Chances Of Twins Multiples

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lookingforclomid - December 14

Anyone have any extra 100mg clomid for sale? If you do please email me at lookingforclomid at yahoo . com. Thanks!


Zerafa05 - December 14

newprego - Congratulations on your BFP!!! Keep us posted! Good Luck and fingers crossed there are two! Baby Dust to you Mel


Angelica21 - December 16

i have ordered clomid from from the quality generic website and unfortunately they stopped it at Australian Customs, i was just wondering if anyone know how else i could get hold of clomid unprescribed please....(anyone from sydney that has clomid?)


deanna - August 27

hi. my partner and ihave been trying for 3 months. im not sure if its too early to go to a doc and see what is holding us back from conceiving a child. .....? please help! im worried i might be infertile...eventhought i always get my menstrral cycle at the same time every month!


samehere - August 27

It could be you, your partner or neither. If you do have concerns, you may want to go to a doctor. If there is something wrong, the sooner you talk to them, the sooner they can work on it. Good luck.


Zerafa05 - August 27

Chances are there is nothing wrong with you or your partner. For a normal healthy couple it can take upto 12 months to conceive. It is very normal and I wouldn't be concerned. I spoke to my doctor about tests etc and she said to wait until we have been trying for 6-9 months before they will start any preliminary tests. If you have normal cycles I wouldn't worry! Keep trying, it will happen! Good Luck! Mel


toolswife - December 29

hey im kel, my husband and i have been ttc for over 2 years now and i have 2 kids aged 7 and 4 and he has 2 kids aged 3 and 9 and well still on luck on ttc as yet.... abit about me well i have had pcos and cin3 and had the opps to sort it all out, i have been tested and prodded for everything and by everything (well thats how it feels) i currently started clomid for my last af before christmas and i am due to o between the 31st and the 6th some time from what the paper work says that it will happen ( who knows) so yea we are hoping to ttc our bubba soon as well i have decided that im not going to have anymore kids after 30 for my own reasons and well im 28 in 2 weeks time and my husband will be 42 in july.... so yea thats me and i hope to chat to other mums that are having problems ttc cheers kel


rom - December 31

Kel, hey there is a great bunch of girls over at Problems getting Pregnant/ TTC after tubal reversal surgery Pt.3 This posing site has pretty much died. Most of us there have had tubal reversal surgery but we all have had problems conceiving and have been on clomid and had various other treatments. You should come join us, We watch our cycles together. Rom


misty79 - October 31

Hello I am thinking of taking clomid. I am almost 30 and finally have two children a boy and girl. My son who is just a month old was suppose to be a twin but one did not make it the first trimester. I will be trying again in a year but want to look into how to have twins and have all my info early on. My reasons for wanting twins soo bad are because my doctor is against a 4th c-section and my husband says after the third we are done but I have wanted four children all my life.


umali - September 18

Hi, i am new to this forum, I am amazed to this site! congrats to everyone already pg! and good luck to everyone trying... I O. on my own and want to take clomid to experience the joy of twins...but i am not familiar on how i should take it and what dose...I heard that 100mg on d2-6 increases chances...but how many pills i should take each day? please help any advice would be great. thnx, bb dust to everyone! ;-) umali.


umali - September 18

can some one tell me how many pills of clomid i should take each day?


Krissy68 - September 21

umali - How are you doing? How many mg are you taking? If you are taking 50mg than only 1 pill a day for 5 days. If you are taking 100mg thean you will take 2 pills for 5 days. If you are taking 150mg than you will take 3 pills a day for 5 days and if you are taking 200mg a day thna you will take 4 pills a day for 5 days. I hope this help you out. Krissy68


umali - September 23

Hi krissy68, I am good! thnx for the response that really will help. I already ordered clomid 100mg online, i will start it DEC, I am desperate for the joy of "TWINS" I see how alot of people is using this method, I didnt have any idea of all this, thank god I FOUND THIS FORUM! I will keep u girls up 2 date...I also heard that i have to take robitussin and baby aspirin? that's for what? and when to take it? hey...also what happen to Kim..? I went through all the posts and i didn't see any of hers? i want to know about her...her story really amazed me! ;-) bb dust everyone! umali.


umali - October 25

Hi ladies... I recently posted I was gonna try on DEC, but I changed my mind and took clomid earlier couldnt wait! so...I recieved the medication just on time my period started...10/10/09 started clomid 100mg on cd2-6...I took a ovulation test on 10/24/09 and finally I got it bd has to happen asap 10/25/09 tonight! we'll see in 2 more weeks if i got pg. twin dust every1! :-)


umali - October 25

I forgot to add... my symptoms were nauseas, light headache the second day, then cd12 felt alot of cramping and pressure in abdomen. will keep in touch!


Krissy68 - October 26

umali - How are you doing? Where did you order your clomid from? Make sure you are bding away. Good Luck to you. Keeping my fingers cross for you. Also the robintussin is to help you with your cm. Talk to you soon. Krissy



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