How To Use Fertomid 50mg

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CNG - August 8

Hi, i am new here. I just want to find out a bit more of fertomid-50mg. What is the difference if you take it on days 5-9 or days 2-6? Are you more likely to become pregnant if you use it on days 2-6? I am 29 yrs old, have already one son of 10yrs and are struggling for the past 7-8yrs to become pregnant.


jessicappurple - December 6

I wish I knew that answer as well!! If you now know or someone else knows, please inform me


aprilmac - December 13

I do believe that the earlier it's taken (2-6) it is said to produce more eggs. The later it's taken (5-9) they say that you are expected to produce better quality eggs. As it works differently for everyone, it's hard to say when you should take it. I'm about to start days 3-7 with 50mg of fertomid this cycle #36. Good Luck I hope you get that BFP very soon.


shalina - November 10

hi am 26 trying to get pregnant since 1 year my Dr put me on fertomid 50 since 1 Nov to 5 Nov can anyone explain me what does fertomid do? does it heip to ovulate if yes after how many days please help me and if anyone was successful by this medecine thanx


Fulufhelo - November 12

Hi grand pa i have been given 5 fertimido and my dr said i must start using it on the 2nd day of my cycle for 5 days and absatin from sex on the 6thand 7th day and from 8th, 9th, 10th,11th up to 14th is bedroom activity. Now im confused because my colleagues is also using it and she was told to use it on the 5th day of her cycle. Which one is correct


stellah - December 8

Hi I'm new here I need to know about fertomid how can it work


JeanJd - February 8

I took 1 month of Fertomid 50mg and conceived during the first month. I was ecstatic! This was my first pregnancy. The pregnancy was a breeze the birth was awesome! I got it online to save $$... It was my friend, actually, who suggested I try Fertomid. He said just search in Google for this keyword * GET11PREG * to find the reliable source.



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