Clomid Metformin Chance Of Twins

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mmckee - January 9

My husband and I conceived in June 2007 and miscarried at 10w. Since then, we have been trying. I was diagnosed with PCOS shortly after the mc so I did 6 rounds of clomid alone. No ovulation. I am not in my first round of clomid+metformin. We will see in a couple of days if I actually ovulate with the combination. We are heartbroken, stressed, and scared that we won't be able to conceive. My dr. told me he was VERY surprised we even conceived in the first place. Hopefully this will be the month!


hug_amber - January 9

Believe it or not, when I last posted I WAS pregnant and had NO idea. That was before the drugs, once again. Unfortunately we had a miscarriage a few days ago. I start Clomid in February.


mmckee - January 9

hug-amber: So sorry about your loss. Hopefully you will be able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy with the clomid. Good luck!


twoundertwo - February 5

My husband and I started Clomid in July of 2007. I have PCOS and had no ovulation until I started the Clomid. It took five months of taking Clomid to conceive our daughter. I was prescribed two months at a time so they could test hormone levels on day 21 to ensure that the dosage was correct. SInce giving birth to my daughter I have been put on metformin twice daily. I am finding that the side effects are horrible. My Dr's say that the metformin is my best chance of having a normal cycle and conceiving again but I am wondering if metformin is really worth feeling this sick or maybe I should wait until my Dr will prescribe the Clomid again.


MKR - February 20

I have been on metformin for 6 months and I just want to encourage those out there to keep it up! The side effects should get better after a few weeks. If they don't, they may want to decrease the dosage but you have to eat right. You have to try to limit simple carbohydrates (sugar and white bread, white rice, etc). Met CAN cause hypoglycemia if you don't eat! You should try to eat 3 smaller meals with snacks and don't go too long without eating something! Always try to pair your carbohydrate with a source of protein. Sorry I am a RD with PCOS so:) Also, even if your fasting Insulin levels are normal you should do a glucose tolerance test to confirm. My insulin level was normal but my glucose tolerance test showed that I am insulin resistant and how important it is to take the met and eat/exercise right! I am very anxious to get pregnant but know it's going to take time for my body to get right, after so many years of struggling! Hang in there! And best of luck to all!


blessedwithtwo - October 16

I have been diagnosed with PCOS also and have been taking metformin for about 2 1/2 years but I wasn't ovulating. My Dr put me on clomid feb 2009 and when I went to get my progesterone tested it came back at a measely two. I took clomid again two months later and then since my progesterone came up higher that time they said that we were making progress. They put me on clomid again for three consecutive months of june july and august. June July I had no sucess but each month my progesterone would be rising. I went in at the beginning of september to get my progesterone done for the last time and my dr. told me it was amazing- it was at 38! I went in 2 weeks later and by then I missed my period by 5 days or so and I took a pregnancy test not thinking anything of it. I was just so afraid of hearing a NEGATIVE AGAIN.. like I have been for the past 5 years of trying to concieve. It was a positive! I was about one month pregnant already and now I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. I took my first ultrasound because I went to the emergency room one morning because I was getting terrible cramps in my lower pelvic area but more concentrated on my left ovary side. They finally took an ultrasound at that time I was bawling out crying. I thought something was wrong with my baby, either I was having a miscarriage, or I was going to lose my baby altogether from having an eptopic pregnancy. I tried to calm myself but didn't look at the ultrasound screen but was prepared for bad news and then she looked at me and asked me how much babies I want and I was just inshock and looked at the monitor to see two sacs. I was extatic and in such shock! I was not expecting that, that was such a surprise I almost pa__sed out. I remember that overwelming joy I felt and the disbelief. Nothing could ruin my day after that. I cannot wait to meet my babies .. their due date is may 21, 2010 but they will come sooner since they're twins. I am so excited!


Veloos - November 22

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