Biracial Baby

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Corrick - April 26

Hard to say, my bro in law is mixed (mixed dad-black,white,/ mom is fully black) so him and his twin both look black. However my bro in law married a white woman and has 3 little girls that all look white,really curly white ppl hair. So i almost expect me and my hubby(the twin) to have curly haired lookin white kids. Doesnt really matter id love them no matter what.


cakegirl - April 28

If you want to make it a really simple genetics lesson, let's say that the gene for being white is called W and for being black is called B. You get one race gene from mom, one from dad. So if you have both white parents, your genetic code is WW. If you have both blak parents, your code is BB. And if you have one white parent and one black parent, your genetic code is WB. If both parents are biracial, they both have the code WB. Now, you can only pa__s on one gene to your child (cos they get one from mom, one from dad). So mom can pa__s on *either* a W or a B, and dad can also pa__s on either a W or a B. So the end result could be WW (white), WB (biracial, probably looking halfway between black and white), BW (biracial again) or BB (black, as in no white features and darker skin than both parents). Now, this is an incredibly simplified version of genetics, but the gist is there!


mixednuts - May 22

I am half white half black, my husband is white, our son looks 100% white, he has he has blond hair and bright blue eyes and white skin with no hint of tan. When he was born he looked darker because he had jaundice and his baby hair was brown but it fell out and came in blond. My sister is also biracial and her husband is white, her son has blue eyes, very light tan skin and loose brown curls. He looks neither white or black but almost Italian or something. We are pregnant with our second now and it will be interesting to see who this on looks like. I am hoping for a little more of a mixture. The only down side to having a baby that doesn’t look anything like you is the daily question “is he yours”. The funny thing is my mom got that question because she had three biracial girls, now I’m getting it because I’m biracial and my son looks white!


jess44200403 - May 28

Mixednuts-I was happy to see you responded to the question...I am expecting a baby around Christmas and my boyfriend is biracial(half black half white) and I am white. We are having a hard time figuring who this baby will look like! lol. I'm just excited to see who he/she takes after.


Keiras here - June 2

I just found out I am 4 weeks. I am biracial (white/black) my boyfriend is white. I am so excited to find out what our baby will look like. My sister and her husband are both mixed and their baby looks mixed. He has a beautiful complexion!


qtlinn - June 19

If you are half black and half white and your husband/boyfriend is also half black and half white, then your child can look completely white, completely black, or perfectly split. It's because you both have one white gene and one black gene. If your child inherits the white gene from the both of you, s/he will look white; if s/he inherits the black gene from both of you, s/he will look completely black. The child can also inherit the white gene from one parent and the black gene from the other: split. I'm half black and half korean. My husband is white. My daughter got the white gene (of course since my husband is full white) and the Korean gene from me. So she looks half white and half asian. . . Hope this helps.


Lweems416 - August 7

I'm not sure of how old this post is but I have two mixed children. I am half white half black and so it their father. Both of our mothers have blue eyes and red hair both of our fathers are dark skinned with strong African american features. He has a lighter skin tone then I do but his hair is much more corse. Our boys are very different my oldest has thick straight black hair dark eyes and olive skin. My younger son has lighter curly/corse hair, fairer skin and hazel eyes that started off as blue then green and now hazel. I'm very curious to see what features our next son will have. You have a 25% chance of coming out completely light skinned or dark skinned but a 50% chance of getting something in between.. they usually have a beautiful combination of traits.



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