I Took UNPRESCRIBED 100mg Of Clomid And PG With Triplets

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Sierra123 - April 22

whats a good online site to order clomid without prescription


Janicee - April 24

Why don't you read up at Infertilecure dot com they have a good ebook no need for these drugs


MariaA - April 24

Hi my boyfriend and I are TRYING to get pregnant and nothing seems to work! Please please give me info! Like when did you start taking it? How many times did you have to take it? When was the time you though it was right to take a test? Please please let me know!!!


dusty33 - March 13

To all of you asking where to get clomid (anti-unprescribedclomid haters mind your own) I got mine and now have twins after trying for 5 years.

I got Viagra and clomid from this website. It comes from India .

247worldstorerxs dot com




Hoping4twins - May 30

If you already ovulate and it’s usually on cycle day 8 what day should I take Clomid?


MissG - December 27

I think this comment is very informative- but also a little too judgemental. The tongue is VERY powerful! Do not come on this site and speak things like this into existence for someone else please. Especially an unborn child. Everybody is different thank you very much! “You will probably this” “your child may that” - excuse me but just because your friend went through all of this doesn’t mean everyone else will. She has come on this and so have others, to share their honest opinion and look for answers. You have no right to force yours upon anyone else! You are not a doctor and you most certainly are not God! Sorry, but you have really annoyed me with your comment, I don’t understand who you think you are. Lastly, there are a lot of women considering this route & practice. It is good for them to know both sides. The risks and the positives of the result. That way they can make their own decision. All you need to do is congratulate the woman that has been able to conceive at all. You don’t know how long she has been trying for. At this point I’m wondering if you’re actually worried or just jealous. Goodbye! 


Ajayes_mom - January 1

Congratulations! I ordered some clomid a few weeks ago but it was stopped by customs and now my menstrual is due next week. Would you be willing to sell the remainder of your pills? I have paypal and cashapp or quick pay via chase :)

Simone 708 four 77 five one 77


JeanJd - January 30

The digital test is the BEST. It told me my most fertile day (day 16) and hubby and I were at it like rabbits. Around day 29 of my clycle I started having period like symptoms and thought my period was about to start. A few days later, when I had NOT started bleeding, I thought it would be best to take a pregnancy test. 7 positive pregnancy test later, and I guess you can say I am pregnant.

My insurance didn’t cover Clomid. So I got it online (thanks google). My friend gave me the keyword “CLD365GET” and she said ‘just search in Google for this’!



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