Chances Of Twins Multiples

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Krissy68 - October 26

umali - How are you doing? Where did you order your clomid from? Make sure you are bding away. Good Luck to you. Keeping my fingers cross for you. Also the robintussin is to help you with your cm. Talk to you soon. Krissy


umali - October 27

to krissy68: I ordered clomid (generic Brand) fro, they were prety quick on delivery, looks like clomid did not affect my CM so I did not need it, I will be monitoring my basal temps to see if they elevate, if they do and stay high that means i got pg, like u said lets keep fingers crossed. Will keep u posted! twin dust every1 ?_?


umali - October 27

I meant i did not need robitussin for CM...!


Anotherclomidhopeful - October 27

HI Umali we are definetly cycle buddies. My last AF started on the 12th and I took Clomid day 3 to 7. I visited Gine yesterday and he confirmed that I have produced two eggs on the left side and none on the right. I am however still waiting for ovulation. Have been testing everyday since CD 10 just to make sure i do not miss it. It is so frustrating having to sit back now and wait. I keep on asking myself if there is not something else that I can do in the mean while. All i can do now is wait for ovulation and then hope for fertilization of both eggs. But I read on other sides of woman producing 5 + eggs and none being fertilized, which makes me worried. All the best to you this cycle.


Krissy68 - October 27

Umali - How are you doing? The website is 4rx dot com? Krissy


umali - October 27 is...4rx dot com.


umali - October 27

hi..Anotherclomidhopeful! keep testing for ovulation..i know is frustruating but is well worth it, right when u get ur o. test positive bd 24 later. I wish u the best keep me inform if u get pg. good luck! twin dust 2u all! umali.


Twinklestar - October 28

Hi Ladies I too an new to this site and I will be starting next cycle 100mg, days 2-6. I will keep you all posted on how I go and I have my fingers crossed for you umali. T*


Krissy68 - October 28

umali - How are you doing? Do you remember how much it cost and how long it took you to get it in the mail? Twinklestar - Welcome to the group. Keeping my fingers cross for you. Keep us posted. Krissy


umali - November 5

Hi ladies...well...I got news! today 11/05/09 i got a ****BFP****BFP*****!!!! I really hope there'r two! fingers crossed! if not I will be happy anyways. :-)


Krissy68 - November 5

umali - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT.....I am so happy for you. Can you please email me privately? kris dot neely at march dot af dot mil. Guess what I am having my surgery moved all the way up from November 24 to November 10. I am so scared and nervous as all get out. Krissy


divadivina2u - November 5

wow. Umali Congratsss!!! Eventhough I have not posted to you, but I have been keeping track of your post since you started learning that you did clomid 100mg 2-6. Hope you got two in there!!!!! Let us all know,,, will you??? Tanks good luck, and happy 9mos!!


umali - November 11

hello gals! well i am doing fine, no pregnancy discomfort yet! but i am feeling alot of ab cramping and extrme fatigue i think it is very early to feel this , i have already schedule a n appointment for 12/08/09 I will wait til then. 2 u later...i will keep u posted baby dust!


divadivina2u - November 12

how far are you Umali??


umali - November 12

to:divadivina2u, u been? well I went to my PCP and they he said I should be 4 weeks. what about you are u trying to concieve?


divadivina2u - November 13

Hi Umali, WOW that is pretty soon you found out!!! Good for you!! did you have any symptoms? As for me, I am on my CD23/6DPO. I been having a lot of cramping in my abs and been very bloated. I am in the 2WW. Hopefully, I will get a +ive test. Planing to test on soon. I did clomid 100mg on CD2-7. So I am in the waiting game. Days go by sooo Slow! Good luck and happy healthy 9 months.



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