Why Are You Taking Unprescribed Clomid

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indobray - December 14

Well I'm back, I posted here in May 2006. My doctor wouldn't give me a RX for Clomid and told me I'd be pregnant by the end of summer. Well he was wrong and is an idiot! In Jan 07, I did get a BFP but it wasn't a sticky and I did take a round of unprescribed clomid from Mexico that month. In March 07, I went and saw a different doctor who actually cared and ordered up a bunch of fertility tests, which my insurance doesn't cover. About $1,000 later we found out we have some severe sperm issues.


LittleLinda - December 28

Hi there, We are using u/p Clomid in hopes to conceive twins, a single baby will be fine too but we LOVE to have 2 come at once as it will be my last pregnancy ( i already have 2 boy's).


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - December 28

I was wanting to take clomid later down the road, because I miscarried twins before I had my daughter. I have always wanted twins...but if I don't have twins Imy hubby and I plan to adopt twins


mommy814 - January 31

I'm going to take clomid unprescribed because I want to have a large family and I have trouble conceiving but I don't have the resources to go to a fertility doctor. Hope this helps you atleast a little.


iriak - February 11

In my country, Clumid is over the counter grug, and every doctor is prescribing it. its only like 4 dollars and havent heard any problems.


Jezebel - February 12

if it were an over the counter drug then drs wouldnt have to prescribe it at all iriak...unless you meant to say every dr is recommending it...and that, i would find hard to believe


CocoJ - March 6

Im 29 have a 6 year old son, my husband and I have been trying to have another baby for about 6 months now. My period is always late now. If its suppose to come on on 1/25 it will come on 1/30 then the following month if its suppose to come on 2/19 it came on 2/25. I bought unprescribed clomid from Medsmex.com. It took over a month for me to recieve it but I finally got it on 3/4 which was day 7 on my cycle so I will take it on days 7-11. So far I have been taking it for 3 days no side effects.


hoping4my1st - August 22

I need to get my story out there. I've been googling unprescribed clomid stories and this site is always the first thing that pops up so ladies a lot of people are reading your comments. I've been trying for a baby with my husband since June 2010. I never have periods or ovulate. Without health insurance I went to an obgyn that was covered by PACT (women's issues health insurance a state run program) in October 2010 and it took three visits to get him to prescribe me Clomid. I had NO health insurance then and he just gave me my Provera and Clomid and said come back in a month you'll be pregnant. Actually the entire process takes two months for me because like I said I don't have periods and Provera takes 7 days after the 10 day pill fest to get me bleeding. Then through testing with ovulation tests from cd 14 (which I was told would be the day I would ovulate) I didn't get a positive OPK until Cd 25! So I had s_x, but that cycle was BFN. In January 2011 I went back to the obgyn and he prescribed me Provera and Clomid again. He didn't have much to say about it failing. I ovulated again, but earlier on CD 22 because I took it cd 3-7 instead of cd 5-9. Again it was a BFN. I went back to the obgyn in March 2011 and he was absolutely fed up and tired of me. He said I was too fat, my ovaries were too lazy, and that I'd never get pregnant. I asked him if I could possibly have PCOS (which would explain no periods or ovulation) and he said there was no way I had it because I wasn't hairy. So in May 2011 after two months of being depressed over never being a mother I ordered 30 25mg pills of Clomid. In June 2011 I found out that I had health insurance through my dad and seized the opportunity to see a RE who within the first 5 minutes of the consultation diagnosed me with PCOS and insulin resistance. I told her about my Clomid experience and she said my dose was way too low for a woman my size and with PCOS. She said next time I take it I need 100mg. A week after that appointment (which went absolutely wonderful) my Clomid arrived. I was prescribed Metformin in June 2011, but it made me so sick I quit taking it and in August 2011 (this month) I requested Provera from my RE and in September 2011 I'll be starting my 3rd round of Clomid with the unprescribed pills I got in June. I would also like to add that no where in my story was I ever monitored. The obgyn I saw didn't have any ultrasound machines in his office and where I live (California) you can't get an ultrasound unless you test positive for pregnancy. By some of the comments I've read you women make it sound like it's a death sentence to not be monitored on Clomid. My obgyn never monitored me and he was only available for appointments Friday mornings from 8am-12pm. If I would've hyper stimulated anytime other than when he was in the office I was screwed and would've needed to go to the ER immediately. Who's to say I couldn't have hyperstimulated and lost a tube just because I was prescribed Clomid by a doctor? Also the insurance I have now covers NOTHING that has to do with infertility and unless I can come up with $800 for each ultrasound I'm going to need plus another $100 for blood testing I'm out of luck. A woman taking unprescribed Clomid would be a fool if she hyperstimulated and didn't go to the ER out of fear. They can't and won't arrest you at the hospital for your ovaries being enlarged and causing pain. They'll advise you to not take the risk again, but really there's nothing the doctors can do. If you're buying Clomid or fertility drugs online you're taking a risk with your life, but no one can stop you. I don't understand why the original asker of this question is so judgemental in her posts. Her logic is messed up and she seems like a bully. Why are you so concerned with the state of another woman's uterus? Are you a doctor? Do you work for the pharmeceuticals? You say you're worried about the unborns who are a result of Clomid taken unprescribed, but I don't think you are at all. I think you're just trying to mask ill feelings toward women in desperate situations. If a woman wants to take Clomid unprescribed when she's ovulating every month I say more power to her. She just needs to understand that every month a woman who is ovulating only has a 25% chance of even getting pregnant. Clomid increases that chance by what, 10%? If even that. The odds of multiples are extremely low which is why their doctors probably don't prescribe it. All I see on this question is viciousness and hate. I wish those of you with children already would mind your own business and get another hobby. I know this thread is old, but your answers are still hateful and appalling. Oh and one more thing my Clomid came from India. People from the U.S. fly to India all the time to get IVF done because it's cheaper there. Are you telling me that their pills are unsafe because they were shipped in the mail? Did you know that pharmacies also ship medications through the mail? Also if the US can export all the jobs to India I think it's safe to a__sume that India knows what it's doing.


Trinecia - November 14

Hey anybody on here



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