Leftover Clomid

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lisajanelle - October 27

does anyone have any leftover clomid they are willing to sell? i am hoping to find some asap, want to try it for ovulation in the first week of dec. thanks to any who may be albe to help!


rossyb - December 2

Lisajanelle, i have a lot left. purchased about 10 strips but used only one strip last month and am about 3weeks pregnant. I can sell them to you at what it cost me. I already have 3kids, this would be my last, just hope am having twins. Let me know if you are interested.


divadivina2u - December 2

Hi Rossy; I am interested. Can you send me the information of how much could it be and how you prefer payment? my email is divadivina2u at AOL dot com. please, let me know, I have to have them ready in case I don’t get pregnant this cycle. oh BTW I live in NY, so I could get it like in less than 1 week or less, I guess. Thanks!!


nalaa83 - December 2

I am also interested in the clomid. My email is njh137 at gmail dot com I would love to use if for march for ovulation..I also live in NY. Please email me to let me know. Thanks RossyB


TTCnavywife - December 5

I am very new here. All of 10 mins. My honey and I been TTC for year+, and our 2nd month on Clomid. I read a few posts saying they bought pills online. I got mine from a doctor and just wanted everyone to know what they look like so you can avoid fakes and heartbreaks. Mine are white pressed tabs in a blister pack. The pills have a line down the middle and one side says watson and the other says 781. The packing has Clomiphene citrate USP 50mg. Good Luck to all


Jbauer1390@gmail.com - July 25



Jbauer1390@gmail.com - July 25

Anyone have any leftover clomid? 


ashleye30 - November 11

i know this post is old, but do anyone of you still ahve clomid left you an sell me? thank you


Sweetsugar_021 - May 20

I have leftovers from an online purchase if anyone is interested. I live in Florida so shipping would be standard USPS unless you pay for faster. They are 100mg.


Sweetsugar_021 - May 20

Oh well NVM, I guess it's illegal to sell your leftovers, so I'm not trying to go to jail lol


Hopeful_mommy31 - August 24

I'm interested in any left over clomid. Can any one hep?



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