Ovulate On Your Own But On Clomid Did You Have Multiples

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pk74 - October 31

My question is-- Of those that ovulate on your own but still took clomid and conceived, how many of you have singletons or multiples? And what dosage did you take? I took clomid cd 3-7 ( cd 3,4 - 25mg and cd 5,6,7 - 50mg). I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and afraid of triplets or more. I did not take clomid to have multiples but did because I have only one fallopian tube and was told it would be very difficult to become pregnant - now that it has worked, I'm terrified!! Please tell me your stories!


pk74 - November 1

Anyone??? PLEASE


Zerafa05 - November 1

There is only a 10% chance of having multiples on Clomid. There are a few women on here who would know more about it though. Were you being monitored by your doctor? A lot of women on here who are taking Clomid are being monitored and are aware of how many mature eggs are potential to fertilisation. Good Luck to you! Sorry I can't help more!


twinmommy - November 2

I always was told the same statistics about twins with clomid. Triplets are even more rare. Did you have u/s to monitor your cycle so you know how many follies you had?


pk74 - November 2

No - I wasn't monitored by u/s. I go Monday for my first appt. I wasn't sure if the chances increased when you are already ovulating normally.


twins4us - November 3

Actually those ladies that ovulate on their own decrease their chances of getting pg if they use clomid because it dries up your cervical fluid and shortens your luteal phase. It will not increase your chances of multiples. See the link http://forums.obgyn.net/pregnancy-birth/P-B.0306/1074.html **RE told me about Clomid and twins. 8% sounds about right however this risk is not equally applied to all women. In fact it is the oposite of what you would think. The highest rate of twins occurs in women who are not ovulating at all but are normal in all other respects. This means that if you get them to ovulate and there is more than one egg released there is a higher chance of twins since everything else is normal. If you are ovulating on your own the clomid is being used to hopefully get more than one egg released thus increasing your chances at a single pregnancy. Since the reason why you were having trouble conceiving is still present the odds of twins is much lower since both eggs would have to overcome whatever the problem is.**


sahmof3 - November 3

I have PCOS and did two cycles of Clomid. I wasn't regularly ovulating on my own. I didn't get pregnant while on the Clomid cycle. After the 2nd cycle I was mean and moody and decided to stop doing it. I got pregnant on my own ovulation the next month. I had an early u/s that showed the largest two cysts were gone, which I think is due to the Clomid bursting them. Anyway, I had just had one baby in there, my dd :-)


pk74 - November 3

Thanks guys for the rea__surance! Of the other threads that I have read about women who took clomid with normal ovulation, most of them got preg. with only one especially on the lower dose. I'm still scared though. I was thinking - does the clomid make you ovulate from both ovaries or just one? Because even if the clomid makes you O from both(which would increase the chance of multiples) I only have my right fallopian tube, so technically could only get preg. when I O from my right ovary - does that sound right? I'm just wondering and trying to rea__sure myself also. If anyone has anymore stories - please share!


annala - November 4

well i would like to say a woman that o on her own and takes clomid to increase twins- yes it does happen everyday i have researched this also women who o reg can skip a month of ovulating if they take clomid on the month thier body skip ovulating then there chances are getting preg with one baby but a women taking clomid and already released an egg on her own the clomid will release one or more so as long as you don't have a problem with your cm drying up all eggs released could be fertile so what i'm saying its like fishing you never know just pray for twins if thats what you want and do everything you can to increase it without hurting yourself of course if you want only one baby pray for one.


annala - November 4

pk74- my sil took clomid when she ovulated fine on her own and got prego with frat twin boys but after 5 1/2 months she lost them in september 06 due to twin to twin transfusion


Twinmom2be - November 4

I got pg with twin girls on 50 mg of clomid on cycle days 3-7 1st month. They were born July 4th 12 weeks early. They were in the NICU for 10 weeks and 1 had more problems than the other but are both doing okay now. Good luck.


pk74 - November 5

Twinmom2be - Were you ovulating on your own?


annala - November 7

pk74-oops sorry i messed up on this message last night but sil did not take clomid when she got pego with the twins i was typing so much stuff everywhere dont no why i type that lol sorry i meant to say she ovulated on her own..................must be typing so much stuff about clomid lol that just got typed in before i said what i was gonna say lol i know anyways forget that text lol


annala - November 7

twinmom2be- yeah were you on clomid for chance of twins or did you have fertility problems i just ask because i read so many taking clomid for chance of twins..........................................................


Twinmom2be - November 7

Yes I was ovulating on my own by I had a very short lutal phase so my dr put me on clomid. I guess it worked!


annala - November 9

twinmom2be-cool well i can't wait to see what happens with me i'm on cd9 now of days 3-7 and me and dh already started doing the wt wild thing) lol every other so we will see we started day of last pill cause u neva no and we will do it up till af is suspected to come lol we are taking no chances of missing the egg or eggs lol will keep you posted


annala - November 9

twinmommy- sorry i missed your post somehow in the beginning but no u/s so dun no this is my 1st cycle i just got done taking the pills i had not even started taking them when you text in here well if you come back thanks for your response.......



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