Chances Of Twins Multiples

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divadivina2u - November 13

Hi Umali, WOW that is pretty soon you found out!!! Good for you!! did you have any symptoms? As for me, I am on my CD23/6DPO. I been having a lot of cramping in my abs and been very bloated. I am in the 2WW. Hopefully, I will get a +ive test. Planing to test on soon. I did clomid 100mg on CD2-7. So I am in the waiting game. Days go by sooo Slow! Good luck and happy healthy 9 months.


umali - November 13

to:divadivina2u, oh yeah! same symptoms I have right now plus extreme fatigue...did u take clomid prescrived? do u O. on your own? when is your expected period? which is I am sure u will get a BFP...cross fingers for you...let as know asap you take the test. twindustevery1! ;-)


rossyb - November 17

Hello All, i have been following this thread for a while now and am so glad that this board actually exist. I took clomid 150mg from day 5-9 and i also started on a natural progesterone cream twice a day everyday on day 12. I had minor side effects on clomid ie feeling bloated, gasey and mild lower abdominal pain. Am due to ovulate any day from the 17th - 21st so i've been testing every other day prior to the 17th. I feel minor pain at both sides of my lower abdomen and am wandering if the pain am feeling is the result of maturing follicles on both side of my ovaries.


umali - December 10

WELL HELLO! Ladies! what are u all up to? nobody has reply since nov 17th what's going on? to: divadivina2u....what's up? did u get pg? to: r u doing its been long time I don't hear from you? how everything went? are u ready now? well...for me everything is fine i been having pretty bad nauseas and I super, super tired like I have never been in any of my pregs i sleep almost the whole day, i also notice my belly is quite bigger than expected, I am only 8 weeks and my belly shows like if i was four mos, but i am not going to dream about twins yet, I will see my Dr. today and hopeply she will tell me whats going on in there. please fingers crossed everybody! TWINDUSTEVERY1!


divadivina2u - December 10

Hey Umali; I just wanted to let you know that today is CD19/3DPO. I did 2nd Clomid cycle of 2-6. I just got into the 2ww. I am hopefully praying to come up pregnant this month. So, Hope this wait does not become ETERNAL!!! As you stated, no one has posted here!! I always write in the Dec Thread. So: How are you??? Besides sleeping all day? Please let us know if it’s two!!!! Keep us informed!!! Take good care mama!!!


chingolly - December 14

UMALI.....We are waiting!! I am new to this site and I am so interested in your journey. I am a Mother to 4 amazing kiddos. I want to have 2 more but the DH is thinking one more is good. I have considered taking clomid to increase my chances of twins however, my Dr. said he would not perscribe it for the purpose of twins. So I am trying to weigh the optios of taking it on the sly...I just am not 100% certain if I should do it or not. Anyways, I am so anxious to know if you have multiple babies or one miracle. Any advice would be most welcome too! Thanks everyone!


umali - December 14

hi: chingolly, well I like I had my first prenatal appointment Dec 10, they did urine test, blood test, and PAP, as I recieved call home today the nurse she stated that all my tests were normal, and i saked how the blood test looked she said normal! and I asked again, not high not low? she said no!, it is normal. so I am tinking i did not get pregnant with twins because the blood count should be high when there are twins in there, however I see my DR. again on the 28th she said she wants to hear heart. so will see then, but there are possibilities its only one! Oh well! my advise to you is u should give it a try, I read alot about it and the side effects are many but dont always happend, my only side effect was ab pressure. I did very good. dont be scare always think positive.let me know how u do. take care. twindustevery1!


fallout - December 23

HCG isn't a good single indicator of twins! So, there's still a chance Umali!


umali - December 28

hi gals! :-( looks like i got only 1 in there! went to ob appointment and she heard one heart beat, :-( oh well! but its ok, at least one joy will make very happy. thnx all for the support. bbdust!


ka731 - December 29

Hello all! I have spent the entire day reading the posts in this forum! I have done alot of research on clomid and I am going to try in Feb to conceive TWINS!! I think I have decided on 100mg days 2-6. From what I have read on here that SHOULD give me the best chance for 2! I am extremely excited to see what happens, but until then I will continue with my research and preperation. Good luck to all of you and I would love to her more from anyone who has conceived twins on clomid and what the dosage and days were.******BABY DUST******


ka731 - December 29

PS UMALI.... CONGRATS on your pregnancy!!!!!! Oh and I am also going to use mucinex and asprin to help with the cervical mucus and implantation. I welcome stories about all of your journeys.


umali - February 15

hello everyone, i got very bad news, I had a miscarriage on 2/06/10, thats is the worst i ever been through plus there is another thing I have to confess my baby (girl)was not ok, when i had my 16 weeks ultrasound the baby was detected with a high risk of down symdrome, the i was sent to a level II ultrasound where they can see everything and it was comfirmed with nuchal thickness and more....I dont know what went wrong, I dont know about you all gals out there but I will never try this again and i bleme my self every day for what I did, I will be in recovery for about 6 months and then I will try to get pregnant again on my own this is the only way i will feel better, since I ovulate I shouldnt have any problems. good luck every1. always think twince. umali.


fallout - February 15

Umali, DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! I know how hard a miscarriage is, trust me, I do. But, clomid does NOT cause down syndrome. It is NOT your fault, honey.


LuvBabies - September 7

Chingolly - was just reading through your post and wondering if you ever decided to go with the clomid? I have five wonderful kids but would love to have at least one, maybe two more. My last little boy took over a year to conceive and since I am in my late thirties, I didn't want it to take that long again. Anyhow, just wanted to know what you decided to do. Hope you still check this site out and if anyone else has any advice to give me, I'd be delighted to hear it. Thanks so much.....


LuvBabies - September 7

umali - am really sorry to hear what happened. My heart breaks for you. Hope you'll be ok.


clomidtwins - September 21

Hello Kim how are you? Your posts are dated back in 2005, but your story sounded amazing. Like you, I'm also a woman that has no problems with having children, etc but I'm desperately trying to get a set of twins and I'm taking clomid unprescribed next month. I don't mean to bother you but I never finished reading the end of your story with your pregnancy and I was just wondering how you and the triplets are doing, let me tell you that I found your story to be one of the most fascinating ones and I guess I'm hoping to have good luck with Clomid. Thank you for your time and I hope you can reply.



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