Why Are You Taking Unprescribed Clomid

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freebird - July 6

Wow, I'm guessing the 'You don't know what you're getting' comment was directed at me. The problem I have with people promoting the u/p use on these forums is that none of these women are doctors and no matter how much research you've done, it's important to get diagnosed. If you have blocked tubes, Clomid is not going to help you. If you have severe male factor, clomid is not going to help you without being used in conjunction with some other treatment. Sorry, but you can't compare a legitimate pharmacy mixup with ordering prescribed drugs online from a foreign pharmacy. I don't think that trying to get women to THINK a little more about what they're doing is a bad thing. Just because something works for one person doesn't mean it will work for someone else and anyone going through IF needs to be diagnosed by a professional before just starting treatment on their own.


DandBMomma - July 6

The mixup was hardly "legitimate"; once again, I almost died. Why do you care what these women do? A lot of people order from the United States from accreditted pharmacies, and a lot order illegally from another country, but I don't see how either affects you. I know clomid doesn't work for everyone or every situation, but they have the right to find that out for themselves. Either way, you took a risk when you took yours also; even if it really is clomid, I've heard of severe reactions. You're nosey and rude. You couldn't care less, except making your point. Well, we all heard you, and no one who this actually affects, cares. It's funny that you had nothing to say about my other post; you just got defensive when you a__sumed I meant you (which I did), but it was to everyone who judges on these sites. It's not your place. Even if you don't want to be supportive, try being less judgemental. If the whole idea bothers you so, find something better to do, as I said before. I'm sick of these Holier than Thou, All-Knowing att_tudes. We're all sinners, it doesn't matter the sin. Let go, and let God. Back off! By the way, even speeding is against the law, and you're risking other people's lives in doing so; try putting yourself under the microscope or people you love. A lot of things are illegal, but you're focussing on something as little as this- which does not affect you. Choose another mission, one that you can care about. Though, it obvious that you'd rather bring someone down than put your nose into something of substance. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, safe or unsafe. I'm saying it could go either way- with anyone, and it's unfair to put people into catergories. That's a form of predudice, which should be illegal. Everyone has reasons for doing this; the gra__s is always greener on the other side. I know many people think it was stupid that I took clomid (instead of adopting) because I already have two beautiful little boys and there are plenty of children without families, but it's my decision. People think it's stupid that you took clomid- even legally, and prescribed, and possibly monitored, and if there were a page about that, you better believe that I'd be in there defending myself and you because it's no one's place to tell another adult what's right and wrong. WE ARE ALL SINNERS!


DandBMomma - July 6

By the way, I'm not promoting u/p clomid, I'm promoting support and love. I didn't say that it's right or cool; I said it's none of your business. In attempting to make your point, many of you put fear into already expecting mothers who have enough to worry about, unsuccessfully stopping women who will do what they want to do.


freebird - July 6

Boy, for someone who is promoting support and love you sure are rude, and extremely judgmental yourself. Sorry, but I will not support something that is illegal. I feel that all of my posts have been respectful and I have done nothing except show the other side of the discussion. Sorry if you don't want to hear it.


freebird - July 6

Also,when you were dispensed the wrong medication and you went to the ER (which I'm guessing you did since you posted that you nearly died) it was likely very easy for the hospital staff to identify what medicatiuon you did take because of the shape of the pills, markings etc. Lots of these overseas pharmacies manufacture counterfeit pills made to look like what they're selling, but it's difficult to know what's in them because they're not regulated by the FDA. It was an accident what happened to you and I'm sorry you had to go through that but what made your outcome good was that the hospital staff could identify what you had taken and treat you accordingly.


ToDandBMomma - July 6

DandBMomma, you seem incredibly bitter and judgmental. And for someone who says there are women here who should spend more time with their families, you should practice what you preach. As I see it, your post was the longest post on this topic. Why are you wasting this time giving a super-long opinion to strangers when you could be spending that time with your family? If this topic, or the women who respond here offends you, then just pa__s it by. I can't say I wouldn't take unprescribed Clomid if I were desperate, but I really think it's an unwise thing if you haven't explored every other option. Wishing everyone here one healthy baby at a time.


DandBMomma - July 6

I'm hardly ever on the computer. I think I have two other posts besides this page. My parents took my kids yesterday and today, and I have free time. Most people on here, are on here, what seems like, ALL THE TIME! I'm not being judgemental, I'm being protective. Once again, why do you care anyway?! I care because the women on here are looking for support and a friend; your "advice" is not needed or wanted. I said earlier that you don't have to be supportive (or understanding), but you don't have to be so prideful and act like what you (and I) did is okay and right (taking clomid- period) in comparison, just to bring others down. You are not any better or smarter than anyone else on here; nor am I. You are being defensive because you are wrong, and I've made very good points. Do you really have nothing better to do with your time? Today, I don't, but tomorrow- when my kids come home, and my husband's off work- I will. You could learn by your own words also. If you don't like that someone is taking a medication (prescribed or otherwise) then leave it alone; don't concern yourself. I'm here for a good reason, I'm defending people because I know what it's like to be judged for taking fertility medication. Don't you? Why are you here? We're all messing with God's plan whether it prescribed or unprescribed, legal or illegal for our own selfish reasons, but I hope that everyone, including the judgemental people, will find a way to be happy by getting exactly what they want.


wantmorethan1 - July 12

Hi everyone, I have not read all your posts because of a lack of time, but will do so..... There is nothing wrong with my fertility, my periods run like clockwork and I ovulate fine. I was desperate to fall pregnant even though my husband didn't think it was the right time. So, being the hard head I am, I took bought Clomid over the internet. I took the lowest dose of Clomid on day 5-9 of my period, 50 mg and fell pregnant in the first try. Only a singleton....But, I REALLY wanted twins! I didn't have any known reactions to the Clomid and the pregnancy seemed fine. My son was born perfect in Sept 2006. I am now desperate for a 2nd child - this time I have my husbands consent to fall pregnant again. He is dead against unprescribed fertility treatment, but I am still DESPERATE for twins, which seems to cancel out any form of logic. I thought it would all be easy again. I am now 33, so don't know if that makes pregnancy harder. Still without my husband knowing….. I took 50mg of Clomid again and thought I would be pregnant without a problem, but I wasn't. This time I noticed a few side effects. The Clomid make me quite dizzy and made me feel extremely tired. Infact, I feel asleep in the afternoon and only woke the next morning. I felt like I had taken an overdose of sleeping tablets, I was in a complete Haze. I had extremely unusual painful cramps whilst ovulationing too. And, NO baby!! I was determined to make a huge effort to get this right. The next month, on day 5 -9 of my cycle I took 100mg of Clomid (double of what I’d taken in the past) – there were no side effects this time. I bought about 10 ovulation sticks, which I tried from day 10, the day we started conception. The ovulation tests came up positive on day 14. We had s_x on day 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 – just to make sure, sometimes twice a day! I ate the right foods, got enough sleep, and even took a few days off work to concentrate on the task at hand. I did notice my mucus during ovulation was unusually thick – like hard jelly. My period was late the next month, I did pregnancy test after pregnancy test and nothing! When I was 3 days late, my period started (that’s today!)….So I guess it didn’t work! I also got bad flu which started the day my period was meant to start. Because my period was late, I thought I was pregnant so couldn’t take any medication. My flu was REALLY bad and my period started 3 days late. I am taking medication now, but am over the worst. I think this is God’s way of punishing me for trying to play God. Do you think the flu has anything to do with the Clomid? And the late period, consequently, anything to do with the flu? Now I’m thinking I have totally messed everything up. If I hadn’t taken the Clomid at all I might have been pregnant by now! I’m sure the Clomid has made my cervical mucus too thick and resistant for sperm to penetrate. And, I keep getting these dreams that my whole system has been wrecked due to the Clomid. So much for twins…….!!! Well, that’s my experience…..Let the abuse being…..!


donna1 - August 14

To all of you women who have any & everything to say about u/p clomid takers.... MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!! If you feel so strongly about it thats fine but not everyone CARES to hear your opinion. You say you dont understand & we all know you never will so stop beating a dead horse and move on with your own miserable lives & stop trying to bash other woman who just want a little more joy & happiness out of life. You have your family so sit back & shut up while someone else makes theirs!!


wantmorethan1 - August 15

YAH! I am 5 weeks pregnant! The Clomid must have worked! Good luck everyone.


donna1 - August 15

CONGRATS... wantmorethen1!!!! Clomid works its magic once again!!!


Frances - August 18

I think the bottom line is that the risks involved with taking a prescription drug without the supervision of a doctor are much bigger. We all know that it is technically illegal, although I doubt any agency would pursue the person who buys just enough for their own use regardless of where she got it. It is the risks to your health that concern most and any drug that is capable of causing ovarian hyperstimulation just sort of scares me. I don't know if anyone on here has been judgemental, or if anyone meant to be. I just know that there are risks a__sociated with this drug and that they are best handled by monitoring by a medical professional. Good luck to all.


irishsweetie2003 - October 23

I can tell you this much..... Clomid is not ILLEGAL to take unperscribed... It's ILLEGAL for a Drug Store to give out the perscription drug with out a perscription, but if the drug is bought over seas... The rules do not apply... It is only illegal to purchase the drug over seas and considered trafficing if you are using it to sell Illegally.... It's like doing surgery when you aren't a licensed DR... Listen people... I kow that you judgmentals are all GOD fearing and Chuch Going Christians... That is fine and dandy... leave these people alone... Shut up..... Get a life.... As for Clomid users, be careful and do your home work... I tke it and I have no side effects... This is my first month.... I miscarried at 4 weeks (chemical pregnacy) concieving naturally!!!!!! If there is goign to be some thing seriously wrong with the baby... Your body will dispose of it.... I'm not taking the med for multiples, but for healthy follicles to increase my chances sense my periods are from 21-34 days apart, and then the Dr says my follicles aren't developing bid enough... No fertility insurance, and why should I let some Shmuck collect 10s of thousands of dollars from me with falied attempts of tryign to get me pregnant when a pill could be a simpler answer... A RE will collect as much as they can from you... I've heard the horror stories people!!!! My sister was taken for a major ride where they said her husband had such a low sperm count, that she would NEVER get PG onher own... They tried 10 IUIs and then they wanted to do IVF... She didn't have the money... So she gave up... Three months later... she got pregnant on their own... RE are fine and dandy, but a majority of them see a dollar sign when a desperate couple come in who are willing to pay any amount to get pregnant... When my sister told her RE that she couldn't afford to do the IVF... He said that maybe she didn't want to get PG enough and it might not be a good idea for her to concieve then... I've seen this happen with out of specalist fields.. They know alot of insurances don't cover their stuff, so they know they won't be checked up on to make sure they're lagit...And so they take advantage of the people who lack the know how, of when they're being taken advantage of... It's sad, but true...


Jessicab3 - October 23

Well said Irish... and on that final note I think we should put this thread and all its negativity to rest. For any u/p clomid users, past, present and future, visit the "Unprescribed clomid taker and board newbie" thread for positive, friendly advice and support. There are several of us posting there and we do not accept ANY negativity.


Corona - October 23

well...some of you just keep getting more pleasant. You want us to hear your opinion & yet you refuse to allow anyone who differs with you explain their opinions or share their real life experiences. Some people are just way to crazy to realize the risks they are putting their health & the health of any future children at risk. Good luck!


indobray - December 14

Well I'm back, I posted here in May 2006. My doctor wouldn't give me a RX for Clomid and told me I'd be pregnant by the end of summer. Well he was wrong and is an idiot! In Jan 07, I did get a BFP but it wasn't a sticky and I did take a round of unprescribed clomid from Mexico that month. In March 07, I went and saw a different doctor who actually cared and ordered up a bunch of fertility tests, which my insurance doesn't cover. About $1,000 later we found out we have some severe sperm issues.



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