Looking For A Family To Adopt My IDENTICAL TWINS

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MISSTRINA01 - December 16


I'm needing some feedback on this we're going to put this on our adoption Facebook page is our about section I just need to see if it sounds okay and if all the wording is okay. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Dear Expectant Parent(s),

We are Steven and Katrina  and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us.  We cannot imagine what you are going through, but we know that without you, and your choice, we wouldn’t be able to become parents and grow our family.  We are forever thankful to you and you have a special place in our hearts. 
We are from Missouri, and have been together for 21 years married 18 of them come March. We understand that there are a lot of families to choose from, and have been praying that we might be the right one. We welcomed home a son 7 years ago and have an amazing adoption with his momma. He is super excited to welcome another sibling into our family and is patiently waiting to share with them the common thread of adoption. We are waiting and praying for you and your baby. We are sending prayers for peace and joy as you navigate through making an adoption plan. 

If you would like to speak more with us feel free to message me we would love to chat with you in depth about what adoption means to us. Please feel free to email us at hoping to adopt 2014 at Gmail dot com


Chelsiejo - December 20

Hi my name is Chelsie Stewart I'm very interested in adopting the babies.


Chelsiejo - December 26

If you're interested in finding a family to adopt please email me.


Kyleandbridgetadopt - January 1

Hi there! I came across this and had to respond! Kyle and I have been married for three years and can’t wait to start our family through adoption! What better way to get a start with twins?! Please feel free to email me! KyleAndBridgetAdopt@ gmail(dot)com We are located just outside the Milwaukee area! We are a young and very active couple! We are Catholics who would love the opportunity to share our faith with our children! 


akr226 - January 11

Did you find someone?


Mommy2019 - January 14

Hello Nichole,

We are hoping to adopt and would love twins. We live in California, are Catholic and are under 35. We love snowboarding, hiking, going to concerts and are avid basketball fans. If you would like to talk more, please connect with us through our adoption agency - Nightlight Adoption Agency at (714) 693 5437 and use reference ID number 369945. 

Thank you. 


amadopt - January 27

Hello Nicole, are you still considering adoption for your babies? If you are, I would love to send you our adoption profile if you are still trying to find the right family. Let me know! - Molly


Hgliddon - February 9

Are you still searching for a family?? Our family has been praying to be parents to twins!! Would be an amazing opportunity for our family!!  


bambijobishop - February 19


My husband and I love in New Mexico and would love to adopt. If you are still interested in adopting your babies, feel free to reach out.

bambijobishop at yahoo. com


bathshebagraham - February 23

me and my husband are a Christian couple looking to adopt we live in Philadelphia. i have a 16 years old son who would love to have a brother or sister. bathshebagraham at yahoo.


2keepersathome2 - March 11

Hello from Idaho!! We are a loving Godly family and children are our passion!!! Have you found a family for your twins? If not we are very interested!! We are a big happy family and your twins would be loved beyond measure!!  I hope to hear from you!!  lizbair@icloud dot com



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