How Many Clomid Twin Moms Out There

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dreaming-of-twining - October 16

I caved and have been testing almost every day since CD19. I am just so anxious!!! I got BFN's on everyone-what a waste of money- but I have a few things I am wondering about... I have had a bad yeast infection the last 3 days and I have had a small breakout on my face. I also have been feeling random pains in my lower abdomin... Could these be from the Clomid or do you think I'm prego??? By the way today will be CD23!


mommy_to_be - October 16

Hi everyone, I took first round of clomid 50mg day 5-9 in september 2010. I dont have a problem ovulating, i was just very eager to get pregnant after my first baby, he is currently 8 months old. I really want twins. my blood tests came back positive. I think I am 5weeks, but i am already huge, i mean i look 5 months preggies, but i dont experience any other symptoms like nausea or fatigue. I am going for my first internal U/S tuesday. Holding thumbs for twins. Do any of you think it may be twins???


mommy_to_be - October 16

Hi everyone! I took my first round of clomid 50mg day 5-9 in september 2010. I got pregnant. And think i am about 5 weeks. But i look around 5-6 months pregnant already, but dont suffer from any other symptoms like nausea or fatigue. I dont have any problems ovulating, just really wanted to have twins. Do any of you think this sounds like im maybe having twins?


dreaming-of-twining - October 17

I hope so!!! How did you ask for a blood test? Just wondering because I would be interested, when I get a + result, in knowing what my hormone levels are. I have heard that if you are pregnant with twins your levels will be three to four times higher than a singlet! What were your levels at when you did the blood test?


mommy_to_be - October 17

It was a standard pregnancy bloodtest. My doctor didnt do the hormone level test. It was just to comfirm that I was pregnant, I did the test with my GP. Only going to the obgyn on tuesday. Really hope its twins! Cant wait!


clomidtwins - October 19

Congratulations mommy to be, I hope you have twins it sounds like they may be two babies there. I'm very exited for you, I guess you and I have a few things in common. I also have an 8 month old baby and I'm eager to get pregnant with twins and as a matter of fact I took my first clomid pill today on my CD3. I'm doing this unprescribed hoping to get twins, please keep us posted.


clomidtwins - October 19

dreaming of twining keep us posted, i hope you are also pregnant. and to all the other ladies please keep us posted too.


momoftink - October 19

I have been reading this forum.....finally joined...I'm 25, mother of a 4 year old, my hubby and I have decided to try for number 2 (the last one). He actually wants 3 kids, I told him only if we have twins on the second round. Problem is, I have a period every four to five months without any medication, so my obgyn has prescribed provera for 10 days, I have 4 days left, then clomid 50 mg days 5-9.....Im hoping that it will happen on the first cycle, he also put me on prenatal vitamins as well. I'm confused as to if a pregnancy for me was already in the making when I went for my pap. I went on 10/13, but I had spotting when I wiped on 10/8 and 10/9, then on 10/10 I had a slight pain near left ovary. I thought maybe it was implantation bleeding but test was negative so maybe it was ovulation spotting. If it was, my husband and I had BD on 10/11, so I dont know. I am wondering if this provera would conflict the process if fertilization is or was taking place....What would be a good day to test, perhaps next thursday? Im not sure with these day #s and all, it just happened with my daughter....


dreaming-of-twining - October 24

Hi everyone!!! So update- Today is day 30 and no AF!!! I took a test this morning and nothing :( awhile later I checked the same test again and there was a faint + What does this mean??? I have like ten other tests from the past week with BFN and non of them even have a faint line. I am going to test again in the morning but I think I am prego!!!! Unless AF shows up I am going to get a blood test on Monday to check my levels and confirm my HPT!!! Chins up everyone! All in Gods time!!!


dreaming-of-twining - October 24

Hi!! I got another faint positive this morning so I am sure now but like I said last night I am going to go to the Dr. Tomorrow and have them do a blood test!!!! I hope and pray for TWINS!!


clomidtwins - October 25

How exiting to read that you may be pregnant dreaming of twining! I hope you get twins. I'm waiting to hear back more, I think i'm going to start ovulating in the next few days. I also want twins badly.


dreaming-of-twining - October 25

I am pregnant!!!!! My due date is 7-1-11!!! I am just over four weeks so I am going to wait another four weeks and have a sonogram! I have read that it can still be hard to detect twins at 8 weeks but I have heard that you can detect them at six weeks also so who knows. Now that I am pregnant I still would love twins but I am just excited to have a baby!!!


dreaming-of-twining - October 26

Tonight I have slight cramping and some very light spotting????? Am I past implantation bleeding??? Or is this something else??? Things can be okay right??? I think I remember some light spotting when I was pregnant with my son too and everything was ok. I am trying to get Medi-cal set up so I can go to the Dr. But I will go to the hospital if blood flows in any way or if cramps increase to painful.


clomidtwins - October 26

congratulations dreaming of twining!!! How exiting! I'm very happy for you, I can't hardly wait to get pregnant too. About your cramping and spotting, I never had any of that during both of my pregnancies but I hope it is just implantation bleeding. Let us know how things are going. mommytobe, how are you doing? Did you find out about whether or not it is twins? I'm dying to find out!


Niobe - October 26

hi everyone ok so i have decided to use clomid this way I will be using clomid, soy isofavone, folic acid, pergestone cream, vitamin B6, I havent decided if I will use mucinex or pre seed. I have already started folic acid and prenatal I still waiting for my clomid to arrive AF seems to be running late this month and hopefully my clomid gets here before AF does so I can start this month but if not next month is my month so I it will go like this Soy isofavonos cd 1-4 clomid cd 4-8 mucinex/pre seed cd 14 but can some one tell me when to start the progestone cream and baby asprin I have been getting alot of mixed info on when to start it so I'll cross my fingers and wait and see I we keep you all updated on my progrest.


dreaming-of-twining - October 27

First I wanted to tell everyone that I didn't have anymore blood than just the few spots so I am sure everything is ok!! Niobe- I believe that Progesterone Cream should be used daily from AF's visit until Ovulation. I used it before AF to balance hormones and within a few hours of using it AF came.



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