Why Are You Taking Unprescribed Clomid

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mama-bean - September 30

Well, that says it all... I am curious why some of you ladies are taking Clomid unprescribed. I will only be responding to these posts with thanks for your story (in case you were worried)... I am just trying to understand.. and I'm not getting any answer to that question on any other thread. Thanks!


Angela - October 1

I am taking unprescribed clomid because we got started on our family early and do not want our children to be that many years apart. We would love to have twins join our family, but will be satisfied with a singelton as well. Also, I work in a field that can be dangerous to a pregnancy, and I would like to have as healthy a pregnancy as possible and feel complete as a family, and then get back to work. You can call it selfish or what ever you want, but I adore having a family as well as providing the best I can for it! If we have a chance to kill two birds with one stone- that's wonderful for us as a family. There you go, that is my reason.


mama-bean - October 3

Thanks for your reply Angela!


lisa - October 4

i took unprescribed clomid only after know the reason of my inferitlity ( just irregular period). i wanted desperately to have a baby after my still born baby (conceved naturally)and it was my firts baby i dealt whit the fact that it was death after 38 weeks and started to want onther one soon but it dint happen so i did all the chek ups and after 2 years of trying i took clomid and had a beautiful baby boy 1 year now so i took clomid because of the desire to have onther baby and the waithing list on the nhs was too long


mama-bean - October 5

Thanks Lisa!


mama-beans - October 21

Does anyone else want to share why they are taking Clomid unprescribed?


Lew - November 1

Mama-bean- sorry this is long:) Well, I have been reading in a lot of the threads, and I see that you have a very strong opinion on this, and that is ok with me. In fact, I am glad to read all that I read in many areas on the web (love the info at my fingertips)! I am in my late 30's and in the past I had no problem conceiving my two that I have, not twins. It's such a blessing to be a mom! The work is hard when done as well as you can...but that is what is most important! I don't mind! I have been in perimenopause and treated for such by my GYN, and I am currently getting ready to stop bcp that I was put on to regulate my periods back to a 28 day cycle and then plan to take unprescribed clomid in hopes for twins, but will be totally happy if only get pg with one. I just hope I wont have any problems getting pg, since it has been a long time since we have even tried. I am also ok with the risk of having more than twins. We can afford it and have room for many. Also, I love to nurse for at least a year (would do no more than 15 months) and I don't have a period the whole time I nurse. I only have a period after I stop nursing. This was frustrating a little when attempting to have my second because I just couldn't until I had a period...then I got pg. I don't want to give up the nursing to have a period to get pg again if at all possible, but want to have two close together. I do not want to be pg after the age of 40 and my clock is ticking. My husband and I want at least two more and we would be happy at that. I know the risks and I know how to watch for sx of complications while taking clomid. I would not be foolish enough to ignore any issue that may arrise, and will go into the dr's if needed. My dh and I feel like we are making an informed decision and are taking it from here. I have some pretty strong opinions about the pg/mother thing and am VERY family oriented, and so I know that I would not favor on many of these threads if I were to post my feelings in some places. I just shake my head on many of the comments. I feel like you are educated and have family values and so I don't mind sharing with you my story. I kind of wish there was a study or something being done to see exactly how many women ARE taking it when not necessarily needed, and what the true %'s are for multiple births (twins or more). From what you have seen on this site and others...do you have an informed comment on that (besides the statistics out now, 5%- I think these % are a bit low or maybe just based on those who are taking it because they have infertility issues in the first place?) Thank you.


mama-beans - November 2

Lew.. Much luck to you. Have you approched your doctor with your concerns and desires? It really seems like something your doc would jump right on to help you! I hope you have success! That is just the kind of answer I was looking for.. one full of information! I do not have any stats on multiple percentages simply because all the numbers I DO have are based on prescribed Clomid.. which would be taken by an infertile woman ( in most cases). It would be interesting to see a study as to how many women ARE taking it unprescribed... Based on what I do know, though, I would think that a fertile womans chances would be something like 10%... I mean, if a woman who does NOT ovulate on her own has a 5% chance, then a woman who DOES ovulate just fine on her own would have a higher chance.. but once again there are no studies to back this up, as the studies are done on the legal use. Again, much luck to you... and consider talking to your doctor.. there may be even more you can to to increase your chances, and s/he may be able to help! You fit the profile for aid, anyway!


lotsofkids - November 3

I have triplets - 2 identicals and 1 fraternal (told by my RE that there was a less than 1% chance of that happening) after fertility treatments. My friend (met her when we found out we were both expecting triplets) took clomid under the supervision of a doctor and ended up with triplets. Go onto the Triplet Connection and see how many suprise Clomid triplets there are. Also see what an incredibly difficult and dangerous pregnancy you can have. Also see how many of the babies have long-term developmental problems. For that matter, go on a twin forum and see how many families are struggling with more than they bargained for. If you truly feel you want to go into this armed with all of the information necessary to make a good decision about this, please look at all of the risks involved for not just you but your potential children.


mama-beans - November 6

Thanks for your info "lotsofkids". I'm sure many women didn't know how common triplets are with Clomid!


gitber - April 10

I am currently taking u/p clomid, i am due for my period today but was late, i have some bad cramping and lower back pain, i took an early pregnancy test and it came out neg, i am very emotional, and am scared to take another round of clomid, i bd on the 14th last month and ovulated on the 16th, i dont understand why im not prego and is this normal for clomid to make me feel this way?????? please help[ ladies...


sarahbaby11 - April 11

i am taking clomid unprescribed to try for twins. my job doesn't give a maternity leave paid so my husband and i will have to go without my paychecks for the month or two after the baby or possibly longer if i am on bedrest. we have a two year old and my husband feels that having another now puts them at aclose enough age to still be interested in the same things. we would love to have three but we don't want them to many years apart.


sarahbaby11 - April 11

also my husbadn and i have looked into the risks and the percentages of having more then 2. and we are willing to take the chance. we are prepared and have the room for more.


yetanothertripletmom - April 11

You're willing to take the chance? This line of "reasoning" never fails to sicken me. You take very little chance. It's the potential premature baby or three that takes your chance for you. You're willing to put your potential baby(ies) at risk. Let's be clear about that.


onetwothree - April 11

Did you know that there is a 50% chance of losing a twin to Vanishing Twin Syndrome in the first trimester when multiples are conceived through methods of ovarian stimulation such as clomid? A fact that a lot of ladies that do this to just have twins don't seem to either know about or care.


yas2000 - April 18

onetowthree..you may be right there...i do agree....it MAY have happened to me...(if you rmember my story) i had bleeding for the first 5-9weeks...i can't even rmember anymore :)!!!! i wouldn't be surprised that even if it didn't, that i ALMOST could have lost even this baby...whatever it was i had soooooo many problems with this pregnancy in the beginning i am beliveing that it could have been that this pregnancy awas almost a touch and go! i am currently 23 weeks!!!:)


lotsofkids - April 18

To yetanothertripletmom I absolutely couldn't have said it better myself. Absolutely right on target with your response!



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