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vivi - May 30

I am starting my very first round of clomid 50mg 5-9 days starting this thursday. Very very nervous . I am nervous that i would fail having ovulation.I didnt ovulate for the past 4 months and had to take progesterone to get af. I am 27 and dh 35. We have been ttc for almost a year now for our first baby. Anyone taking clomid on those days? i would love to have someone to share . I am hoping that i ovulate this month and get pregnant. Good luck to you all.


soimpatient - May 31

Hi Vivi! I am in the same boat. I am going to be starting Clomid 50mg cd 5-9. I am going to be starting Provera on Sunday (for 10 days) and then starting clomid. I am not really nervous. I am just super excited!!! I haven't been ovulating regularly and my cycles range from 45-60ish days. I'm 24 DH is 25 and we have been TTC for 9 months now. It has been an emotioinal roller coaster. I am just looking forward to having a fair chance at TTC. It is pretty hard to conceive when you don't release an egg so I'm hoping that things will start to look up. What's your story?


MelissaSLP - May 31

I'm not TTC right now (my hands are full with a 3 yr. old and 8 mo. old twins), but I wanted to give you a success story (well a couple of them) of taking Clomid days 5-9. I concieved all my pregnancies this way. It didn't happen on the first cycle (more like 5 and 6 cycles), but I concieved 3 x's (one ended in a m/c right before we concieved the twins). Good luck and baby dust to you!!!!


soimpatient - May 31

Thanks Melissa, it is very nice of you to share your success story with us! I am hopeful that clomid will work for me. You have to have a positive att_tude, right?!


vivi - May 31

Hi soimpatient, nice to have someone to share with. I am starting clomid tommorrow night.I have planned to use opks after day 10. i am temping too ,so if i ovulate i am certain to catch it either way. well, my story is that i was on bcp for a year i stopped and then i started having trouble will ovulation as well as getting my regular cycle. I am hoping to get pregnant with clomid. If that happens in this first cycle ,iwould be very happy. i am looking forward to see what happens with clomid . And,thanks MellissaSLP for sharing your story.that gives me a positive att_tude . i am all set to start tomm. soimpatient, have u started?? what day are u in? wish u all the luck.


soimpatient - June 1

I am expecting my period to start tomorrow and then i will be starting clomid on CD5. I am a little worried about the side effects of clomid. Are you taking it in the morning or PM? Congrats on your first day of clomid. Let me know all of the gory details!


vivi - June 1

Took my clomid- PM, i heard this will give me less side effects .I dont know how i am going to react. My DH was concerned about the mood swings after all he is the one that is going to face it. But, i always have mood swings -i guess,i can manage. were u on progesterone to get af?? i was on it . tommorrow, i would know if i am reacting to clomid. so far so good.


LADYSHEP - September 16

Hi vivi well i just started my clomid on saturday. I was also taking progestrone. my last af was 4months ago. I have been ttc for 3years. I am nervous to. But I hope and pray that I ovulate and become pregnant. Good luck and lots of baby dust to you**************!


tapakai - October 17

My doc prescribed clomid 10/1 for 5 days. This was my CD5-CD6. I got a HCG shot on 10/10. This is my first clomid dosage.(100mg) On 2 dpo I can feel sore nipples. Today is its 5 dpo. same sore nipples. my estrogen is 250 and FSH is 3.37 ↑ waiting ...


Denice35 - November 12

Hello everyone, I started my first dose of clomid 5-9 on November 1. I experienced symptoms such as hot flashes and headaches. I was taking it during the day for the first two days, then I read that it was better to take it at night to bypa__s some of the symptoms and it worked. I had a few hot flashes through the night but it wasnt bad at all. I had blood work done on the 3rd and 10th day of my cycle. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow November 12. I will come back and tell you my results of the blood work.


Denice35 - November 12

Something I forgot, I was taking 100mg of clomid


nutty - November 12

hi everybody i took clomid cd 5-9 150 mg and i conceived on my first cycle my doc thought that i require higher dose coz of my weight im 5'6" and at the time i was 165 lbs but the one thing i did was that i started going for loooooooong walks and a low carb diet and voila and this time also im going to a gym and working out so lets see what happens this time around


Jammie - January 10

Hello everyone I'm on me second cycle of clomid the first started at 50mg with no o. I'm going to be starting my second cycle at 100mg soon. I take it days 5-9. The side effets that I've gotten are headaches, mood swings and hot flashes. I'm hoping that increaseing the clomid does'nt make them worse but at this point I'd do anything to be preagnant. Any advice is welcomed. wishing evryone good luck and baby dust.


emmidi09 - July 3

Hi, I am on my first cycle of clomid I am on day 4 of my pills. I havent experianced any side effects as far as I know anyway. I am happy to see all of your stories and that I am not alone. I have been off BC for almost 5 years now I was just hoping and waiting for it to happen naturally but my husband and I finally decided to take the next step. Hopefully this will work out for all of us! Good luck to you all! :) [3


Zainabdul - October 26


I'm on day 8 of my cycle....i starter taking clomid Day 5-9 hoping for twins...... Fingers crossed



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