How Many Clomid Twin Moms Out There

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dreaming-of-twining - October 27

First I wanted to tell everyone that I didn't have anymore blood than just the few spots so I am sure everything is ok!! Niobe- I believe that Progesterone Cream should be used daily from AF's visit until Ovulation. I used it before AF to balance hormones and within a few hours of using it AF came.


dreaming-of-twining - October 31

I am a little concerned... I have been bleeding for several days, it's not a lot but I notice pink most of the time when I wipe and sometimes on my panties. I know TMI I am just worried. I have a Dr. App on Tues Nov. 2 so I will ask then too but if anyone is out there reading this I would really appreciate your input!


dreaming-of-twining - November 2

I went to the Dr. today and it was strange...She sent me to the Lab for blood tests right away and then I am to go back in two days for another set of the same tests. What would be her reasons for this???


obaby - November 10

Hi I am new to all this. My husband and I have been trying for a year to get pregnant I have 2 daughters already so we knew I was fertile before. I had all the test done and everything came back normal saying there was nothing wrong with me. Started having ovarian cysts about a yr ago pain lasted about 6 months went away then came back 2 months ago. My doctor prescribed me clomid I'm scared itll make the cyst worse but it is very small (yet still very painful) Everyone has scared me telling me I am going to have multiples lol twins would be amazing but just 1 would be just as awesome! We are hoping it works for us! Starting 100mg day 3-7 this next week cross your fingers for me :)


doubledesire - November 10

Hey, Ladies, I too am joining to clomid bandwagon. I have received mine and and impatiently awaiting my AF. I had a miscarriage 5 1/2 wks ago so don't know exactly when it will show itself. But I am very excited. I just remarried a yr ago and between us we have 2- 22 yr olds, 2- 17 yr olds, and a 7 yr old. Even though we are both 41 we would love to have a child together and twins would be a fantastic addition to our family. I got 100 mg clomid but think I may start off with 50 just to see how I react to it first. Also think I'll do day 2-6 or 3-7, haven't exactly decided.


doubledesire - November 10

Hi, obaby, looks like we'll be starting this journey together. I hope we both get a perfect little pair of miracles.


obaby - November 10

dd- yes it does look that way my husband and I are so nervous and the wait to be is killing us lol. CD1 should be monday. I keep see that most ppl started off at 50 mg clomid idk y my dr started me at 100mg b/c I have regular periods and always ovulate. My husband wants twins and I am coming around to the idea :)


try4twins - November 10

Hi all! I'm new here. Been married for 17 yrs. Had 2 m/c then had 3 kids ages 15, 11 & 3. We come from big families & always wanted lots of kids. I had c-section with 1st & 3rd child. My next preg will also be c-section. Since this will be our last preg we're hoping for twins. Dr put me on clomid 50mg on days 3-7 but have to wait 2 more wks for my next period. I don't have any issues w/ovulating. I'm almost 33 yrs old & Asian, which I've heard Asians are less likely to conceive twins. We have no history of twins in mine or hubby's families. I've been looking for ways to increase my chances of twins. I found a local store that sells Guinea yams (Dioscorea rotundata) aka Ghana white yams & have been eating that this week (tastes like mash potatoes). I'll be taking Mucinex 600mg from the day after the last Clomid pill to day of O. Does anyone know when I should take baby aspirin? Do I take it the same days with Mucinex or after O?


MrsCantwait - December 17

Hello ladies! I just had my endo removed on tuesday and I will start my clomid (50mg) in a few weeks and my husband and I are sooo excited. I sooooo can't wait to be a mommy!!!!! I'll keep you guys posted


2ndbabyonclomid - January 16

Dreaming-of-twining...How did your doctor's visit turn out? They where checking your hormone levels to see if they where going up or down. Hopefully UP and you are just fine. Spotting can be completely normal. Everyone is different. Thinking of you...good luck! :)


2ndbabyonclomid - January 16

I got prego the first round on Clomid (3 years ago)...we are trying this month for one more!!! I took my clomid cd5-9 and currently testing for O. I can't wait to do the BD everyday...once I get the LH surge! I so hope I get prego the first time around again!!! Scared about getting twins, though...not sure if we can handle it. ;) I already O doctor puts me on clomid, because I miscarry everytime I get prego (short Leutal Phase). A Leutal Phase defect is when you ovulate too late and your uterus starts to shed during implantation...I would get a faint Positive Preg Test...but this miscarry early on...Countless Times. Finally I figured out what was wrong and doctor said that clomid helps progestrone level and will help subsaine my pregnancies. Any one else take clomid for Leutal Phase defects? I will re post with any early preg. symptoms and when I get a BFP!!


Camphouse24 - January 30

I was on clomid for 3 months before getting a BFP, I also took a baby asprin, robittusin, and folic acid. I have been so tired yawing all day and sleeping ten hours. Could my chances of twins increase because of how long I was on clomid? Is there any mommies out there who are pregnant with twins that would like to share there symptoms?


BABY DELIGHT - August 18

Hi to all. I see people haven't posted in a while. Hope yall are still out there. I started clomid 50 this month on August 2nd. This is my first time taking it. between dates 14 an 20 are my most fertil days. Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby for a year now; so we decided to start clomid. I am now ovulating; I can feel it cause i'm acheing and my LH surge were up judgeing by the ovulation kit. By the end of August 30 2011, I'm going to take a prgo test and see if it comes up positive. Question? I oredered my clomid on line and havent seem a doctor yet. What do you think I should do for some one who has been in my situation? Please reply, thanks and good luck to you all.


BABY DELIGHT - August 18

Camphpuse24- I have a question for you. What is the baby asprine for? I know the robittusin helps with cervical mucus. Does the baby asprine do the same?


saswati - May 23

Hello ladies, i had two miscrgs n doc is going to prescribe clomide tomorrw. We would love to have twins as i cant try again due to some family problms. Its d only chance for me. My mom had twins which she lost in an unfortunate accident. Is dr any advice for me to increase my chances of twins. I m 30 and hav regular periods.


szeretlek - May 23

Hi, I just wanted to share my Clomid story so far. I ended up going to a gynotologits for my ovarian cysts and had told her that I had been ttc for almost 2 years. I also had been using a digital ovulation predictor for the past 3 months and even with a positive smile, your ovulating. No pregnancy. She told me I had a pulp in uterus, set me up for an MRI and put in a referral to a fertility clinic. It was the best decisions. They set my husband and I up for testing right away. I had my MRI, Sonohysterogram and hysterosalpingogram done. Turns out that aside from the pulp in my uterus and a cyst....both of my tubes were blocked. One let the fluid in but nothing out and the other was blocked from the start. Most likely from the surgical removal of the appendix I had done in high school. The doc had thought it was unhealthy and I had to sign consent for removal. So I had my operation to have everything done at once. I was so happy read a note in the recovery room that they removed the pulp and they were able to successful unlock both fallopian tubes. I did find out I have sever endometriosis. After my recovery I went back to the fertility clinic to discuss options. Even though I do ovulate on my own each month the doc wanted to take an aggressive approach. Since I had been trying for so long she immediately went over the treatment option. I'm on Clomid 50 starting on day 3 of my cycle. I have the cycle monitoring. I strongly recommended it because with the ultrasounds and blood tests you are really prepared. If your not doing IUI they will instruct you to begin having daily intercourse and when needed give you the medication that will cause you to release your egg in a timely manner. I got the ok to start Clomid on day 3 of my cycle. I went for my monitoring on day 10 and the nurse was in shock. She said I had alot of follicles and wanted me to wait to speak to the doc after saying we don't want you to have 5 babies! Turns out my body is very sensitive to Clomid. So much that they want me to take half the dose so 25. I had 4 on my right side and 1 on the left. She said they wanted me to come in the next morning for another ultrasound and blood work. They wanted to see if the 5th would mature like the others and warned me if it did, they would tell me to skip the cycle and not continue with the timed intercourse. I went a day later and found out that not only had the 4 grown in 24hrs but the side that had 4 now have 5 mature and the other side with the one had stayed the same. My normal doc had told me yesterday, it is not encouraged but would be my decision if I wanted to still continue with natural intercourse. She warned me that the doc I would see today would tell me to cancel that plan if I had 5 mature the next day. She told me I would ovulate today or tomorrow and not to have intercourse. Since I already had she told me not to stress out and that if I had a positive test at the end of the month she would Schedule and early ultrasound. I don't know if anyone has had similar experience?. I did struggle with the decision of whether to continue with intercourse or skip this cycle. I am a twin myself and my husband has twins on his side also. I know all about the increased risk of multiples, but decided to contiue with the cycle. This Journey has been a long and at times a hard one but I know it will all be worth it in the end. I am Very Fortunate to have 0 side effects from the Clomid. I have read some people have not so great reactions to it. Fortunately it wont be a long wait to see how this cycle does turn out. It is out of my hands but I will continue to hope and pray. To everyone still trying on Clomid don't give up and if you can try cycle monitoring through a fertility clinic. I strongly recommended it. saswati- Are you doing clomid with IUI or intercource?. Clomid causes twin pregnancies about 10% of the time, with less than 1% of Clomid pregnancies leading to triplets or higher order pregnancies.Clomid does increase your chances of having twins, but not as much as you might think. You have about an 8 percent chance of conceiving twins while taking Clomid. Wait to see how many follicles you makes. You never know you might just end up with twins. I've read alot of post on fertility sites with others who have. Good luck :)



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