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wanttohavetwins - January 13

I appoligize in advance for this being so long and really appreciate you taking the time to read it and comment. I took 50 mg of clomid for 3 months and got pregnant. The first month I took 100 mg on days 3-7. That dried my cervical mucus up to much so the 2nd month I only took 50 mg. The third month I increased my water intake and also took evening primerose oil three times a day untill ovulation. I got pregnant the third month. I am not sure if it was becaues of the evening primerose oil or not but it is supposed to help with cervical mucus. The clomid was causing me to have very little cervical mucus. The clomid was unprescribed. I ordered it from mexmeds. The only reason for taking clomid was becaues I wanted twins. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound at 4 weeks 6 days becaues I was having really bad pain in my overys. The ultrasound tech did not say anything about twins at my first ultrasound. They showed me the one sac that the baby was in. I had three cyst on my overys so that is what was causing all of my pain. They schduled me to come back to look at the cyst two weeks from that ultrasound. At exactly 6 weeks 6 days I had my 2nd ultrasound and to my surprise they found two sacs!!! Both babys had a healthy heart beat of 127 and 133. They both mesured exactly 6 weeks 6 days. I have alot of concerns and I feel like the doctor or nurses are not giving me the answers that I need so if anyone can please help me I would greatly appreciate it. My biggest concern is they told me that I have a chance of vanishing twin syndrom. That is where one of the twins vanishes. They did not tell me any statistics. I have read about it online and I am getting conflicting information. I have read that it happens from 5% of the time to as high as 30% of the time. Does anyone have any experiance with this and know what my chances are of carrying both twins? I know after 12 weeks everything is alot safer. I am only 7 weeks 6days today. I have another doctors appointment tommorow. They do not want to do another ultrasound untill 12 weeks. I feel like I might loose my mind if I have to wait that long to see if both of my babys are ok. I will be extremly heartbroken and disappointed if I loose one of them. The other thing is I have been extremly dizzy. I never experianced that with my two single pregnacys and I am wondering if that is normal. The nurse that I called at the doctors office said it is normal but I dont know if I trust her opinion about that. I have been so dizzy that at times I cant get out of bed. Well I know this is long but I needed to tell someone and my husband does not want me telling anyone in the family just yet. If you are reading this and have experiance with twins please comment. Thanks


wanttohavetwins - January 13

I just found out I am expexting twins last week after taking clomid for three monthes. It was unprescribed from medsmex.com. At the time I found out I was 6 weeks 6 days and the heart beats were 127 and 133. Can anyone PLEASE tell me what the chances are of both babys being there at my 12 week ultrasound? I am so upset that I have to wait another month to see. I dont think it is fair. I am worryed to death about losing one to vanishing twin syndrom. I am even thinking about going to the emergency room and making up something just to get an ultrasound before then. I have an appontment tommorow but they told me that they would not do another ultrasound untill 12 weeks unless it was medically nessesary. I think that is so unfair to meke me wait that long.


laura_mae99 - January 13

wanttohavetwins- i am so sorry your doc's aren't watching u like they should. Are they a high risk doc's. I know they take way more care of u then other doctors do. I had to switch... U know there are those places where u can pay and get an ultrasound. I can't remmber the name... but pm me back if u want me to find it. I know some gals in my due date group that went to them to try and find out the s_x of there baby early on. anyways, Just hang in there and take it easy. Just try not to think about it to much and just hope for the best. I didn't get a chance to use my clomid before we got prego so i plan on using my once after i have this little one and its safe to. So where did u get your primerose oil? i like u got my clomid off line... but honey i don't think the diappering twin thing happens alot. U can also get some of those heart monters and just sit and listen to it. I know a mom that having tiwns that does that just for some peace of mind... LOl her hubby thinks she crazy but they told her she was going to misscarry but never did. so she does it every so often when she worried. But it sounds like u get some great heart beats... are u hopen for boys or girls or one of each?


wanttohavetwins - January 25

Laura mae99, Sorry it has taken me a while to respond. My home computer will not let me respond on this blog for some reason so I am using a computer at the library. I talked the doctor into duing another ultrasound when I was 8 weeks. That ultrasound showed both babies had a heartbeat around 168 and 172. I cant remember the exact heartbeats but it was around that. I will be 10 weeks in a few days. I dont get my next ultrasound until 13 weeks. I am going to be worryed untill then. I go to the doctor at 12 weeks but not for an ultrasound. I am wondering if it will be easy for them to pick up both heartbeats or is it hard to do with twins? I bought my evening prime rose oil at walmart for around $6. Good luck


laura_mae99 - January 25

wanttohavetwins- i am glad u got an ultrsound at 8 weeks and got heart rates... thats a great sign!!! PLus your babies have really strong heart rates!!! i would just ask your doctor when u get in if they can't pick up both heart rates then ask him to do an ultrasound and make sure everything is ok. If they are a good doc. then he will do it. I know if u can make it to 12-15 weeks they say your chances of loosen a baby drops alot. but u are doing so good girl... i think most twin moms loose one or both in the first 6 weeks or 8 weeks or so.. and u are alreayd 8 weeks with strong heart beats... i think it sounds like u r doing great... so did your hubby know u where trying for twins? what does your family think... I am not sure if hubby would think i am nuts or not if we tried for twins... LOL


laura_mae99 - August 30

hey ya'll... i seen ya'll haven't been on here. I am on ttctwins dot com ya'll need to come on over there... wanttohavetwins-how are things going honey



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