Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While Already 3 Months Pregnant

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babiesready - June 18

LOL a lady out by me looked funny to me so i asked her wait you preggo as she had asked me 2 weeks before she told me who no girl all like now i got my period so that was it about a month later the lady called me and called me by my name she asked me to be her baby godmother cause i was the only one that knew she was pregnant and you know what she was big 6 months and was still getting a period but that in all is was also prego with a 2 month old all 2 babys have a diffent father as she and the last boyfriend was over my god daughter was born sep 15 2000 4moths later at 10months was very over cook look like a old woman lol at 5lbs 6oz and her sister plus brother which the doctors did not see till the after birth turn into a baby was born 7 months later the girl at 8lbs 6ozs and the boy was 4lbs april 2001 and she was great but he had to stay in hospital for about 3wks plus she still had a period ever month up to the babies came the doctors had told her no s_x as she may of ended up with a next but i guess the boy was proof she did not listen she said she didn't but please man he was a premie to the girl but all 3 of them in look nothing like one other so thinks happen we in god to say no this and that can not happen once the people thought the world was flat but it wasn,t was it lol


redandwhite - October 31

Yes, it is very rare. Instead of having 2 eggs released like having twins one might release up to 24 days after the first one has been fertile. But YES you can.


Loulou85 - October 31

It is when 2 eggs from more than one menstrual cycle happen to get fertilised and is called SUPERFETATION. When there are 2 different men fertilising 2 different eggs from the SAME cycle, it is know as Superfecundation. - a little video about superfecundation - type it in on YOUTUBE Both are possible.


Jewels4U - February 26

"Yes" you can get pregnant while pregnant...In most cases it called "superfetation" usually in first 3 Months... However in my case I have no ideal what they call it still looking...I have ultra sounds showing I was pregnant had my first c-section on April 25,1999 but got pregnant again April 19,1999..I literally slapped myself because I wanted my tubes tied and was told I was pregnant so would have to wait 39 more weeks or get a abortion and come back..I already had 5 boys So had another son Feb 27 2000.. So when the say nothing 100% safe from pregnancy except absence & hysterectomy they are correct. I look at it as he was meant to be here for a reason.


kristian2x - July 27

yes it is possible to be pregnant for 12 months if a women truly takes care of her self then the pregnancy on average will last 12 months but in most cases they do not take care of them selves they try but do not succeed and the pregnancy is 8-10 months


deenamathew - July 29

It is possible to get pregnant while already pregnant.if you can believe it. Granted, the odds are around a million to one, but it really exists


Baby77 - March 5

I am sorry, but yo can get pregnant while already pregnant it's called superfetation, it's rare but it does happen especially with women born with two uterus, it can happen without having two also.


bestill - July 25

Here's my "story", possible?

My brother was born June 24, 1961 & I was born Nov 18, 1961. That being only 22 weeks apart & no idea @ what point of my conception but have been told I would not have survived (56 yrs ago) even with maximum time of 22 weeks. 

My mother says "it just happened".  She cannot tell me after my brother was born when she found out she was pregnant again or how far along.  I have not ever been told I was premature or had to stay in hospital after birth.

Looking for answers??



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