Clomid Succes Stories Taking Days 1 5

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Niobe - April 24

I thought i would start a New Clomid Success on the days you may be taking it so that you may share with those how take it the same days you do cause to rest are really old and out dated please feel free to share and give your advice to those who are looking Please be nice and understanding to others thank you


noleelove - April 24

hi im new here and i took u/p clomid cd 1-5 100mg and i so hope i get twins!!! ah! lol i am on the last week wait in a week i will know if i am pregnant i am so excited!


Angie_Faith - April 24

Hi Ladies, Today is my CD24, my blood test result which taken on CD22 shown that my hormon level of progesteron is good and my OB confirmed that I have ovulated. OB said hope that my period wont come this month. Unfortunately, I have sore b___st and slightly pain since last night. I was quite upset to have this symptom as this is the 1st sign to me that im getting my menstrual soon in a week time.


alicia_jane - April 25

Hi Guys, I am also on prescribed clomid first round 100mg CD 1-5. I am really nervous and would love to hear sone success stories.


alicia_jane - May 17

BFP!!! First round clomid 100mg CD 1-5. O'd on CD 16 and got 10 DPO BFP today !!! Got my results for 21 day progestrone today also. Was advised it was 56. I was told that anywhere between 10 and 110 was normal. I was kinda hoping we would get twins (but I am still over the moon if it is one) but with those progesterone figures it doesn't look like it. What do you think? Adding to that, I actually did progesterone test on CD 21 but ovulated on CD 16, so I wonder if that makes a difference. Any twin mum's out there that have day 21 progesterone results to share with us please. Baby dust to all and lets just hope my little one is sticky!!!


haveboxerwantbaby - May 18

hi everyone, i have only posted a couple of times. it's encouraging to hear all the stories here. i have a question about taking clomid. i know this isn't the wisest decision but i'm taking u/p clomid this cycle for the 1st time and i'm wondering if it's better to take it day 3-7 or 5-9. also i have a long cycle [about 35 days] so i don't know if that makes a difference? i maybe ovulate around day 21 or 23 [according to months of ovulation sticks]. also, i've heard about robitussin or baby aspirin? what do they do? any advice woulud be really appreciated! thank you!


MrsNegron - November 28

I have been ttc with dh for about 2 years now. After research we orderes clomid. I took clomid cd 1-5 100mg cd 6 and 7 had tons of EWCM currently on cd 14 crampy and always hungry. I am expected to ovulate the next few days. I am not being monitored on clomid BABY DUST TO YOU ALL.



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