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mommyssweethearts0506 - March 19

My mom does it over our wrists. She did it on herself and it showed 3 girls....which is what she has. She did it on me and it showed a girl ( my m/c baby) then a boy (which I have) then a girl (also have),it even goes on to show that I will have another boy then another girl. Everyone she has done it on it has worked. Even people who are done having kids...it shows what they have had and in what order. When she did it with my sisters lasts baby it showed a boy in the begining but changed to a girl about a month before she found out....kinda weird! I think it is pretty accurate. because when she does it over a mans wrist it wont move. so wait a little longer and see what it does....maybe you will end up with twins!


Danii - May 7

the ring test and all those other wives tales indicated that i was having a girl...but i saw his p___s in the ultrasound so they were definately wrong. Maybe i did them too early or maybe its cos i don't have a wedding ring lol.


kaitlins mom - May 12

i did mine. and its going back and forth in a line and in circles. did i do it wrong. what does it mean?twins?


adeck - May 13

Kaitlin's mom~ You can do the test with a ring dangling from a necklace, or you can do it with a sharpened pencil with a needle stuck in the middle of the eraser holding it by a piece of string that you put through the needle....and let it dangle like a pendelum.....make sure you touch your wrist, palm, or stomach and then gently raise it up......from what i've read doing over the stomach and palm it shows what you're having present day.....from experience pa__sed down for 3 generations doing over the wrist you can determine the s_x of all your children start with the year you get married and count each year until you get a movement of whatever method you choose to do the test.....the pencil will stop in between the babies.....for ex. got married in '95 counted 1996 then it swung in circles (girl), stopped then counted 1997, 1998 swung in circles (another girl), stopped then counted again 1999, 2000, 2001 swung side to side (boy), stopped and counted until 2007 and now it's starts in swinging circles and goes straight to side to side.....indicating (girl/boy twins) WOOOHOOO......so if your test doesn't stop inbetween swings it's twins.......sorry post was so long...haha.....you should be able to do the test on the father and it should do the same......i have done the test on my husband and it shows exactly the same as mine does.......my mother did it on my dad and it shows all 3 of us.....but it goes circles (girl) and straight lines (boy) .....i've even done the necklace/ring test over my husbands stomach to see if it would show (and of course it didn't)...hahaha.....but i did it over his hand and it shows circles/side to side.....and i did it over his wrist too....(which he hates) and it shows all of our pregnancies.....good luck to you.....prayers are with you....


MrsGraham - July 16

My cousin done the ring test on me and she said i was going to have a Girl, Girl, Boy (m/c) and then a Boy. So far it has been right but im not sure about the last one as I think I might have m/c him. :(


Allie - July 9

I have two boys. I tried the hair and the necklace with my wedding band on it. Over my tummy with hair and necklace it went in circles. With my necklace over my wrist I tried saying 05 for when my son was born and it was side to side, 06 it stopped mostly, 07 it was side to side again, 08 stopped, 09 it is in circles so does that mean it could be a girl? I went in for my ultrasound at 13 weeks to check for any abnormalities and for possible down syndrome and they took my blood to check for extra chromosomes (which they said they now do for everyone even though both babies were fine and I am only 25 and not high risk) and the tech said it looks like there may be a p___s or a swollen labia but she thinks it is a boy. I was hoping third time was a charm because I have always wanted a girl, need some more estrogen at home and am not looking forward to a brood of three boys running around all under 4..My husband keeps saying it is too early to tell. I am hoping the tech is wrong, but I have learned that hoping just makes me feel worse.


annababy1971 - January 5

iv had 3 boys 2 girls lost one and i dont the ring test on my hand it showed up all my kids even the one i lost and it showed up boy and girl held it over my belly it says im having a boy and girl held it over my husbands hand it showed up the girl we already have together and a boy and girl so i belive this to be true so looks like im having twins done the test on my mom showed up all 4 girls what she had so yest i belive it works


lilah001 - August 24

does the ring test tells how many kids one will have?


lilah001 - August 24

can you tell how many kids will one have by ring test?


prego_3 - March 14

i had my ring over my belly and im 14 weeks and it goes in circles but when i do it over my palm it does lines idk which to go by or what they mean but i hope im having a boy!


prego_3 - March 14

i had my ring over my belly and im 14 weeks and it goes in circles but when i do it over my palm it does lines idk which to go by or what they mean but i hope im having a boy! i looked it up and it said if its a boy it goes in circles and lines for girl but i go to dr april 3rd to find out what im having


alondra3 - May 3

Omg im 18 weeks prwgnant and since 4 weeks ago I would do the ring test over my belly and all the time it wen circle line circle line im like I dont think so because I have had 4 ultrasound and show one but I also did the ring test on my wrist 3 times and it showed girl (wich I have ) stoped boy (wich I have and circle line circle line and all 3 tine same wat ya think can I have a hidden baby since I always carry them in my bak



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