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sarah35 - December 21

IRISH, that reminded me of a question-how many days are you feeling the O cramps??? Mine must have lasted close to 5 days...just recently went away. How many days were you cramping??? What dosage where you on??? Im on 150 but im thinking i have over stimulation cause i really had a sore gut...like someone kicked me. good luck to you!!


Teddyfinch - December 21

sarah, my doctor was going to start me on 1500mg of metformin along with the 50mg of clomid, if the metformin alone didn't work, but i started at 500mg a day to work up to the 1500mg and by the 3rd day i couldn't control my bowels so i stopped taking it. although a lot of women take it and are successful with it. one thing is if your glucose levels are normal, most doctors will have a problem prescribing it because it's not approved for treatment of infertility. it just works really well for it lol. and it can cause you to run low blood sugars which, from experience, suck.


irishsweetie2003 - December 21

sarah35: I am feeling the pain now.LOL It usually starts lightly about 2-3 days before ovulation... BEfore the clomid... It was very hard to notice, but on the clomid it's stronger. The last day is the 4th day and it's the most severe... I feel like some one is ripping me apart and sqeezing the c___p out of my ovaries... But it eleviates usually with in 24 hours.... Then it just feels real bruised for a day or two after.... each person is different, but it's still not comfortable. If it last for 7 day, my dr told me to come in for a abdominal ultrasound to check the ovaries....\ Teddy: Man, that's alot of c___p..... I wish I could give you some of my ovulation.LOL I'd be willing to share this.LOL You'll have to keep me posted on how that all works out for you.... Did you get your ov watch yet?


Teddyfinch - December 21

nah, i'm broke from christmas. his job shorted him $200 on his check so we had to cut some presents off the list. ooh and i posted my question in the problems getting pregnant forums for you.


irishsweetie2003 - December 21

Teddy: I left you a response at the other forum I started.


chicago2009 - December 21

Hello! Has anyone taking clomid took baby aspirin also? I read about its benefits, and I just can't find a good answer when you are supposed to start it- before or after you get pregnant. I thought before and after you ovulate to help your eggs develop, and help blood flow to your uterus - which means in gerenal to help you GET pregnant. But I just read this thread that said you should only take it when you get pregnant. hmm.. HOpe someone can ease my mind ;)


TTC2009BABY - December 31

Does anyone know if medsmex.com really sale legit clomid? I am very interested in ordering from them.


jan2009 - January 1

I just thought that I would chime in...I will be taking clomid this next cycle and I am hoping for twins...we will see.


Ready1 - January 29

I'm 33 have a 15yr old. Been TTC since October 2008. I'm pretty sure that I'm ovulating according to my cm anyway. I'm thinking of trying clomid (unprescribed) is it too soon?


Sarah4141 - March 25

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - 24tabs.org I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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