can u tell me wat site i can order clomid off of? i will be very thinkful ttc.


Jacqueline.Lucero4 - February 6

Hi there, my question is how did you take the primrose oil with clomid?


JeanJd - February 7

I got 50mg of Clomid that i took for one course on cd3-7 and i immediately became pregnant with twins! My insurance didnt cover Clomid. So I got it online (thanks google). My sister gave me the code * CLO24PRG * and she said - just Google it :)

Good luck!



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