Twins Share One Yolk Sac

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TA - June 26

Is it possible that twins share one yolk sac?


TA - June 27

Hello?????? anyone??? please answer!


melissa - June 27

I know that twins can share the same amniotic sac, but this is usually a little bit more risky as far as twin pregnancies go.


kris - July 29

NO each baby has its own sac,if you have an ultrasound early on u will see each doesnt go away till about 4 months.


Lisa - August 4

yes. And it's rare, and it's dangerous. The cords can become entangled, so the pregnancy has to be carefully monitored. It only occurs with monozygotic twins tho.


kris - August 4

Actually each baby has to have its own yolk sac,it developes early in pregnancy to supply blood to each emberyo.And its MONOAMNIOTIC,MEANING THEY SHARE ONE AMNIOTIC SAC,but they do start out with 2 yolk sacs,that eventually go away.And it is the most dangearous type of twinning.My twins are MONOCORIONIC meaning they have 2 seprate amniotic sacs but share the same corion(blood supply).And both types are always identical.


crazyjuliet - August 4

Hi ...yup it is possible ..thats wen ur babies are "identical" in looks .and if they are in two diffrent sacks they are not identical.


kris - August 5

The book is called,WHAT TO EXPECT WHILE EXPECTING TWINS.Do your research.The yolk sac is not the same as the amniotic sac.Im not trying to be rude,but since the day i found out i was having twins,( that are identical) all i do is read and talk to people who know.


mallory - August 10

Kris, I have a question for you since you seem to know what your talking about, I'm 8 weeks now and had an ultrasound a week ago. The doctor could barely spot the baby on the screen and only appeared to be 1 sac. Yet I feel may be more then one. Any advice?


kris - August 10

Mallory,i had my first u/s at 7 weeks and they saw both yolk sacs,it is possible for them to miss one.I had a v____al u/s which is supposed to be the most accurate,is that what you had?


mallory - August 11

Hey kris, no, I had a regular ultrasound, but even the doc said she isn't 100% sure. I go back on the 24th to hear the heartbeat, so maybe I would find out then?...I don't have another u/s till I'm 20 weeks. I appreciate your advice, I need all the help I can get. Ether way is a blessing to me, just want to be prepared for the possiblity you know? lol


marie - August 15

I am sure of one thing, It is possible for tein to have the sac, I got that kind of twin, It is very risky, My boys are healthy 3 month old now everything.The mono twin appen went the embryos divise between th 7 to 11 days after fertilization.It is not true that they have they how bag at the beginnings.


Bubbleigh - April 8

I had monochorionic monoamniotic twins.  The first ultrasound I had of them showed them sharing the same yolk sac. (Different from the placenta) So yes, it is possible.  



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