Clomid Success Stories For Nov 2009

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hrath2009 - November 27

Hello ladies! How is everyone doin? Sorry i have been MIA. My computer got a bad virus so it's in getting fixed. AFM-cd7 and just waiting to o. Hopefully i o sooner then i did last month. I hope everyone has a great day! TONS of baby dust to all!


hrath2009 - November 27

O ya i hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Where is everyone? I'm allll aloneee! lol


divadivina2u - November 27

hellooooo!!! hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Day!! Hrath: how is everything mama? waiting to O, me too :) Wife: hope you had an awesome day yesterday!!! with the almost new member to be added soon. AFM: I am cd6 today, I take my last round of clomid tonight. Then to the hopeful ovulation road. Rose: How is everything? did you restest? Ok everyone............... BABY DUSTS


SunshineSam - November 27

Hello ladies....There seem to be alot of new ppl here lately. I used to post on the monthly forum frequently but the have been taking a break since August when my doctor put me on BCP to make a 30mm cyst on my right ovary go away. I have PCOS and have done a few rounds unprescribed,andreally wish I didn't, because I wasn't being monitored I did 3 months that way and wondered why I wasn't preggo. Turns out I caused myself to get even more cysts. I went to the doc and missed my appointment for my ultrasound and just started on 100 mg clomid prescribed. Well at my 2 week ultrasound the nurse said I had a cyst that was 30mm in size. This was most likely caused by the u/p clomid and not being monitored. The nurse went ahead and gave me the hcg shot, but needless to say I didn't get preggo, and have been on BCP since. Dont get me wrong... I am not saying u/p clomid is wrong for everyone, it's just that it was wrong for me since clomid causes cysts for me. Anyways....I have been off BCPs just waiting for my next RE appt to talk about having a laporoscopy to remove the cyst. However i hope to schedule the surgery at the end of my cycle...who left ovary could ovulate and I could get preggo on a unmedicated cycle...I know I am being hopeful! Anyways if I dont get preggo, after the surgery my doc plans on putting me on 150 clomid and the hcg shot at day 15 or 16. Nice to see all of the new ppl here...sorry I wrote so much...been away for awhile lol Samantha


SunshineSam - November 27

oh by the way....I am CD 8 today...unmedicated cycle, with 30mm cyst on right ovary.


lacybos13 - November 28

Well Ladies...I am CD25 and not having the cramping anymore, but my nips are REALLY sore to the touch (TMI) usually they dont have much feeling at all!! I have not been doing OPKs, but my doc said that I did not O yet on CD21 when he checked my progestrone levels..only 2.02 =( I stopped having cramps 2 days ago, so maybe I O'd late. Who knows. I am just doing the waiting game now...waiting til CD35, test and if it is BFN then start on Provera again!!! I am completely blamming all my problems on the DEPO Provera shot. They doctors said that it would not matter how long I was on it (8 years) that it would not mess anything up. Guess I should have listened to my gut... Sorry for the long post. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Things I am thankful for...all of you ladies out there, the fact that I can still try on my own and my DH. (I am so glad that he is understanding!!!) Good luck Ladies and TONS and TONS of sticky baby dust to all *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*


hrath2009 - November 29

Wow ladies where is everyone at? Well i hope everyone is doin good! Sam- Welcome back gurl! How how are you doin? Laddy- Welcome! How are you doin? wife,diva,lala,really,lacy,bebe,rose and ne one else i may have missed- How are you ladies? Where are you ladies? AFM- Everything is goin good with me. Today is cd9 and i plan on start testing with opk's tomorrow. I am also goin on my first hunting adventure with my dh and my dad so im soo excited about that.


divadivina2u - November 29

Hello Everyone; Hrath!!!!! Looks like we been left alone?? I have been reading everyday, but nothing new to post. Where are these ladies????? Rose,Wife,lala,really and lacy and bebe???????? I know wife said she was going to be away a couple of days, but where is everyone elseS? I mean seriously where are you guys??? Ok, Hrath, You have just 1 day ahead of me, we are odd Cycle buddies!!! I heard about your hunting adventure... I am so SCARED of that!!!!! Wish you luck and tons of excitement!!!!! Dont forget your OPK's!!!! AFM: I am CD8 today, I will start Opk in CD10 which will be tuesday. HAHAHAHAHAHHA this is odd, Hrath just have a day ahead, I will be following her!!!!!! Ok ladies, Wishing you all the most positive vibrations there could be on baby dusts. Wife,, MISS YA!!!!! Laters Everyone!


LaLa_LaLa_LaLa - November 29

HELLO DARLING LADIES! Sorry have been missing; nothing much to say... AF arrived on CD32 (UN-FREAKIN-HEARD OF). I? Am blaming the clomid. I am a consistent 28 day cycler, so to be four days late was a big deal. Alas; AF found me and whipped my *ss like I stole her boyfriend. I am telling you, this cycle was BY FAR the most severe I have ever had. Niagara Falls had nothing om me. Thankfully, I'm on CD4 today- and am on day 1 of 100mg clomid. 50mg didn't do a d__n thing so we'll see how this goes. Today has been a gearing up for Christmas day and I'll have you all know that I baked my first ever from scratch batch of sugar cookies. Thankyou, yes. I am practically Martha Stewart. Not to mention, today is Grey Cup day in Canada (our equiv. of The Superbowl) and our Saskatchewan Roughriders are playing (and winning!). So lots of food, lots of drinks, lots of green and lots of carrying on. Hey Diva, this cycle am 4 days behind you. How you doing? Hrath - Just a few days behind you, too! Wishing you all manners of + opks! What kind of hunt are you going on? BE SAFE, ok?!? Hello to everyone else - new posters welcome! Diva, Hrath? I'm thinkin' everyone else is in a turkey coma.... Lacybos, For the amount of women that have issues conceiving after Depo, you would THINK they would print it right on the injection... Wishing you much luck this cycle... Only 5 min left in the 4th...must go and carry on like a banshee.... BABY DUST*** LET'S SEE THOSE BFPs!! **** Lala


wifelady - November 30

Hey ladies!!! Sorry i have been gone for so long... work has been hectic... thanksgiving and black friday OMG!! Nuts! Anyways... i had a doctors appointment scheduled for the 18th but have to reschedule because of work! Damn it! I'm feeling less nervous about miscarriage now i don't know why but i am still very anxious to see if their are two little beans in there!!! lol As for symptoms... nothing new... no morning sickness or anything yet... just sore bb's and a little tired. Diva- can't wait for you to get a positive opk so you can bd like mad and show me a BFP at the end of this cycle!!! I'm feeling very positive about this cycle for you!!! Keeping everything crossed for you... i've missed you this past couple days!!! I get internet on the 4th... then i'll be back on permanently!!! hrath- Good luck with you're hunting adventure!!! :) Are you getting ready to bd like crazy??? How long will you be hunting?? lala- Hey girl... sorry to hear about af... she's a nasty woman isn't she!!! Well i'll be keeping my fingers crossed for your next cycle!! Good luck girlie!!!


wifelady - November 30

reallyready- How are you doing??? I would say you are in the 2ww... can't wait till you can test!!!


rosenow - November 30

Hi girls sorry for being MIA just had allot going on this week. I am expecting AF today and am having cramps so she will come any moment. I talked to my Dr. this morning and he is sending me to the new clinic. I have to wait 6-8 weeks which is fine because I am going to be going to a hockey tourney in the new year. I am neutral. I am actually getting used to being positive and staying that way even though this first treatment did nor work. The clomid worked and I ovulated each time so I know this is going to happen some day. For now I am just enjoying life. DH is going to let me buy a hot tub for Christmas which is AWESOME! We live in the north so it will be great in the winter. I think I am going to take a break from the forum until we get back ttc in Jan/Feb. I really wish everyone a BFP in Dec! Congrats to those who won the golden BFP in November! I pray that you have a healthy 9m. I will fill you in on any details once they come in take care :o) Thanks for being my support network in all of this. Loreyna Rosenow


bipbop - December 4

I'm very new here. Hubby and I have been TTC for a year and will be starting Clomid this month after I get my P. We both are very healthy and we have unexplained infertility. Our Doctor told me to take the pills between 5-9. I'm actually hoping not to take the pills as we just did a Sonohysterogram and feel that I should be able to get pregnant this month (later this month), (doc mentioned after having a Sono, there is a greater chance to conceive with out pills). Here's to our hope!


lacybos13 - December 5

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies...sorry I have been MIA!! I am now CD32, BFN and on day 2 of Provera. My doctor wanted me to wait until CD35 to start the provera, but I figured what the hell...I wanted to get the ball rolling with this and they told me that there was NO possible way I O'd with clomid. So I should be start round 2 in a few weeks!!! Good Luck everyonw and I will keep you posted. Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday!!!


jenallan - January 13

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum but you girls look like avery supportive group. I have been trying to concieve since April 2009, in Nov I satrted going to a fertility doctor and as of last night my doctor is putting me on clomid starting today, then I will get a US next friday the 22nf and then he will give me a shot and then his going to prrform IUI. I hope this works, I REALLY WANT A BABY!! I hope all fo you are well and getting preg!



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