Anyone Successfully Conceive Twins Using Natural Supplements

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kimmie-anne - May 29

hi to all im new in this forum so forgive me if i dont undastand the terminolgy. im a 20 yr old mother of 2 i would love twins my dads an identical twin but he is the only 1 that we no of. im trying the natural way i went out and bought red rasberry capsules and just wondering if they have the same effect that the tea has? im also going to get vitex and up my dairy intake and folic acid i just need to know what is the best way to get the results i want using these natural products???? if ne 1 could help that would b gr8.


jessiecrafty1 - October 5

i am an id twinless twin having lost my twin at birth. i am interested in natural supplements and or other ways to concieve twins, and especially increase my odds of having girls. i have two boys already and would like at least one girl to help balance out my testosterone fueled household. im curious as where i might get agida yams. anything natural or herbal is fine. also if you could give me approximate doses of the herbs or what have you.


lisajanelle - October 7

jessiecrafty1 - my 6 yr old daughter is a twin to twin survivor and i am wondering if being a twin survivor yourself you have any advice for me as to how it feels/what she may need etc... she has always shown a very strong attachment and awareness of her twin and grieves her with quite an intensity. she talks to her and plays with her having full regular conversations while she/"they" play. she told me once when she was quite small and too young to understand about pregnancy "mama, i cried in your tummy when erika died." i hope it isn't too personal to ask your experiences and advice. thanks for any help you have to offer!


Jacs - June 1

Hi all 

my questions is with the wild yams. Is it the actual food that you can take that will help or only a supplement. I would prefer the actual food of that is just has good and effective. 



Jacs - June 1

Also I am a twin, my mother had twins before my brother and I but they were to premature and one passed at 2 weeks and other later after going him at almost 2 months. 

I would love to have twins and to be the first of all my siblings to have them, hehe. It's obviously in my family and I know that my husband side has NOTHING to do with conceiving twins. 

I am going to look at Vitex(if this is correct I just heard of it reading this forum). I live over seas (Germany)so I'm trying to get things that I know I can get readily available. 

Any help with what you've all done to help would be great. 


Congratulations to all who are pregnant!!????????


WantsTwinsAgain - June 19

I am currently the mother of a surviving twin. I delivered G/G fraternal twins back in June 2013. Twin A, survived and is a healthy 4 year old. Twin B, passed away at 34 weeks gestation from a heart defect due to medications I was on the same month I conceived them. Also, my maternal grandmother had 2 sets of twins and my maternal aunt had 1 set. Having that family history as well as having had a set myself, I know with genetics alone, I have more than a 50% chance of conceiving another set. However, just to make sure I increase those odds, I have been taking the following supplements with the following protocol:


My protocol:

Folic Acid- 6,400mg: everyday since April

Soy Isoflavones concentrate- 200mg Cd 2-7

Royal Jelly- 1,000mg since May

Vitamin B6- 200mg since April

Vitex- 800mg: only on CD 3

Also, I cannot afford Clomid or any other fertility treatment by a doc as that is not covered under my insurance.


Ambii-95 - October 15

I’m wondering if any of you ladies have had success trying to conceive? If so, did the vitamins help conceive the twins you were hoping for? 



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