Biracial Baby

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Cubana - February 23

My question is, if two people that are biracial (both mother and father are Black and White) have a baby, what do you think would be the dominant race of that baby? Would it look more white or more black?


jg - February 24

I think that the dark colouring would be predominant. It's funny though, my friend is fair and as blonde as blonde can be, and her husband is a very dark Tongan, and their boy is split 50/50. It amazes me that although she is so pale, her boy has predominanently his dads colouring, but looks so much like her! He is mega-cute!! His colouring was darker to start off with, but has paled. Why do you ask, by the way?


babygirls1st - February 24

My friend is black(brown skinned) and her husband is half black/half white. U would think there children would look mostly black right? Wrong.Their daughters (very adorable)have more white features than black.Strange...... There is no way of telling....


tjstaab - February 26

I have a biracial son. I am blonde hair, fair skinned, my sons father dark Fijian. My son is half way between but with my facial feautres.


Cubana - March 1

Thanks for the responses! However, I was more concerned with both parents being 1/2 Black and 1/2 white. What would their child look like? I'm Hispanic and fair skin. My son's father is Black. My son is dark, and doesn't even look like I gave birth to him! But he's handsome! Anyhow, I was just curious about biracial people having babies and what would be the dominant race of that child. I hope I can get some more information. Thanks again!


dy - March 6

there really is no clear answer on that. it's all about the genes. your child could come out very dark with blue eyes. my mother is mixed and my dad is black (ver dark), my siblings and i all came out very light. i know some people who are biracial (black and white) who came out very dark.


kelly - March 24

have you read this story? (twin girls different shades) the mother and father of a set of twin girls were both biracial. one baby came out black and one baby came out white. they are adorable.


MystinaAlise - March 24

their children would be biracial just like them... the baby wouldnt be more black or more white... it would be a mix of both... just like the parents were a mix of both.


Chrissythefairy - March 31

there is no telling, we come in all colors, i have a friend whos father is very dark and his mother is is white and he came out with mostly white features, he is very white with red curly hair


Brandi - April 2

I saw this picture in a baby magazine the other day of these twin girls and they looked exactly alike but just complete opposite coloring. One was very dark and the other very light, blond blue eyes. They were sooo cute! Both of their parents were biracial and they said it's like a 1 in a million chance for twins to come out that way but it was so sweet. A little OT I guess but I thought it was interesting hehe.


Brandi - April 2

Oh, didn't see Kelly's post haha


bbelmore - April 2

I'm kind of wondering the same thing.. I'm half black half white and my husband is white. I don't care at all what he looks like (as long as he's healthy) but I'm really excited to find out. I just hope he inherits his Mommas curly locks!


monicaweiner - April 5

bbelmore-im in the same boat as you im biracial and my husband is white blonde hair and blue eyes and im 7w5d pregnant im so excited to find out what our child looks like and i also hopes he/she has my curly hair! lol


Perl - April 27

Dark skin, hair and eyes are usually the dominant genes but doesn't mean it has to happen just that it's more likely that you'll see the darker features even if both parents are both bi-racial.


pisces - May 7

I went to school with someone that had really dark skin and their sibling had very fair skin. They were of the same parents, one black and one white. I think it's unpredictable but in my opinion "biracial is beautiful" and I can't wait til my husband and I have our children!!! I'm Caucasian (very fair-skinned) and he's Haitian (very dark-skinned).


Evonna - May 7

since you both are biracial, i would think that the baby will be exactly the same color as you two. I have a friend who is pale white and her husband is extremely dark, and they both had two kids and both turned out bright as rice, lol.


Corrick - April 26

Hard to say, my bro in law is mixed (mixed dad-black,white,/ mom is fully black) so him and his twin both look black. However my bro in law married a white woman and has 3 little girls that all look white,really curly white ppl hair. So i almost expect me and my hubby(the twin) to have curly haired lookin white kids. Doesnt really matter id love them no matter what.



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